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Nick Thorburn
• 11.26.08 03:40 pm

They’re talking about genes and how it’s not a choice to be gay, or an asshole who anonymously comments on blogs at their parents house, projecting whatever sad depressed self-loathing that gets bottled up from not feeling like a fulfilled, well-rounded human being, and I think that’s correct. Speaking of genes, I think I was born with a “fake philanthropy” gene somewhere buried in there. MORE»

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• 11.26.08 12:41 pm

Astute Reader Franz the Fake writes:


Alright, here’s my sob story. I’m a forty-one year old dad that lives in Park Slope. I’ve got the two greatest kids in the world and my wife is my best friend. But let me get right to it: It’s become clear to me over the last ten years that I am gay. Not bi-sexual, gay. MORE»

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• 11.26.08 01:30 am

Can you believe this guy’s stance? He makes Humpty Dumpty look more flappable than Nancy Reagan’s pussy lips. Fucking hands on the hip, down to brass tacks lean, Sylvester the cat leg cross… you’d think he’d been shitting in a potty for 40 years


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Christi Bradnox
• 11.26.08 12:45 am

OK wait, what? Goths like to go on cruises? And they don’t take over the whole ship? Other people have to deal with their stupid cheap shoes and their plastic hair extensions? MORE»

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Aviva Yael
• 11.25.08 02:58 pm

Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl is in a punk band that not only doesn’t suck, they’re kind of fucking awesome. They’re not signed yet and don’t even have an album name. MORE»

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• 11.25.08 02:53 pm

New York public schools are among the worst in the Western World but the owner of this bodega probably didn’t even make it to one. Either that or he loves expensive vodka. MORE»