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Benjamin Leo
• 09.29.10 12:00 pm

Check out these Christine O’Donnell quotes that you gotta admit you agree with. MORE»

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Hipster Wife Hunting
• 09.29.10 11:00 am

Nickname: Pepper, Mon Petit Chou, Jessie
Age: 26
City: Phoenix, Arizona MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 09.29.10 10:00 am

Even though you come into this interview halfway through, you can already spot like five totally fucked up things right off the bat. MORE»

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• 09.29.10 12:01 am

Where did Muslims get the idea it was okay to eat ABC gum if you don’t use your hands?


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Donna Deliva
• 09.28.10 02:44 pm

You think you’re tough? You think you can hang? You think you got what it takes? OK then hot shot, let’s see you make it through this Coffee Party rap. MORE»

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Jamie-James Medina
• 09.28.10 12:00 pm

Tyler The Creator is the boy-genius behind LA’s ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL, the brilliantly abstract and hilarious rap crew that has the internet doing backflips over a series of DIY albums released through cryptic tumblrs and bizarro tweets. MORE»