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• 03.30.11 10:58 am

Did nerds have tons of tattoos in the ’50s or am I missing something here?


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Danne C
• 03.30.11 10:00 am

Tumblr is supposed to be this world of fantasy and greatness where everything is cool. But what if I find a girl who reflects everything I’ve ever wanted? MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 03.30.11 09:00 am

This weekend I took the train to the Albany Hyatt for a nice little refresher course on making sure I sufficiently pleasure myself during sex. MORE»

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• 03.29.11 12:00 pm

The prospect of a nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, a raging civil war in Libya, Donald Trump admitting he’s actually mentally retarded — current events are getting pretty fucking serious and it’s taking a toll on the brave men and women we count on to deliver us the world. And unfortunately, the stress is breaking them. MORE»

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Donna Deliva
• 03.29.11 11:01 am

This can’t be real. Is it real? Holy shit, I’m pretty sure it’s real. Four disturbingly naïve hipster kids nationally promoting the importance of fort-building and traveling around the country to share ideas. MORE»

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• 03.29.11 10:03 am

If you’re going to be that goth, at least get a butt plug that matches.