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The Fool
• 02.28.11 12:00 pm

Dose, Syrous, Liquid Adrenaline, Effective, AWOL, Destiny, Hullabaloo — in 1998, at the high point of Toronto’s rave culture, these promotion crews were running parties almost every weekend, bringing top name DJ’s in to the city and, more importantly, providing suitable venues for all-night recreational drug consumption. MORE»

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Lance Kilby
• 02.28.11 11:00 am

One of my hippie buddies forwarded me a link to the In B Flat website, or “20 videos with an average of a minute and a half of music a piece — 3.81 X 10^38 conceivable days of slightly varying music.” MORE»

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• 02.28.11 10:25 am

Apparently Street Boners photographer Vincent Dermody has a memoir coming out today. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 02.28.11 09:05 am

All too often people are eager to take celebrity quotes out of context. This is not one of those times. MORE»

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• 02.28.11 08:12 am

High-wasted jeans are great up until your mid-30s when they become industrial Spanx.


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D. Eric Beckles
• 02.25.11 07:00 pm

Do you like stupid? Do you like stupid-smart? Do you like that feeling when you accidentally breathe too many gas fumes and forget where you are? MORE»