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• 05.27.11 10:00 am

READER SUBMITTED CONTENT With spring-like temperatures making their first real showing of the year, I am beginning to take notice of the tight jeans, boat shoes and vintage 1970s Serpico-style leather jackets adorning the guys on the streets. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 05.27.11 09:13 am

Seeing how low Canadians will go in hockey’s off season to get a sports fix is like watching a junkie “clean” their needle by wiping it off on a nearby dead rat. MORE»

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Lesley Arfin
• 05.26.11 12:00 pm

I licked one fucking butthole and all hell broke loose. MORE»

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• 05.26.11 11:33 am

If you’re genuinely handicapped, that’s a stylish way to handle it. If you’re not, I’m going to handicap you.


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Peter Madsen
• 05.26.11 11:00 am


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Bryan Swift
• 05.26.11 10:00 am

I really don’t know what to say about Waterbury, CT’s own Blizz Blazay. The Dirty Water’s “Number One White Nigga” keeps it real? Makes mad paper? Fucks all the fly bitches? MORE»