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The lion’s share
of torture in torture porn is conducted by men. But when left to the hands of women, someone’s dick is bound to be chopped off. I’ve done my homework on the matter, and have collected penis trauma clips from horror movies for your HalloWEEN enjoyment.
UPDATE: Moved up to the front of the line for maximum eyeballs!

The lion’s share of torture in torture porn is conducted by men. But when left to the hands of women, someone’s dick is bound to be chopped off. I’ve done my homework on the matter, and have collected penis trauma clips from horror movies for your HalloWEEN enjoyment.* Below are some descriptions of the films. (Scroll to the very bottom to view video of each scene.)


I never understood why people—weirdos, in my book—find blow jobs degrading to women, maintaining that it puts women in this position of complete submission. I’ve always thought that the mouth that sucks the dick is the one that rules the world. It’s absolutely the most vulnerable position in which a man can place himself, because just one swift bite can change his life forever. Wes Craven’s 1972 classic, The Last House on the Left, employs this tactic as a woman’s means for getting revenge on one of the men who raped and murdered her daughter.


Eli Roth’s Hostel 2 is under appreciated. In this version of the torture-porn series, women are the victims, and ultimately, one is the heroine who chops off the dick and balls of the guy who was trying to kill her. I don’t know if it’s the feminist or the Bijou Phillips fan in me, but I like the sequel better than the original.


I’ve never been raped for reals, but I imagine if I were, I’d exact my revenge in the same manner as in I Spit on Your Grave. I don’t believe in vigilante-ism when I’m watching Law and Order, but I guess I do when I’m watching graphic rape scenes.


These Cannibal movies are so similar that I’ve lumped them together. Cannibal Holocaust was billed as “the most controversial movie ever made,” and Cannibal Ferox is a knockoff of that. These two peen pruning scenes are not committed by women, but instead by savages. But whatever, they have long hair and probably suck at balancing a checkbook, so it’s all the same thing. Check out this still from Cannibal Ferox. I mean I know it’s supposed to be the ’70s, but it looks like you can French braid those pubes.


On the Doll is some piece of shit movie staring Brittany Snow, whom I’d never heard of until I bored myself to tears watching Prom Night. The title of this movie is supposed to reference the common term used in child therapy for victims of sexual abuse: “Show me on the doll where s/he touched you.” The best part about this movie is that you don’t have to watch the whole thing, because the most graphic crotch gore—of two girls cutting off their teacher’s balls using a taut string—is available for free online.


Ilsa is a sadistic Nazi commandant who runs a concentration camp that conducts “medical research” on the threshold for pain of inferior races. She fucks the men, and if they can’t make her come, she castrates them. Personally, I think the real punishment to fit such a crime would be to cut off his tongue and fingers. Dicks alone rarely work as a means to an end.


The demon in Night of the Demon is actually Big Foot. The movie is told in flashbacks in which Big Foot kills people in hilarious ways. In one scene, a biker stops to take a leak, and when he whips out his wang, Big Foot claws the sucker right off.


Teeth is a long overdue film about Vagina Dentata. Dawn, a purity activist, has teeth behind her lower lips and chews off the dicks of the many men who try to date rape her. Director Mitchell Lichtenstein has a sizable sense of humor and set of balls to match for making some of the funniest and most graphic disembodied penis scenes in cinematic history.

*I know that there are castration scenes in other movies like Arabian Nights, Little Children, and Sin City, but this is strictly about horror film castration, to keep in the spirit of the holiday. So don’t get it twisted, I know my shit when it comes to dicks on film.

  1. Nor is it Brian says:

    No “The Serpent and The Rainbow,” really?

  2. felicia says:

    Night of the Demon–hahahha

    That teeth movie is crazy! (I just IMDB’d more info on it)

    Thanks for this compilation. I saw Hostel 2 in theaters and was glad she cut off his dick after he called her a cunt. I definitely thought “oh no he did not call her that” and her reaction was awesome. Will watch Hostel 3.

  3. Elle says:

    No Hard Candy?

