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• 10.01.14 10:37 am

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Breasts look nice and people look at them when you display them on your chest like a fucking buffet.  MORE»

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Francisco Murphy
• 09.29.14 12:02 pm

This is great but I’m disturbed by how many people love the idea of not working. We’ve evolved to derive pleasure from hard work. Why is it everyone’s dream to sit around in a bathrobe all day watching TV?  MORE»

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• 09.29.14 11:18 am


I’m man enough to admit when I need help. It takes more courage to reach out your hand than to ball up a fist. As The Who said, “A man is a man when – he can drop to the floor / he can weep / we won’t ask the price.” I have been working very hard to make it work for the past year but it’s time to change directions. I just don’t know where to go.  MORE»

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Wayne Wax
• 09.29.14 09:22 am


Observing the current cultural and political landscape, in which academia is dominated by ardent leftists, in which one of the worst presidents in America’s history completes his tenure without so much as a dissenting cough from the mainstream media, in which mass immigration is used as an antidote to the supposed scourge of national identity and pride, in which charges of racism are homophobia are thrown around like so much monkey shit, it’s quite reasonable for any right-minded person to think to themselves “just when exactly is all this nonsense going to stop?” MORE»

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Anne Gus
• 09.29.14 09:18 am


Yesterday was a weird fucking day. You can’t possibly imagine how fucking weird it was. Like, if you’d take the weirdest kid from an Autism Camp (they’re all fucking weird there), crossbreed him with a Parkinson’s-suffering, retarded version of Cellardoor Dali, then have the resulting spawn paint an impressionist painting using manatee shit while jacking off to midget porn – you’d get pretty close to how weird it was. MORE»

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• 09.26.14 09:40 am


I’ve noticed this new trend with feminism. It’s hard to complain about your lot in life here in America so you cite examples from the Turd World and then somehow tie it all back to you.  MORE»








kplawless #tbt to some birthday of mine in the Motor City bathroom with a bunch of my best gals. And a lil bit of fancy editing skillz from me.