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is a nude model from Vegas who is frequently broke.

Hunter Johnson
is a former future art-school dropout.

Apology Girl collects guns and goes to Catholic school.

Jim Goad is sensitive to EVERYONE’S needs. email

Benjamin Leo
takes Cialis in order to “concentrate.”

Shift once had a restraining order taken out against him for doing something really funny.

Lasse Holmberg Josephsen knows the lyrics to all Led Zeppelin songs in Norwegian.

Robbie Dillon once killed a man merely for requesting directions to the nearest gas station.

Kennedy is not related to the other Kennedys.

Francisco Murphy says you have the right to remain silent.

Problem Man is currently working on an Excel spreadsheet that unravels the universe’s secrets.

Mr. Injustice starts from the premise that life is unfair and proceeds from there.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Linus believes that meat is murder, and he’ll kill you if you disagree.

Brendan Donnelly does drugs and draws things, often at the same time.

Sean Tejaratchi runs the only possum brothel in the continental United States.





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groteskito Today Elmo got arrested in Time Square for aggressive solicitation. #nypd #onlyinny



sjpenry Just set my TiVo for tomorrow night #bedtimestories



calientechica Ok, so here’s the thing. This kind of shit happens all the time. Uninvited “compliments”. As if my Latina seeks thug piece wasn’t enough proof of the ridiculous shit men say to women on a daily basis, I still get shit like this on my personal social media accounts. God bless y’all. Smh.

thewhitetyrese: Guys are idiots, plain and simple

therealmalonebcs: I see this shit on all kinds of friends profiles and I just don’t get it. Just like keyboard thugs would never talk shit face to face, these morons would never even say hello to woman in real life. Idiots.

blackharry: Weird you get comments like this! You’re the most conservative Internet personality I know! So uninvited! So rude.

calientechica: Right Harry, you’re SO RIGHT. @blackharry  because I appreciate myself and my body it gives these people the right to say these things to me, I don’t think so.

calientechica: That’s the equivalent of saying women that dress sexy are askin to get raped. @blackharry

nieshmoney: @blackharry unless @calientechica explicity says “please talk to me this way” then it’s uninvited. women should be able to walk down the street, post a picture/express themselves without fuckboys thinking it’s acceptable to speak to them like some sort of cumrag that’s there to mop up their nut. saying “you’re a celebrity that flashes, get used to it” isn’t that far away from “well, she had a short skirt on, she was asking for it”. fuck rape culture & fuck anyone who doesn’t believe that this sort of attitude towards women perpetuates rape culture.

calientechica: Thank you @nieshmoney I didn’t have the energy to say what you put in perfect words.

guav: @blackharry She’s not saying that “rape” and “words” are the same thing. Her point is that your attitude is exactly the same–that women are the ones who are responsible for the reprehensible shit that men do. You’re basically taking the position that men have absolutely no control or responsibility for their own actions, and have no choice but to disrespect or harm females that they find sexually attractive. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. I think it’s entirely reasonable to leave comments about how pretty or attractive she is. She should (and I’m sure does) expect that. But comments like the above are absolutely not invited and shouldn’t be expected or tolerated. It’s fucking embarrassing.