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• 07.31.11 12:00 pm

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Benjamin Leo
• 07.29.11 12:15 pm

Tell me if this happens to you too: At least once per jerk-off session, my mind involuntarily jumps to an undesirable thought or image and I have to reel ‘er back in. MORE»

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Ben Pier
• 07.29.11 11:45 am

I just finished wrapping up this delightful music video for my friends in SEXYCRIMES (who brought you the recipe for your favorite summer cocktail). MORE»

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D. Eric Beckles
• 07.29.11 11:15 am

The Internet is wonderful for many reasons, not just because we can find the most depraved sexual act imaginable in video form in under five seconds or because it can connect hate groups from ever corner of the world to form a violent paramilitary force — although those are fantastic examples of its potential. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 07.29.11 10:45 am

The worst part about hooking up with a crazy girl is having to laugh at her inane jokes and Mackenzie Phillips impressions. MORE»

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• 07.28.11 11:12 pm

Remember when nerds didn’t dress up and never got laid?