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Lesley Arfin
• 07.28.11 12:30 pm

I recently started having some body image issues. MORE»

Posted by
Paul K
• 07.28.11 11:30 am

I was sitting at Au Bon Pain, waiting on a Valium refill. MORE»

Posted by
Swami Visions
• 07.28.11 10:35 am

The “Grossest THINGS Ever” contest has surpassed our grossest expectations. MORE»

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• 07.28.11 10:22 am

Dear Ladies in Chucks Considering Toe Shoes,

Don’t do it.


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• 07.28.11 09:00 am

Dr. Denise Hersing, a dolphinologist, fed up with the current method of interspecies communication contacted Dr. Thad Starner, an artificial intelligence specialist from Georgia Tech, and together they have come up with something very interesting for those out there who yearn to subjugate another race. MORE»

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• 07.27.11 10:31 am

Acting is probably the hardest art form in the world. If you are good at it, you are blessed by God and will become a legacy. MORE»