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Jim Goad
• 12.31.12 12:25 am

If this isn’t the most easily offended civilization in world history, I’m glad I missed whichever one was worse.

Still, our modern thought police—those prigs and fussbudgets and censors and tattletales and hall monitors and snitches and meddlers and natural-born teacher’s pets—insist that “political correctness” was a brief blip on America’s cultural radar that evaporated sometime in the mid-1990s.

As with everything else, they are wrong.

Whereas PC was still somewhat a fringe phenom in the 1990s, it has become the very fabric of our dying civilization. It is now so pervasive and dominant that it only seems invisible. It has metastasized into the popular narrative and continues expanding with no end in sight.

Never has so much bitterness and hostility been expended in the service of kindness and compassion. Oh, how I loathe the desiccated, humorless souls of the neo-tolerant, those whose endless capacity for getting offended has itself become offensive, who are morally outraged at the mere suggestion that they are absurdly prone to gross public displays of moral outrage. Hear them spout off about their dimly conceived and shabbily articulated notions of human rights, ones that conveniently always seem to trample on the rights of other humans.

One need not try to offend them. Even if you don’t try, they’ll get offended. Even if you make a conscious effort NOT to offend them, they’ll get offended. The very air they breathe offends them. They are offended by everything except their own existence. Look at them whining and whimpering and wailing, curled in a ball at the bottom of the shower, picking at their scabs and pretending to nurse self-inflicted wounds that they never intended to heal.

It almost makes the idea of committing hate crimes against them seem pleasurable, but not for any of the reasons they’d think—not their skin or gender or what they do with their genitals. No, it’s their personalities. It has always been their personalities and their personalities alone. In case I still need to spell it out for you, here’s the problem: T-H-E-I-R P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-I-E-S.

A dozen years into the new millennium, our culture has advanced to the point where we are expected to celebrate Chaz Bono’s muttonchops and the fact that she sawed off her bazooms.

I’m sorry—did I say “advanced”? I meant to say “descended.”

The Old Weird has become the New Normal, and the Old Normal has become the New Hateful. The New Tolerance is actually the New Intolerance, espoused exclusively by the New Assholes.

They’re not offended that the world is falling apart. That bothers them not a whit. Instead, they shed crocodile tears while Rome burns.

Here are ten egregious examples of political correctness from 2012 which were by turns absurd, dangerous, or both.

Sweden, that Ladies’ Paradise where everything is rape, wishes to become a “gender-neutral” society, which presumably means that all Swedes will be shorn of their genitals, preferably on live television. This insane cultural putsch involves everything from gender-neutral pronouns to gender-neutral bowling and gender-neutral schools where boys and girls are called “friends” rather than “boys” and “girls.” Even their toys are becoming gender-neutral. Give it twenty years and expect a monster wave of incredibly messed-up young Swedish adults.

The blonde and lithe Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was barred from triple-jumping at the London Games due to a “racist Tweet” that to me seemed more insulting toward mosquitoes than Africans. Days later, Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella was banished from the Games after calling South Koreans a “bunch of mongoloids,” which was clearly intended to hurt the feelings of people from Mongolia.





  1. Mealium says:

    jim, you’re phot of Ebert is a bit off-base. Because he actually married a black Women. you often Accuse librlas of not “Walking The walk” re: racims etc but Evert cannot be accusd of those crimes.

    the toxic obsession with race is stranglng America, people of all ethnicities are suffering because of it.

  2. Jim Goad says:

    Ebert was accused of being a self-castrating male. The criticism of him had nothing to do with race, but you made it about race while criticizing me for making about race. Read more slowly next time. And take a spelling class.

  3. Mealium says:

    But just genrally, you often characteriez whiet librals as being closet racits themselves. You seem to have a spciel Hatred for Ebert; often insultng his appearcne. He has Cancer, wahtever you may thinks of his politics attacking his appearance is not cool.

    I have pretty bad Dyslexia so sorry.

  4. Lasse says:

    Jesus Fuck, Mealium, you should be banned from every keyboard in the world! Don’t write. Just don’t.

  5. ummm... says:

    Haven’t read the article yet, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that Ebert at some point decided that his god-given talent for watching a movie and then pointing his thumb in one or another direction qualifies him as an expert on political or social issues.

    Ebert isn’t some school kid being picked on, he chose to push his ugly mug out there into the world of public discussion, so he’s fair game.

  6. I don’t think this is the most easily offended civilization in the history of the world. The USSR and Catholic Medieval Europe seem to have been much more easy to offend–though when one is comparing one’s culture of political correctness to that of Medieval Europe or the USSR, things are weird.

    The Offended and Outraged seem to be the new Puritans.

    Goad’s right on the money when he says these people have no sense of humor, joie de vivre, moxy, chutzpah, panache, je ne sais quoi, spunk or other signs of life. Their only visceral emotion seems to be righteous indignation, so they must feed parasitically on less morally sound and intellectually silent people.

    I think Goad is also correct when he puts forward that this PC plague is spreading. Case in point: I was reading V*CE magazine the other day–a publication which I have usually found to be more brash and unabashed than mainstream publications like the NY Times– and, much to my chagrin, I stumbled on an article instructing Whites “how to not sound like an asshole when talking about Islam.” Because, like, its not cool — not cool, man — to paint a whole group of people with one brush. Never mind the fact that is precisely what this article is doing to white westerners or that Islam seems to go hand in hand with brutal misogyny (not the made-believe kind that the Sandra Flukes of the world seek out), violence, barbaric and disproportionate systems of punishment, a reflexive aversion to science and honest learning, ignorance and contempt for the arts, religious discrimination (the real, cut-off-your-head kind) and incest. But, of course, the real threat, the dangerous ones you really need to keep your eye on are the white dudes who occasionally opine about Islam in anything less than an understanding, sympathetic and microscopically nuanced light.

    End Rant. Sorry.

  7. zigmundroid says:

    Political Correctness is a condition suffered by a large number on US citizens, worsened by a liberal media, that causes the sufferer to firmly believe they can pick up a turd by the clean end (nod to the students at Texas A&M).
    For example, they are completely able to look at N***** and somehow believe that it is much preferable to Nigger. They think that is the clean end. Even though everyone on this planet (not from Nigeria)knows that N***** is the same exact word as N*****.
    I don’t understand those people.
    When I say N***** I am either describing a n*****, using it as a noun, like in “many slaves owners of the south considered their N****** as property. If I am trading insults with a n***** then I will use the insult “n*****”.
    If I am a black comedian, they I can say n***** whenever I want.
    But dear God, don’t write the word nigger. The liberals think that is the dirty end of the turd. And don’t get be started on b****.

    As to PC, unfortunately, Gavin suffers it here. If I don’t put any “buzzwords” in my post, then it pops right up. If I put a “buzzword” in my post, it shows up after being checked out.

  8. Gavin says:

    “Nigger” is flagged not because it is politically incorrect but because it is often linked to the rants of the mentally ill. If the word is used in a sane context, it goes through. Yours went through.

  9. Lester says:

    If you search the n word on twitter, the real one, you’ll see how common it’s useage is, mostly from black people in ways that would be totally unacceptable coming from a white person. Question: Can i rt these? Some of them are pretty funny/ profound.

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