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Street Carnage
• 08.27.15 11:46 am


Virtually from the moment he stepped foot in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, the notion has been talked about, blogged about, written about, bitched about, and praised that Donald Trump hates Mexicans. MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 08.27.15 11:18 am


A while back, the Opie and Anthony show (when it was still known as that) came up with the Apology Clock, to see how many days we could go without a famous name having to apologize for something they had said or done. MORE»

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• 08.26.15 09:54 am

Minutes before Yassin Sahi beheaded his boss in a stunning example of workplace violence, my brother Miles was praising academics for locating the culprit behind all this extremist outrage: it’s us. MORE»

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HJ Fountain
• 08.25.15 12:10 pm


Jamaica is a largely Christian nation: A recent poll commissioned by the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper suggested that 91 percent of Jamaicans are opposed to repealing the anti-sodomy law. The survey of 1,208 Jamaicans had a margin of error of 3 percent.


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Street Carnage
• 08.25.15 11:57 am


Racial tensions just seem to be a part of life. Perhaps it’s embedded in our DNA. There are probably entire books about the issue that I haven’t read. In places like America, the UK and other more Western parts of Europe such as Germany and France, it’s rife, because those nations are multicultural melting pots. MORE»

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John Pittsley
• 08.24.15 04:24 pm


Indigenous people are some of the most intolerable pussies on the planet. I’m not talking about ‘Native Americans’, South African blacks, or aborigines. Though I’m sure they’re insufferable too. I’m talking about people who were born and raised in U.S. cities and have never left. MORE»