  4. You Forgot says:

    You forgot Jorg Buttgereit’s 1990 masterpiece DER TODESKING, where a nazi woman cuts off a dude’s dick and then picks it up off the ground and draws a swastika on the dude’s chest with it.

  5. sara says:

    That last scene made me sick to my stomach.

  6. srsly says:

    what’s with this preoccupation of feminists lopping mens dicks off

    is feminism premised upon girls’ inability at getting off when a cock is stabbing them in the vulva

    getting your womanmaker sliced in half by a feminist is horrifying indeed

  7. blu_stocking says:

    @srsly: troll.

  8. HalloWEENS says:

    […] never even made it out of my brain, so I never got around to writing/compiling it. Coincidentally, Tracie has on Street Boners and TV Carnage. I love it when these things work out! This entry was written by StalknBlog, posted on October […]

  9. Why did I watch that video? says:

    This is one of those things that you watch, thinking that it will be really awesome, but then you’re pissed at lunch when your sandwich reminds you of a castrated dick.

  10. AcidicPudding says:

    Aww, you didn’t show my favorite castration scene in Teeth-the one where she finds out about the bet and just is like *guskt* and leaves him in the garage. So good.

  11. AcidicPudding says:

    as an owner of a penis, the video clip freaked me out.

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  13. Book club for vaginas says:

    @blu_stocking : try again

  14. Great at parties says:

    Tracie is gorgeous.

  15. adastra says:

    It’s at home, so I don’t remember how graphic it is… but Killer Condom is great German castration horror.

  16. imbored says:

    that was some heinous shit!

  17. DreamWarrior says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t include the castration scene from Hard Candy, it kicks ass! Props for including teeth though, amazing film.

  18. motherfuck'n yeaah says:

    Doom Generation, anyone?

  19. Ugly says:

    I once watched some old live action ninja flick that follows the exploits of three ninja chicks (hentai-like, but not a cartoon). One scene involves a dirty old man ninja peeping one of the three ninja chicks. They are in a marshy area, the old man stands behind some tall grass, we can only see his shoulders and head. The ninja chick approaches cautiously, but the dirty old man ninja’s giant snake like penis starts slithering out of the grass winding its way to the stunned ninja chick. At first she submits as the peen creeps up her low cut ninja skirt. It begins to fuck her with slow forceful strokes. (Remember this was live action so the penis prop was only the finest a Japanese low budget film can offer.) Soon we see a cutaway, further back down the cock shaft, of a swollen balloon like area moving its way up the shaft. It appears to be a load of unbelievable force. The load moves up to within striking distance of the poor ninja chick getting railed. But… the ninja chick’s cringing face suddenly changes to a battle face. The old man’s eyes widen in surprise and disbelief. The old man is startled to realize the ninja chick’s hidden power is vice grip pussy muscles. The old ninja’s load starts getting bigger as it is stopped short. His face turns to worry and then pain. The load reaches bursting point and his magnificent penis explodes in a mess of spooge, blood and skin.

    The best penis destruction scene I have ever watched in a movie. If anyone has happened to see the movie I’m talking about and you know what it’s called please let me know.

  20. Elle has a point says:

    I was sure that Hard Candy would be in there somewhere. Is it too obvious? Too Japanese-y for you? Or do you just not like the girl from Juno (I know I don’t)? What’s the deal?

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  22. lollypop says:

    fucking hell, the ‘i spit on your grave’ one is the most horrifying to me. loooolz at the night of the demon one. the music’s amazing.

  23. manticore says:

    how on earth could you get your cock in a girl and have decent sex with a ring that big in your cock? it would twist and just not be pleasurable. ugh. guess it doesnt really matter anymore. NOM!!

  24. KatyBelle says:

    Haha! Gross.

  25. me says:

    i thought the castration in hard candy was just a fake out and she didn’t actually do it?

  26. I'm just sayin'... says:

    There was no castration in Hard Candy, she just pretended to do it.

  27. I'm just sayin'... says:

    There wasn’t one in The Serpent and The Rainbow, either. They just hit his dick with a hammer, I believe.

