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[Ed: This pic removed due to whining.]

  1. zippy says:

    On average, most people are homely and lead rather dopey lives. HAHAHAHA

  2. imyar says:

    i could stare at thousands of these for thousands of minutes on end.

  3. Banboozle says:


  4. SARS says:

    this is superB!

  5. BRAIN AIDS says:

    great job!

  6. other guy says:

    fuck! these were incredible! find more! please!

  7. JuCIFER says:

    Those meat jackets were obviously made out of their mother’s flesh.
    Thanks Daddy.

  8. Canadave says:

    FUCK YOU MCDONALD SISTERS! How’s about me and my brother ask you two out on a DOUBLE DATE? I dunno, maybe go down to the roller rink, or plan to meet up at the cineplex… AND STAND YOU FUCKERS UP! HOWS YOUR CONFIDENCE NOW! HMM? HMM?

  9. Ah so says:

    i think i see whats going on here. i’ll play along…
    Awesome! Sweet! Good job!

  10. Ah so so def says:

    That McDonald Sisters LP is badass, I picked two copies up on their first tour, they only printed 500 of the picture disc. I’ve been waiting on someone to draw some attention to them so I can throw one on eBay and make a hundred bucks. Bout damn time.

  11. zckrzt says:

    MIP – Most Improved Player reward. Great going, Val!

  12. LCC says:

    Pregnant couple look like twins.

  13. tim says:

    These are all from

  14. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    How come when people have children they just seem to put ANYTHING on in ANY combination? You can see that fatass in the short shorts, Izod shirt and flip flops, all about 2 sizes too small, just throws some (old) clothes on and doesn’t give a shit anymore.

  15. yawn says:

    awww those Asian dudes are sooo cute

  16. grimey says:

    if someone wanted to go back in time and stop gay space commander sulu from ever being born they would have to kill those guys with the sno-cones but they would eat a sno-cone first and decide that they were fulfilled and go back to the future without ever killing anyone and then probably make out a little with sulu because in the future sexuality is more fluid and people aren’t put into boxes like homo and toilet slut

  17. frenchy says:

    @ tim

    yes, they are. but is there really such a thing as plagiarism on the internet? i think not.

  18. bj says:

    FUCK that last photo just made my day.

    and yes we know theyre from, it says so on the photos. also most of us have been fwded these or facebooked them, but thats ok too. i think.

  19. Mike says:

    I might be a spoilsport, but I don’t think album covers should count.

  20. Felonious says:

    The 2nd picture just screams Mormons.

  21. Kennedy says:

    Meat jackets are the new black.

  22. badteeth says:

    Half of these photos contain people who look completely comfortable in their own shoes, so this article is void… fuck SBTVC needs a new batch of firings.. namely 12 Neat Pics and Blognigger. And 1 hiring = me!

  23. fuck BK says:

    THIS is why got invented the internet.

  24. babz says:

    Who the fuck is got? Got invented the internet? I thought Al Gore did?

  25. sho nuff says:


  26. zckrzt says:

    I am amazed at the mostly overwhelming positivity in the comments regarding this post. It’s complete bollocks: the pictures are not funny or fucking edgy enough to be worthy of my attention. I shall review each picture because I’m a twat:

    1. Guy putting his arms around a contemplative pregnant woman. BIG FUCKING WOW. Am I supposed to be laughing or something here? (Because I’m actually crying)

    2. Nine stupid bitches placing their hands on a pregnant woman’s belly. Again, the purpose of this picture being exposed to me on is what, exactly? To make me post this message asking what THE FUCK it has to do with the sensibilities of this website?

    3. Family dressed up in “cute” animal costumes. Two words: FUCK OFF.

    4. Baby lying upside down on a flight of stairs. PERHAPS if we had some indication that the little fuck had fallen all the way down the stairs and had just broken its whiny little neck, this MIGHT be capable of eliciting a chuckle. As it stands, it’s just gay.

    Yeah, fuck going through the rest of them because they’re every bit as tragic as the initial four. Seriously, Valerie Ang, you best step up your game ’cause this shit is lame.

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  28. c says:

    fuckin love shaved ice

  29. Anonymous says:

    [Ed: This pic removed due to whining.]

    maybe instead of posting pictures without rights being given you just shouldn’t post them at all.

  30. zckrzt says:

    [Ed: This pic removed due to whining.]

    maybe you losers just shouldn’t post pictures that you don’t have the rights to post.
    ever think of that??

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