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• 07.31.08 11:08 am

At first glance, Animal House is just a bunch of Baby Boomers taking their best college stories, multiplying them by 7 and sticking them in one bullshit plot that could never possibly have happened. MORE»

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• 07.31.08 10:08 am

Porn for the blind
Finally, porn for the blind. It’s great. Really. Listen to the descriptions. Takes the eroticism of free porn previews to a whole new level. MORE»

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Kyle McInnes
• 07.30.08 02:07 pm

Tron movie preview

They’ve pulled this trailer down from almost every video site out there but the Russkis still got it. MORE»

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• 07.30.08 01:09 pm

Walking in high heels
After bitching about women not wearing heels enough, the ladies over at Jezebel made me literally walk a mile in their shoes. It sucked. MORE»

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Christi Bradnox
• 07.30.08 12:10 pm

Real fucking monster?

Is this monster for reals? I’m sick of getting duped into thinking it’s 100,000,000BC. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 07.30.08 11:59 am