  28. christi says:

    ummmm Planet Terror anyone?

  29. Danielle says:

    know what horror movies really need?
    more feminazis getting their clits torn out!

  30. LaPergs says:


    Thought you oughta know. *faints*

  31. just to say says:

    penis cut off = emasculation
    testicles cut off= castration

    Sorry to be such a hard ass.

  32. street cloud says:

    HOSTEL 2 IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Lazer Tron says:

    Um…no Cannibal? The entire point of that movie is one big build towards the one dude chopping off, frying and eating (and feeding to the victim) the others penis. The entire disgusting scene was shown in blatant full frontal detail (after the cannibal failed to bite all the way through it I might add…) and even capped itself off with the victim peeing through the hole that was once his manhood. There is not a scene on this list that even remotely compares to that.

  34. SickBoy says:

    Poetic justice castration (sorry, Just to Say, emasculation) is good, too. In the book The World According to Garp, the main character comes roaring into his driveway one night, but unbeknownst to him, his wife is in a car already in the driveway giving another guy (who’s a complete knob) a blowjob. He crashes into the other guy’s car and she bites his wang off in the impact. Although I’ve never seen the movie version, I’m fairly certain they didn’t include that part.

    Oh, and that clip from Night of the Demon is both horrifying and hilarious.

  35. SElizabeth says:

    SickBoy, the movie also includes the car accident scene, but doesn’t doesn’t show the biting of the Knob’s knob– it only eludes. Great movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon though!

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  37. Bill says:

    You’ve all forgotten the most intense castration scene at the climax of the “realm of the senses”. The most intense scene ever. ever. ever.

  38. […] Egan has assembled the mindboggling: “10 CASTRATION SCENES FROM HORROR MOVIES.” Probably, you don’t want to click on that NSFW link if you have a penis, but since I […]

  39. Savarin says:


    Castration = removal of the testis
    Emasculation = removal of the penis


  40. Thomas says:

    These movies don’t even come close to what the real thing looks like, trust me. Just watch some surgery videos on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

  41. AOD says:

    That is not night of the demon

  42. AOD says:

    What about Sonny Chiba’s “The Street Fighter”

    It’s a kung fu flick, but you watch it and you’ll never forget the Monkey Steals the Peach move…

  43. AOD says:

    How about “Street Trash”? Dude sticks his wang through a hole in the fence to take a leak, and some jerks on the other side tear it off and play catch with it.

    I don’t think “Salo” technically had a castration scene, but it did have a “lighter-to-the-balls” scene. That has to count for something, right?

  44. breedx says:

    AOD: I agree! “Street Trash” should have totally been second on this list (right after I Spit). Completely overlooked film, great emasculation.

  45. MolotovCOCKtale says:

    It’s not technically horror but the castration scene from DOOM GENERATION warrants a mention. Garden shears anyone?! From naked dudes wearing socks. (i think, it’s been a while)

  46. […] deze is toch wel even zo bizar dat hij toch even genoemd moet worden : Street Boners heeft namelijk een Top 10 op hun blog gezet van beste castratie-scenes in een horror-film ! Dat is weer genieten voor de dames, en pijnlijke gezichten bij de heren vandaag ! Dat staat vast. […]

  47. […] Something for Palin Supporters I do not consider her at all a symbol of castration so much as a pin-up, as it were, of Thanatonic policies. Supporters of a lover of hate and destruction may enjoy this site, 10 castration scenes from 10 movies. […]

  48. Monster Blog says:

    Can I throw in a third for “Street Trash” – it is surely the funniest castration scene ever. A group of tramps playing American Football with a severed wang, a female vagrant tries to hide it in her dolly, the owner hanging on the back of the bus trying to get to the hospital to get it sewn back on. Pure class. The film just takes so many taboos and displays them gleefully on the screen, there was nothing else like it back in the late 80s. As has already been said, it’s grossly neglected.

  49. Justin says:

    The Hard Candy faux-castration is a pretty memorable scene (also one of the more slickly produced nasty thrillers out there, and her Goldfrapp thing only does the batshit-crazy avenging pedophile-killer credit).

