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TV Carnage
• 05.30.08 02:32 pm

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Kyle McInnes
• 05.30.08 01:53 pm


We don’t usually endorse women with more than one hand print’s worth of tattoos


Posted by
Christi Bradnox
• 05.30.08 11:58 am


These dummies thought they could kill a giant iron bird. Are they out of their fucking aboriginal minds? Do you want it to come down and eat all your virgins? MORE»

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• 05.29.08 10:42 pm

Man, when Ryan sets his sights on some cock it just explodes into his life forever. MORE»

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Donna Deliva
• 05.29.08 10:33 pm

When I first saw these “kid’s drawing re-enactments” by Korean photo artist Yenndoo Jung, I totally crapped my pants. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 05.29.08 10:07 pm