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• 05.31.11 10:00 am

  1. totally says:

    Nice photos, no unifying element to this collection. Odd, really.

  2. just a cunt hair away says:

    next time try, “12 neat pics by a trust fund hipster while on ‘vacation’ in jamaica.”

  3. JimmyFuckingCarter says:

    Definitely 12 pics.

  4. Pfffft says:

    More like 10 pics and 2 more pics.

  5. Kristoff says:

    “The best style is no style. Because styles can be figured out. And when you have no style, they can’t figure you out.” (c) Jay-Z

    “Flipping the script and breaking the rules is what I love to do. Doing what people would not expect is my thing. I enjoy doing the opposite.” (c) Heron Preston

    That is exactly what Jason is conveying with his photography. He doesn’t want people to figure him out because then he’s ‘boring’. Then people will already know what to expect. If he creates a friction with his photography, and shoots a photo of gangster rapper Young Buck fishing one day, and then shoots a photo of a Monk out in Nepal the next day, then a photo of Pharrell on the beach in Rio De Janerio the next, he’ll create a certain fascination that will keep people coming back.

    I wrote all of that just to say, The photographs are actually dope!

  6. Clayton. says:

    First Heron quote I’ve seen on SC.

  7. You kneeeew says:

    Pics are not neat again

  8. raymeh says:

    felt a bit skidly til the pool one.

  9. Aesthlete says:

    Pastiche is well beyond played. Even unexotic negro subjects don’t resuscitate it. Wake me up when you yourself give even the one tiny little rich kid fuck it would take to humble yourself to venture as little as one quark of craft.

  10. Philosophy 101 says:

    The young woman in the pool overlooking the ocean represents man’s eternal tie to the sea, the unquenchable desire to go back to our most basic primordial root as an organism…

    Of course, the photo would have been more poignant if she was facing the camera and we could see her yum-yum and ta-ta’s.

  11. Anonymous says:

    this is extra shitty

  12. anonymous says:

    can I just walk around a city, any city and take photos and submit them and you will post them under 12neat pics? I’m really into getting torn apart but at least I’d be published.

  13. clif says:

    … submitted to sbtvc by jason goldwatch

  14. anon says:


  15. mr.meat says:

    i should watch more skate videos against my will

  16. marlon 62 says:

    so like MAN i took some ,like, awsome,like , pics of a firehydrant, a ball of yarn and an old slim-jim i found under my futon . can i send them to you , MAN , there really like meta and shit.

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