    I’d also give a shout out to the blowjob castration scene in Tokyo Gore Police, memorable not just for its visceral nature (the girl who bites the police officer’s dick off is half woman, half enormous crocodilian vagina dentata…which is perfectly normal in the context of the film), but also because the castration turns the guy later into a mutant warrior with a 2 1/2 foot long penis that fires explosive projectiles.

    Ah, now that’s shock cinema 😀

  50. bibulb says:

    In Serpent, there’s a mallet … and a SPIKE.
    If it wasn’t severed, I’m pretty surprised.

  51. Adverb says:

    I second Elle’s vote for Hard Candy. I still cringe when I recall that scene.

  52. SF rather than horror... says:

    _Eve_Of_Destruction_ also plays the bite card, though it keeps the gore offscreen.

  53. Ted Danson says:

    “There was no castration in Hard Candy, she just pretended to do it.”

    Actually to be technical about I think there was a real castration in Hard Candy just a different set of testes. Besides saying there wasn’t really a castration kinda ruins the movie. Thus I support it not being on this list as it admittedly deserves to be on the list but would bring out too many comments ruining the surprise.

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  55. knmacker says:

    There is a whole movie about this. Its a german flick called “Night of the Killer Condoms” or something like that. As a fellow owner of the male member it is one long cringefest laced with lots of laughs.

  56. errcheck says:


  57. Dante says:

    Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain” has a symbolically rich castration scene and plot thread, and a “room of a thousand testicles” to boot! Gruesome yes, as well as funny and sad concurrently. The whole thread is included with the intent to underscore a deeper issue. Truly a movie that changed the course of my life. Glad to note that some previous commentors have mentioned the semantics regarding castration versus emasculation.

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  61. Justin says:

    Any 1 know any castration movie of a girl biting a man’s cock and balls and pull out ?

    The man in jeans, the girl is long hair and a lot of blood (cool!) Can check the photo at

  62. Tom says:

    I’M HAVING MY PENIS, BALLS, SAC AND PUBIC SCALP ALL CUT OFF. Yeah, that’s right… I’m giving them up while I’m alive and healthy, and soon. They’re doing a Hollywood documentary film on the project and we’ve shot several days of the preliminary scenes.

    So, if there are any of you who want to see the real thing, you’ll be able to buy tickets and see it in a theater near you soon.

    My penis, named “ELMO” is oversized, as are both testicles and their scrotum. They’re too large for many women, and I’m ready to retire them. They’re going to be plastinated and put on display in the penis museum. At least they won’t hurt anyone there.

    Buy theater tickets, or wait and buy the DVD

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  67. panfila says:

    Since you are an expert on dicks on film, I have a question. I remember as a kid watching this movie in where in the final scene there were alot a women who ( I believe it was in a cell) escaped and ate hot dogs with human dicks. Do you know what film that is? For some reason I don’t remember any other details of that movie except the ending, lol =)

  68. laura says:

    psycho sisters, les psycholettes, the womans club

  69. I always wanted 2 ladies cut my balls off

  70. Cut my Balls Off says:

    I always wanted 2 ladies to cut my balls off for me.

  71. Dante says:

    The hot dog scene might be from ‘Bloodsucking Freaks’.

  72. jim says:

    an old school friend of mine stole a motorbike when he was 12, lost control when he hit a curb and as he slid off the fuel tank and over the handlebars, tore off his cock and balls. he had to have many operations to reconstruct his cock, his balls couldn’t be saved. he went from a bright outgoing boy to a depressed fat man, his voice is still hasn’t broken. that is real life horror. if you are ever in mayfield near ashbourne, uk, ask around and you might meet him.

  73. me says:

    I dunno… I prefer female rape and torture scenes.
    How about where a gun is inserted in a random hole
    and the trigger goes off. Bitch brains!! Hahahaha…

  74. nobody says:

    Is there even one movie with depictions of female genitals being mutilated or breasts cut off ?

