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Kim Taylor Bennett
• 02.29.08 02:32 pm


The NME Awards last night was a rather airless affair. Best quip of the night came from The Horrors’ Faris Rotter (who is currently smooching one newly goth-ed up Peaches Geldof). Upon presenting the award for “Best New Band” to a tiny group of Northerners called The Enemy he said, “I love these guys: laughing in the face of natural selection.” Singer Tom Clarke (who looks like a stunted Mark E Smith, if that’s possible), took the diss remarkably well, standing a full head and shoulders below the gangly Faris. MORE»

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• 02.29.08 08:44 am

Double Play is a thing we invented where you watch two YouTube videos at the same time. All you do is click play on both as simultaneously as you can and then turn the volume WAY down on the second one. They should sync up pretty good and provide you with live commentary from one to the other. If they don’t, well, that means this is a shitty invention and it doesn’t work. MORE»

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• 02.28.08 11:29 am


William F. Buckley, Jr. died yesterday. He was perhaps the most famous political conservative this country has every known. At first glance he was just the greasy, dander-headed old right-wing crank who founded The National Review. But the guy was more than that: He was mischievous.  MORE»

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Christi Bradnox
• 02.28.08 08:50 am

Anyone who saw Legs McNeil’s recent freak-out on VH1 is probably wondering to themselves, “Who the fuck is Legs McNeil?” Guys with t-shirt collections and small dicks will tell you he invented punk and is one of the most accomplished writers in the history of the New York underground. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 02.27.08 04:35 pm



From their new record album on Metropolis Records “I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master” SBTVC is proud to present the World Wide Debut of RANDY’S HOT TONIGHT! Directed By PINKY of TV CARNAGE. STARRING : DICK VALENTINE MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 02.27.08 12:18 pm