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For some reason it isn’t cool to talk about all the things you love about your own race. It tends to sound a little racist to some folks. Talking about the things you like about another race is totally cool though. Gavin gives his top ten about blacks here.

  1. Orange says:

    whatever happened to Pinkie?

  2. meech says:

    the reason people think they are dumb is because they are kind of in a trance and they don’t listen a lot of the time that is definetly where all the talk of “dope” come from. If you want to apply a syntax approach to interpreting perhaps why they listen to hip hop…try this loop-loose-lord like a beat(just if you are doing english like graph grammar grain graduate.) so lord beat-beautiful -becalm -because-become and voice-void-voluntary- vocation. the three key words here are become lord become and vocation, where they are very religious. And they are like little kids when they talk about hip hop “I’m going to kill you” then competition on the play ground then making friends afterwards like big huge mc battles resolution of the beef. To tell you the truth i would probably say they don’t even listen to the lyrics depending on how old you are the Jamaican blacks are DEF because they are old but the african blacks are youthful but they are both enjoying hip hop because it is like trance music. Sorry this post is a little self indulgent know it all but i just thought it was pretty interesting.Word.Someone correct me if im wrong.

  3. The New Romantic says:

    I was hoping this was a Pittsley piece and he could talk about how there smegma looks like a light dusting of fresh, spring snow on the their “flagpole”.

  4. meech says:

    i love how gavin is making some of the daytime talkshow celebrities wear makeup which makes their skin look blotchy and rough and disgusting kind of like his. Hey fucker get over yourself they don’t have terrible skin you do you don’t have to embarass them by making them wear gross blotchy skin makeup to make you feel better about yourself. Because before i showed up and called out htis clown for his apolopactic horseshit theyre skin was beautiful

  5. meech says:

    why continue the embarassment why not just shut down this website THAT is exactly what i want ot be responsible for there is no place for this type of horseshit d o c oincide with my planet’s existence

  6. Punchy says:

    That article is the best thing I’ve read in a long time.

    And, meech is a cunt.

  7. James Earl Jones says:

    10 things I like when I think about Niggers:

    1. Black on black crime statistics
    2. Sickle cell anemia
    3. African crocodile appetite
    4. Prisons
    5. Morgues
    6. Haunting renditions of ole’ timey negro spirituals
    7. Witch doctor “medicine” diagnosis and success rate
    8. The setting of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’
    9. White privilege
    10. Reading “Roots” backwards

    Honorable mentions:
    -The National Geographic of Black Culture: World Star Hip Hop
    -The value of Tyson Foods stocks
    -Bad potluck missionary cooking
    -Milo’s asshole’s happiness
    -Jive talk
    -Mud hut architecture
    -Black face
    -Voodoo possessions
    -Mumbo jumbo
    -Flying Pyramids
    -Ooking eeking
    -Spear chucking
    -Moon walking
    -Booty popping
    -Tarzan extras
    -Once waz Kangz
    -Cannibal appetite
    -Bakka ball

  8. Gabuck says:

    Had a funny argument with a SWJ once. This white (of course) girl explained that blacks could not be racist, only whites. I pointed out that denying agency to blacks might be one of the most racist things I had ever heard. Agency is one of the things which makes us human. Humans do things for reasons, not just relying on instinct. We form egos based on identity to differentiate ourselves and in-groups from others. One of those differentiating characteristics is race. Denying blacks the ability to be racist is really just denying their humanity. We might as well revert to calling blacks 3/5ths persons.
    She then called me a racist, therefore winning (in her mind) the discussion.

  9. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    Looks like Gavin’s butt-boy buddy Milo opened his mouth a little too wide this time, and now is synonymous with pedophilia. If only he’d stuck with opening wide for big black cock, and those “10 inch things to like about about black men”, he’d still be part of the national conversation.
    BUT no, he was still flying high like Dickarus from his invite and totally faggy performance on Bill Maher’s show, that he let slip out his dirty little secret, and now has crashed and burned. Those who live by the tongue, die by the tongue? Ewww, I just had a flashback remembering that Orlando deep tonguing between Gavy and Milo. Funny how in the modern degenerate West Milo’s ‘greek’ kissing his Mandingos was an asset, but newly revealed appetite for special order PIZZA is not – not yet.
    It’s amazing how people back stab themselves and watch their careers go a rear which is appropriate for a back door bitch like Milo. CPAC disinvited the fudge packer just when he thought he was going main stream.

  10. Vlw, brother. Bom saber que a galera curtiu, to com uns planos semelhantes pros prximos posts.

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