    The truly brutal and violent sex is female, as is obvious since movies represent culture and no culture seen yet respects men, only women. No wonder men are given to crime , what else does one do when society hates and disrespects you for being born male .

    I hope women are treated equally soon – and I mean the brutal violent sexual mutilation part – they truly deserve it.

  75. paybacks says:

    Excellent top 10 list! It’s not that I hate men or that I’m some uber-feminist but as a huge horror movie buff you see hundreds of scenes of horrid violence towards women, I LOVE seeing the gals get a little payback.
    The first time (and every time actually) I watch that scene in Hostel I have to giggle. And since this is the anonymous internet I can say that every time I ‘perform’ on my man I always have a split second thought of Last House on the Left.
    Honestly, truly, I think if more women would give out payback there would be a lot less pig headed a-hole guys beating and raping women.

  76. Jen says:

    If there were more women castrating men,ther would be a lot less men raping women.also I hope it’s not too weird but are there any other girls that while cumming fantasiaz about castrating their partner like I do?

  77. Handlebar says:

    After my grandaughter was beaten by SOMEBODY I went to house and told every body living there ” if i see one more mark on her body I’ll come back here and cut every pussy lip and clit off and all balls and cock pakages off and feed then to your dogs. There were three girls and four guys living there at that time.

    My grandaughter was never hit again!!!

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  79. scotty says:

    love woman to cut off and ea6ty cock and balls any takers

  80. Horrormoviesfan says:

    I do not know why some people really get it so wrong…
    Horror movies rarely bring these gore scenes. Of course because I am a dude losing my jewels like that is horrifying. But talking about movies, horror movies are meant to be scary movies, full of thrilling, full of supernatural and mind-bending stuff. Cutting some dude’s off or chopping his balls are purely gruesome! Caligula and the Empire of the Senses have pure emasculation scenes for those fans of gore. I spit on your grave is cool, you do not need to be graphic to shock if you have a good direction (and good actors).

  81. Horrible says:

    Those clips were probably the most disturbing images I have ever scene, it made me sick. And they’re freaking scary to me. I use to think to think of castration and was a little turned on but it. But not anymore… This is sooooo bad.

  82. Kathy says:

    Jen said “I hope it’s not too weird but are there any other girls that while cumming fantasiaz about castrating their partner like I do?”

    Nope. You are indeed weird.

  83. eddy says:

    I have fantasies of of women castrating me. I would like to be castrated by a 20 year old lady

  84. beren says:

    Bloodletting, a gal is biting off a man’s dick and spiting it back at him – pretty graphic, you see it all.

    Porn Zombie (or something like that) – a zombie porn star is fucked by a guy, which is stupid enough to stick it in her mouth after he came. She gladly eat it an inch at a time. (Zombie do eat meats after all, just another kind of weiners).Again incredibly graphic

    If you want I can post both clips but i don’t know how. Only text apparently. Sorry.

  85. Happyness says:

    I do no happy because i find a woman how castrate me.
    I have talk about this to mutch womans and some accept another reality me
    I still find of you, beatifull woman, and see you dominate me after cut my balls.

    Send me to our reallity!

  86. Linda says:

    More men should be castrated. I have castrated a few boyfriends now biting their balls off. I want to castrate as many men as I can. I feel that it is a womens born right to castrate men. More power to the castratrixes.

  87. Izzle says:

    Cannibal Suburbia/The Snuff Machine?

  88. LXXX says:

    Linda, would you like to bite my balls off too?

  89. Rob says:

    If any girls want to try this on me email me at

  90. hung very fine, lg balls says:

    Linda, i want you to castrate my balls also, but only if i can eat you literally EAT YOUR PUSSY LIPS. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THEM ,THEN I WANT TO EAT YOUR CLIT

  91. LXXX says:

    Please Linda, will you be my cruel mistress and tear my balls off with your teeth?
    Pleeease! Bite them off! I won’t be a boy anymore then! Please castrate me!

  92. rob says:

    I was a great top 10. but the movie dead life shows a zombie chick bitting off a guys dick as he stand there and lets it happen.

