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Peter Madsen
• 09.30.09 06:18 pm


Iran has recently begun testing missile-launching systems. Some say they’re even dabbling in uranium enrichment. MORE»

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• 09.30.09 12:27 pm

I took this photo plastered out of my gourd and was convinced it would be the cover of the book. I guess Drunk Me is a sixaholic.


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• 09.30.09 12:01 pm

You wanna know why my wife and I don’t go out to dinner more often? MORE»

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• 09.30.09 11:00 am

Hippies suck because they don’t do anything. They bemoan the evils of the world, but instead of solving anything, they just sit on their asses smoking pot and singing songs about “the children.” MORE»

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• 09.30.09 10:00 am

I felt really bad recently when I got in fight with Chuggo. He’s a rapper and hustler from Toronto who lives in Montreal. MORE»

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• 09.30.09 09:00 am

Not sure if you guys have seen these videos yet, but here’s one: MORE»