Was founded by TV Carnage founder Pinky Carnage and Vice cofounder Gavin McInnes in January of 2008.


is a nude model from Vegas who is frequently broke.

Hunter Johnson
is a former future art-school dropout.

Apology Girl collects guns and goes to Catholic school.

Jim Goad is sensitive to EVERYONE’S needs. email

Benjamin Leo
takes Cialis in order to “concentrate.”

Shift once had a restraining order taken out against him for doing something really funny.

Lasse Holmberg Josephsen knows the lyrics to all Led Zeppelin songs in Norwegian.

Robbie Dillon once killed a man merely for requesting directions to the nearest gas station.

Kennedy is not related to the other Kennedys.

Francisco Murphy says you have the right to remain silent.

Problem Man is currently working on an Excel spreadsheet that unravels the universe’s secrets.

Mr. Injustice starts from the premise that life is unfair and proceeds from there.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Linus believes that meat is murder, and he’ll kill you if you disagree.

Brendan Donnelly does drugs and draws things, often at the same time.

Sean Tejaratchi runs the only possum brothel in the continental United States.





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paulscheer #pride

surlysarah: Google a video and watch it with the sound all the way up. You don’t can’t miss what you never had. Doesn’t make it right. Look up Elephant in the Hospital as well. @jeffreyhenao22 The hygiene excuse is a lie. Woman have way more skin and folds in their vaginas and circumcising a female in this country is against the law.

jeffreyhenao22: @surlysarah okay well I have one more thing to ask you, what about the benefits to circumcision . Studies have shown that there is a certain mucus in an un circumsized penis that is more susceptible to bacteria and not to mention men circumsized have less of a chance to get a urinary tract infection

foreskinlady: @jeffreyhenao22 the chance of reduction in UTI’s is 1% and only in the first 6 MONTHS OF LIFE. Smegma, is natural and actually has been proven to kill and eat HIV and bacteria. “Smegma” is the Greek word for “Soap”. The foreskin is self cleansing just as the vagina is.

littlemissus: This group Internet stalked me, harassed and bullied me, and posted photos of me and my kids on their Facebook page, all because I (like millions of other parents) chose to circumcise my son. There are legitimate reasons not to circumcise, but this group is a bunch of nutters.



lushsux Nothing personal.