  93. rob says:

    Hey Linda would be a honor for u to castration me, please show ur power and take my balls. And let me just have one last orgsam as u do, thank your goddess Linda.

  94. Noel Leonor says:

    Linda,you talking about nutting all men,or just the ones that do you/other women/children harm?
    If you are lusting about doing as many men as possible,including any “good” ones,then you are one dangerous little pussy aren’t you..?!
    If you want to state your case,then EM at
    You just might need a good chat with a real man,to see whether that would help
    your stance on such matters..
    Best Wishes

  95. piksi says:

    oooo my balls

  96. squoosh says:

    not all men are rapists and beat women, fyi… keep cutting off dicks and the human race has about 60 years left

  97. Robi says:

    Hello Linda,
    I hope you have very often a look into this side.
    I have red very often comments like yours, but no real girls
    stand behind them. Are you real? Try to meet us to fulfill your love
    and have fun.


  98. SCOTTYSMOLEN says:


  99. john says:

    if castration is done on a massive scale there is an end to human race. women just respect men. punishing men on rape the international law or any other country’s law or all religions law suggests to only death.

  100. Brad says:

    well i expect all women are capable of it. and they say men are sick, No women are the sickest thing on the planet if they could mutilate some man like that. Would I find it entertaining to sexually mutillat a woman NO

  101. sarah says:

    I was on a date one night and a guy pulled his erect penis out and exposed himself. I was shocked at first, then mesmerized as I stared at it, then I began to get angry that he did such a thing before he even knew me well. We were in the kitchen so I quickly grabbed a kitchen knife and held him (or rather it) at knife point. It quickly shriveled back down to it’s normal size. He really seemed afraid that I was going to castrate him so I felt sorry for him. I pulled his pants off and stroked it back to it’s erect size and rode him wild until I was satisfied. He never called me again.

  102. testicle says:

    Hello,Linda or Sarah!

    Castrate me! please!

  103. lewis says:

    You all are fucking illed!!!

  104. Caronte says:

    Oh Linda, if i catch you, i cut you in 2 parts, but not from the mouth.. after that i’ve eaten your pussy like a peach….

  105. whazzup says:

    The sure cure for the castrating female is a little super glue to the labia, or better yet a good hot soldering iron to the clit. Very little blood loss, and the wound is cauterized by the hot soldering iron. Women don’t seem to realize that most men would kill them on the spot is they even attempted such a thing.

  106. whazzup says:

    Attn Linda: If it weren’t for a man’s dick and balls, you wouldn’t exist. Did you hear the one about the man, I think it was in China, when his wife decided to mutilate him, before he bled out and died he managed to hack off her arm with a machete and beat her to death with it. Who says there is no justice in the world. You would do well to consider that the snake you step on usually will bite you, or as they say “you reap what you sow”.

  107. lfswitzer says:

    I just love scenes of male castration! It just drive me so horny to see a man to loose his dick…it is one of my wildest fantasies…to emqsculate a man!
    Thankyou so much! There is a french movie La tendresse bordel where a crazy girl cut not one, but two dicks…the second scene in the swimming where the swiss actor Jean Luc Bideau has his dick cut off !
    As a gay men I love dicks, and crazy about them! you women do not exist to me, you’re such ugly and insip creatures, well done for streight assholes, I preffer them as prostitutes in mens brothels where I have fun! You cunts…should know the same fate as a french woman whose cheated husband first cut off her clito-bonbon and then ironed between her legs to cauterize it! The thing is that was not a movie!
    If you don not like dicks leave the; to me please, I love them! Louis

  108. Lady says:

    these comments are crazy. also at the men who want to be castrated, what happens after? i mean you have no dick so linda is your last sexual experience (apart from getting it in the ass or whatevz)? thats a lot of trust to put in linda.. what happens if shes ugly and you wasted your dick on her?

  109. Ron says:


    I can’t even understand as to why some of you fantasize about this subject.
    In 2000 after having had complications following a vasectomy in 1999, I underwent an mergency left orchiectomy.

