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• 09.28.12 11:27 am

I didn’t include cute dogs in this list because I’d already written about them here but look at this guy’s fucking face. 

If he occurred naturally in nature, I’d go, “Whoa, that’s a weird looking animal. I wonder why it grew such a big mane but okay, I’ll bite, it’s cute.” However, once you learn that all dogs come from wolves you go, “What a grotesque manipulation of a living creature.” This is way grosser than Chinese foot binding. It’s a whole new animal. That’s really fucking dark. We get mad at people for “playing God” and get real ornery about stem cell research but nobody ever discusses the Josef Mengele experiment that is dog breeding.

I honestly get really creeped out by dogs like this. I don’t just think it’s unethical. I think it’s macabre.

Anyway, here are 10 other guts I hate…

10 Things I Hate That Everybody Loves

One of the downsides of being special is that you feel out of place wherever you go. I don’t understand half the stuff people like and I suspect they don’t, either. Take cigars, for example:

You don’t like cigars, you like the idea of cigars. You like standing on the balcony with the other men after the dinner party and doing something a woman would never do in a million years, but you don’t actually enjoy that cigar hanging out of your mouth. If you did, you’d smoke them when you were alone in the woods, which you never do.

Having a “Mc” in your last name means every birthday someone buys you a bottle of expensive whiskey. The problem is, whiskey tastes like gasoline. It’s especially bad when they take the extra time to let burnt peat moss smoke through it—then it tastes like gasoline that’s been sitting in an ashtray. I like bourbon because it’s sweet and tastes like cotton candy when you ice it. However, 99% of the reason we enjoy booze is because it gets us drunk. Let’s stop pretending we actually enjoy the taste. If we did, we’d drink nonalcoholic Maker’s Mark at breakfast.


I’m told these games are much more complex than they seem. “It’s like chess,” sports fans always tell me. But all I see is a bunch of transient millionaires playing a game outside. What’s so fun about watching someone else play?  What are we—gimps? I guess I understand that watching sports all Sunday is a way to bond with a dad who isn’t great at talking with his kids, but that seems to be the only redeeming thing about it. I didn’t grow up with sports so I see them for what they are: boring. I once spent a day researching the rules to football and learning about the teams involved in a Super Bowl game, and after trying to enjoy the 11 minutes of action a three-hour game provides I stood up and said, “That’s it. I gave it a chance and I can now say, unequivocally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this sucks.” Besides, don’t you feel kind of queer talking about all these men and their injuries? Oooh, Rodney Jackson sprained his ankle. Let’s read an article about his legs. Sports aren’t chess, they’re gossip for men.

Going to punk shows was fun when I was a kid because we’d jump off the stage and get all our aggression out in the pit. Now it’s just loud. Going to a huge stadium to see your favorite band means watching tiny ants play their hits far worse than you’re used to hearing them at home. That goes double for a small venue. Why did you five dumb guys climb onstage and turn my bar into a practice space? Nobody wants you here. We came here to have a conversation and now we’re just waiting for you to stop so we can go back to it. Oh, thank God, you’re taking off your guitar. Oh, Jesus no, he just said, “We’ll be right back.” They oughta call it “leave” music.

My wife convinced me to buy this $400 robotic vacuum cleaner and it’s been sitting in its charger dock ever since. I hate this thing for at least three reasons beyond the insane retail price: 1. It’s so loud, you can’t be at home when it’s doing its thing, which means you have to set it up when you leave and hope it doesn’t get stuck. 2. It always gets stuck, so you end up putting chairs on tables to keep them out of its way, which is about 90% of the job of sweeping. 3. Sweeping hardwood floors takes about five minutes no matter the size of your house. Vacuuming a carpet takes the same amount of time. A Roomba can do it automatically if you clear a space and leave it unfettered for an entire day. Thanks. Let’s invent a robot that can put your socks on for you in under three hours and an automatic lawn mower that takes all summer.




  1. aesk47 says:

    I’m watching a football game I dvr’d last night and I wear sunglasses cause my blue eyes are pussies and hurt as soon as there’s a glimpse of sun. The rest i agree with.

  2. Mark says:

    I like football, but you make good points there.

    You forgot about beards, though, which are for guys who are trying to sculpt a jawline.

  3. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    In the live music one, you left out how most of your favorite bands were always somewhat older than you are generally; so when you get older, they’re basically old men on stage in an arena; basically being a human juke box ;so the audience can try and relive the moments of their youth,when the music was young, wild, and rebellious. You start realizing that you’re larping as your former younger self, in a safe scripted environment.

  4. RED says:

    Here’s one I don’t get: marrying for money.
    Do women really want to buy dresses and live in a big house so badly they will let some creep who they don’t like fuck them whenever he wants? That’s a worse life than a prostitute. At least they get breaks. If a woman marries for money she’s just a rich slave. I don’t understand why anyone would subject themselves to that. Men dating girls just because the girls are rich is a-whole-nother lever of WTF.

  5. JAY says:

    Do women really want to buy dresses and live in a big house so badly they will let some creep who they don’t like fuck them whenever he wants?


  6. JM says:

    these articles are kind of enjoyable but i’ll be damned if i can understand what business they have being in a hard right/palecon internet magazine. it’s kind of amazing they haven’t fired you from that gig.

  7. McClintock says:

    I once saw the Supreme Dicks play a show at the Bottom of the Hill. And there was this “performance artist” who as far as I could tell had simply invited himself onstage. And he whips out his sack and starts twisting it and bulging the balls to and fro. Twisting his sack and tying his cock in knots. It was so gross. Then he like makes the thumb and index finger sign for “OK” around one of his nuts and clasps it real tight like a little pink balloon about to burst. Then…then…he takes his other index finger and starts poking his frickin’ nut over and over again. Just poking it and poking it super hard with much force. It was awful to see. It was the only time in my life when I wanted to kick somebody’s ass because I was offended by their behavior.

  8. newlibertarian says:

    I don’t follow sports or drink – but I do enjoy a daily puff or two of cannabis and several hundred mics of lsd once a year. And almost every cigar I smoke I smoke alone. Nothing wrong with fake tits, I guess. But I prefer them natural and smallish, like my wife’s. And the best music is always live.

  9. kingconch says:

    ^kill yourself, bro

  10. marcus meanus says:

    do 10 things you love that everyone hates now! do you love 10 things?

  11. Way off on the live music dude. You are going to the wrong shows. Your telling me you’d leave an OH SEE’s show? Flat lie… or I think you are going deaf my man.

  12. Rocky Blog says:

    Carnage Cigars Are Here

    […] turn my bar into a practice space? Nobody wants you here. We came here to have a […]

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