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TV Carnage
• 06.29.11 09:17 am

It seems to me that spending your entire adult life not a hair taller than two feet, eight inches kind of signs you up for the submissive role of any interaction. MORE»

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• 06.29.11 08:15 am

Remind me: How is this different from rats?

No, wait. What about?

At least cat ladies keep shit to themselves.

Hang on.

I got a better one.

Once again a New Yorker tries to help the poor and gets shit on.


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Julius T. Leisure
• 06.28.11 12:30 pm

Fake ass, lazy “sex scandals” in journalism are as American as fake ass politics. MORE»

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John Barclay
• 06.28.11 11:16 am

To many North Brooklynites, Fernet Branca is more than just a slug flavored herbal liqueur. It is a class signifier, a secret handshake shared by Mixologists, Artisans, Urban Homesteaders, Creative Dads and other Cupcake Capitalists to gain entry into their smug underworld. MORE»

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Angela M.
• 06.28.11 10:00 am

T-Radya, a street artist based in Yekaterinburg, Russia, dabbles in fire portraiture, creating images of fallen WWII soldiers with Molotov cocktails. MORE»

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• 06.28.11 09:00 am

Yup, that’s a Polo tattoo. MORE»