    After I had the vasectomy in 1999, I ended up with a hematoma which was removed. A small hole in the scrotum never closed. A year later on my birthday, I had an emergency surgery to remove a necrotic Strep infected testicle. I also had a major kidney infection and almost died as a result of both.
    The left testicle and it’s surrounding tissue(even part of the scrotum) was removed. The scrotum was left open to heal form the inside out and they also were unsure if they had removed enough tissue. I remained in isolation for about a week.
    Every 4 hours I needed to have a sitz bath and need the scrotum packed with saline soaked gauze. It took about 2 months for the scrotum to close and it took up to a year before things felt almost normal again.

    I wish that I still had both testes. Due to low testosterone, I now have to give myself monthly testosterone injections.

    This was not the end of my urological nightmares. I now have a fistula between my prostate and rectum. Currently have a suprapubic catheter in and might have surgery to reroute the flow of urine. If I opt for this surgery, I will no longer pass unrine through the penis but will have a dry stoma on the body to self cath from.
    It will be very strange no longer to urinate through my penis. Having had problems with ED and retrograde ejeculation, I cannot help but wonder how things will change for me. There than is almost no function for the penis any more. Perhaps I can restart using Caverject to enable me to have intercourse again.

    To some of you castration might be a fantasy. To me it was a nightmare come true.
    Really think what you wish for. I never wished for this at all it just became reality.

  110. rob says:

    ok lady, u can castrate me instead of linda or jen.

  111. Harder Candy says:

    Wow, men are such fucking whiners, and they have a distorted sense of reality too, as demonstrated by the comments of Whazzup.

    The vast majority of torture/rape/dismemberment porn features women as the victims, not men. But, I guess that’s okay, because the almighty penis is sacred and women are scum, not worthy of respect. Right?

    Indeed, MEN will reap what they sow, as they are the ones doing all the sowing. Whazzup is just another woman-hater who gets his undies twisted when the roles are reversed.

    So, in conclusion:

    Women as victims in movies = “freedom of speech” or “artistic expression”


    Fuck all of you misogynist hypocrites.

  112. castrator!!! says:

    This is why women are the stronger sex!!! Wen can castrate men, but they can’t! We can take your manhood away, we can deprive men of their manhood, and they are aware of it, and they fear it, they know that the opposite sex can master them by what makes them be a man (and is supposed to be their strengh) but it is in fact their weakness. Their are weak in their own “strenght”! Hahaha! Weak men!

  113. rob says:

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  118. You Poor Souls says:

    Hum cant lie some of these are actually kind of funny. its interesting fact that all the men castrated were white men. And factually speaking white have castrated more people on this planet than any other including women. The thought of this happening ones person is scary no doubt maybe some men put much value into their pleasure maker and allow themselves to becomes horribly insecure about the subject. Though i dont feel anyone should be castrated. Pedophiles maybe but the fact of them being sick in the head is another, and they will use tools to enforce their will upon another human being even if their tool is missing. Castration and genital mutilation is a horrible act even if a man rapes a women for castration to be the punishment exeeds the initial violence itself. I havnt heard of too many women bein unable to procreate after rape.
    Keeping in mind women and girls in certain countries of africa face genital mutilation in mass scales on the daily basis. vaginal lips being severed along with th clitorous. When real shit like this happens seeing this glorified bullshit is demeaning to the human populous in general. So fuck all you dirty scumbag motherfuckers watch this shit for kicks and maybe even getting off on it. Why do i watch it? Because exposing myself to bullshit like desensitized me to greater of mankind.

  119. cutmeoff says:

    the anime wicked city had one in it too

  120. Someone Else says:

    Linda is not a woman.

  121. Someone Else says:

    You people DO know that castration is not cutting off the penis right? That is penectomy. Castration is when you cut off the testicles period.

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  123. Breeotch says:

    omg are you people retarded? Castration is the removal the testicles or ovaries!! not the penis! and its meant to depleat the sex drive. the queen’s close guards were all castrated to keep the blood line pure, the czechs do it to their sex offenders and some sex offenders in america opt for it instead of a lengthy prison sentence. jeez either turn your brain on or look it up. thats what the internet is there for! not just facebook. ugh stupidity and ignorance bother me.

