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• 10.31.11 12:00 pm

As in years past, your pals here at Street Carnage are offering a fat bag of SC swag to whoever’s costume makes us chortle/wretch the most. MORE»

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Luke ONeil
• 10.31.11 11:00 am

May I humbly suggest staying the fuck home? MORE»

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Angela M.
• 10.31.11 10:00 am

Jacob Des is an American tattoo artist. These photos are excerpts from his zine, Deep Thoughts, which collects photos from the strange times he’s had around the world. MORE»

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TV Carnage
• 10.31.11 09:00 am

And the worst part is that, in his mind, that makes the guy holding the surfboard look like a total fag. MORE»

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• 10.30.11 05:54 pm

Thank God white people took the ghetto waistline and added funky underpants that say, “Check it out.”


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• 10.29.11 05:24 pm

If there’s one time of the year you should be thinking about politics and critical theory it’s when you’re dressing up to get wasted. MORE»

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