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Jonny Makeup
• 11.30.10 12:00 pm

Dear Lil’ Kim, I’m writing this letter to let you know that your album Hardcore changed my life and probably also those of countless other gays and freaks. MORE»

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• 11.30.10 11:00 am

Last Friday Buy Nothing Day went largely unobserved in the United States despite being heavily promoted by the magazine Adbusters. That’s mostly because, like Adbusters, Buy Nothing Day is bullshit. MORE»

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• 11.30.10 10:00 am

by David Russell; Santa Cruz, CA MORE»

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• 11.30.10 09:06 am

I’m told women age but I just can’t see it happening to you. Would you mind if I stuck around for 40 years just to check it out? #FreePickUpLine


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• 11.29.10 03:19 pm

Johnny from The Death Set just emailed us a heads-up about the band’s new mixtape, Artificially Sweetened. It’s a 47-minute party monster of exclusives, remixes, mashups and covers, featuring 43 tracks from everyone including The Jackson 5 to Notorious B.I.G. to Hunter S. Thompson. Basically, it’s everything you wished the last Girl Talk album was. MORE»

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Luke ONeil
• 11.29.10 12:00 pm

I’ve never been to Russia, although I’ve spent a significant amount of my life appreciating some of their greatest contributions to the world, so I guess you could call me a Russophile. You could also call me a poseur fag too, if you want. MORE»