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    Don’t attempt to ruin Halloween with your demented mind!! It has nothing to do with gore you idiot!!

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  132. "Normal" says:

    You lot are sick as fuck! Twisted and wraped.

  133. Jmonster says:

    There actually are women out there into castration. My girlfriend is heavy into it and she actually wants to do it to me on film. I might just let her.

  134. someone says:

    y that fucked up

  135. Hey says:

    Don’t know why people are getting freaked out. There are plenty of movies of clitoris removal or burning (clit burn smells different!), vaginal explosion/tearing, nipples being ripped off, eels in vagina’s/anus, and

    my personal favorite, cutting the lining between a woman’s anus and vagina – 2 holes? NOPE! Just one bloody lovely hole.

    Don’t forget about making women eat their period, vomit it, and then have them eat it again or the sucking of the blood/goo out of their period pad.

    I also can’t remember the movie where a woman was given an extremely painful forced abortion and then forced to eat the baby with cord and all.

    You might want to correct the title, castration is not penis removal. Kind of makes you look stupid, but you already stated you were a feminist, so that’s already obvious.

  136. ted mullaney says:

    i am a 43yr old slave who thinks and knows womer should have the right to castrate men. i myself am sent out by dominatrixes to womens clothing stores to have pantyhose picked out for me and to be laughed at. believe me guys, even girls in high school are totally superior than i am at 43. my dream is to be castrated on a female run and owned dominatrix website. if any goddeses could use me, it would be my honor.

  137. pookiebear says:

    i have to say there are a lot of people on here who should really seek some help lol
    i feel litlle soiled reading those comments ,,

  138. Anonymous says:

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  139. steffen says:

    what happen ?

  140. C'mon says:

    These comments are insane.

    Defensive guys, no one is going to cut castrate you. These are scenes from movies. No one is calling for this to happen to you in real life. Some women are into sadism (which is fine, different strokes for different folks), but most are not, and very, very few are into it to this extent. There is absolutely no reason for the violent, hateful, scared rhetoric that some of you are using.

    Guys who are trying to get castrated, I’m sure you can find some specialty website to “advertise” on. The comments section here is probably not the best way to get what you want.

    Goodness gracious.

  141. […] was reading an article over at Street Carnage called “10 Castration Scenes from Horror Movies” and I’ll give you one guess on what it was about. Times up.. Emasculation BINGO! Ilsa […]

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    “C’mon,” you’re wrong. Why pick on men affected by women expressing glee at this? Should men be excited about rape and mutilation of woman, and several women object and talk about revenge blah blah, would such women insecure?
    Words have a lot of meaning. You should try much harder, or should I say we as women should be as understanding as much as we demand of men. Stop being low class. If you mean no harm and really think never to do this while finding humor in the incredulousness of it, then say so. That’s all.

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    feminazi. good luck with a girl biting my dick off. my penis is too thick…she would be knawing on it all day…she would look up knowing that she would be in a world of hurt…her ass would be grass. note to guys…never date a feminist…the radical ones are espcially violent. look at any standard feminist literature from the middle class-upper class white female academics and you will realize how much they hate men.

  150. matt says:

    look up valerie solanas or any of the leaders of second wave feminism. the rich middle class-upper class white female coopted the civil rights movement. 3rd wave feminism which is now taking place is more about entitlement then equality under the law. quotas take precedence over equality of opportunity. the modern western white female is the most spoiled entitled group in the entire world. Guys were castrated alright. Thing is feminism does nothing to help the unsheltered homeless (majority who are men…point in time stats show over 80 percent or people who are not in shelters or homes being men) or minorities like blacks who have been utterly destroyed by feminism and the destruction of the 2 parent family. Go 70 percent divorce rate initiated by women, parental alienation and single mothers galore wooohooo! good job feminazis!

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    That was HARD CANDY! LOVE IT.

    Ellen Page is now Kitty Pride in the X-Men franchise, and she fits that part well.

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