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• 11.30.09 12:56 pm

She looks like a normal girl who started dating a not-normal guy and punked up her wardrobe to blend in. I’m going to give the end result an A for effort and a B for boner.


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Donna Deliva
• 11.30.09 12:45 pm

Dude, I get it. You have drugs available. That’s why you’re in my phone as “Drug Dealer.” You don’t need to SPAM me every few fucking days. MORE»

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Lisa Carver
• 11.30.09 11:00 am

Funspot in Laconia, New Hampshire is the largest arcade compound in the world. Besides all the classic stand-up games and champion players from all over the world, I saw things done on Dig Dug that I hadn’t even dreamed were possible. MORE»

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• 11.30.09 10:00 am

So the Islamo-Fascists are coming back to New York and people are actually afraid? Talk about providing comfort to the enemy. MORE»

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• 11.30.09 09:06 am

You know you’re a 10 when you stuff your flaxen locks in a beanie and dress like a Hot Topic cat burglar but you STILL look like Eva Mendes dipped in hotter sauce.


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• 11.30.09 09:00 am

About a week ago I found out that one of the actresses in one of my favorite porn scenes on has been dead for two years. MORE»