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Kyle McInnes
• 09.29.08 01:12 pm

Watching porn at work

Okay this might be played out but I had to post it. MORE»

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• 09.29.08 12:38 pm

Crunchie the bag
A jury in Texas found Jose Luis Gonzales, 63, not guilty of murdering a 13 year-old when he and and his friends broke in to steal some snacks and soda last summer. MORE»

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• 09.29.08 11:07 am

Slavery was bad

This guy talks about the upsides of colonialism and hippies will have to listen to him because he’s black and they LOVE blacks. MORE»

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• 09.29.08 10:19 am

Cher portrait

I noticed when you were talking about the prettiest woman of all time you forgot early Cher. MORE»

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Jamie-James Medina
• 09.26.08 05:00 pm

< The third and final post on our book publishing debut about train surfing in South Africa. This episode focuses on the most experienced member of a gang called V.I.R.U.S. (Very Intelligent Riders Usually Survive). His name is Seven. MORE»

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Donna Deliva
• 09.26.08 02:00 pm

Lesley and I elbowed our way into the David Choe group show last night. The secret to getting past the guest list when you’re not on the guest list is to just stand there until the person with the clipboard figures you must be a big deal or you wouldn’t be standing there. It’s like poker.