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Julius T. Leisure
• 01.31.11 12:00 pm

I hadn’t planned to watch last week’s State of the Union address, but since my wife was hogging the goddamn TeeVee, I had no choice. MORE»

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• 01.31.11 11:11 am

I hereby name this look “Jughead’s Girlfriend.”


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• 01.31.11 11:00 am

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Farley Katz
• 01.31.11 10:00 am

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TV Carnage
• 01.31.11 09:29 am

This video ends the age old debate of whether or not it’s possible to shit standing up. MORE»

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The Fool
• 01.28.11 12:00 pm

Because I work in the public sector I haven’t been able to avoid hearing people talk about American Idol contestant Chris Medina. MORE»