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• 05.31.12 01:00 am

Last week a photo of Bill Clinton posing with some porn stars turned up. MORE»

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 Reason’s Nick Gillespie says…

“I was on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, along with former Bush press secretary (and current The Five Host) Dana Perino, Vice mag co-founder Gavin McInnes, and regulars Bill Schulz and Andy Levy.

We lived, laffed, and loved for an hour while talking about Elizabeth Warren’s dubious claims to native American heritage, Will Smith’s walk-back on paying more in taxes, and whether Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama by talking about non-events from like a thousand years ago.

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• 05.30.12 02:51 pm


Pictured above with Mandolyna Theodoracopulos
    • President Obama delivered the commencement address to almost 600 female grads of Barnard College on Monday, and spent the bulk of the speech enthusiastically encouraging the young women to “fight for a seat at the head of the table.” But he attributed the guidance that garnered the most cheers from the audience to First Lady Michelle: you can look goodand be at the top of your professional game.

      So, during our week out on the town, we asked everyone we ran into:

      What did you think of Obama’s advice to young professional women that they can be “stylish and powerful”?

      Herewith, an array of reactions from Hugh DancyMary McFaddenPatrick Wilson,Mark Ruffalo, and Gavin McInnes.


    Gavin McInnes at the Lapham’s Quarterly Decades Ball

    “Did you hear Michelle Obama was annoyed that Oprah was in the White House trying to discuss her crusade against obesity? Talk about the elephant in the room.”


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Benjamin Leo
• 05.30.12 12:00 pm

Pentecostal serpent-handler Mack Wolford died of a rattlesnake bite this weekend, just like his father did in 1983. MORE»

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• 05.30.12 11:47 am

@partnersandspade #cozy

@thegavin2000: “The bad news is you sleep all day and get constipated and it’s really expensive and when you stop doing it, it feels like your skin is on fire. Then you die.” What’s the good news? “Oh, just before you fall asleep, it feels really good and if you wake up, you can do it again.”

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• 05.30.12 11:45 am

@thehipstermom I’m feeling these. Kinda my life.

@megamommy: If only wearing a pair of killer heels were as comfy as some stylish kicks
@tyrannie: If only wearing comfy shoes could make your ass look that good