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• 06.29.09 10:00 am

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Donna Deliva
• 06.29.09 09:00 am

OK, I can’t take it anymore. Is this guy for real? Is he really an old-school Brooklyn guy who has had enough of hipsters coming into his neighborhood and ruining America, MORE»

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Kyle McInnes
• 06.29.09 07:39 am

We were there for her last Ding Dong Show. Technically, she was alive but according to atheists, she was already dead. Well now she’s immortal. A cheap, shitty, series of houses will be named after the geriatric adult film star who got her MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 06.28.09 07:02 pm

I know it’s short notice but as the saying goes “Life is a highway!” Tonight at 9PM at BAM there is a screening of “OOOM” aka “Out of Our Minds” by the wonder twin couple (not by birth) Melissa Auf Der Maur and Tony Stone. MORE»

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D. Eric Beckles
• 06.28.09 03:03 pm

Wow! Someone upstairs named God, has some massive brass ones! However, to be honest, I’m a bit thrown off by the latest topping on his Death Sundae™. MORE»

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• 06.28.09 09:00 am