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Swami Visions
• 04.20.11 10:00 am

Two cases, an 8th and god knows how many man hours later, this is what I came up with for my 4/20 mix.


Two cases, an 8th and god knows how many man hours later, this is what I came up with for my 4/20 mix. From high school basics to a song recorded by kids barely out of high school (#20), it’s all here. Neatly trimmed and rolled to perfection.

Below is the basic track list, minus some clips and a few Easter eggs. So either ditch school, take a long lunch or tell your girlfriend you are off to your “job.” Then relax and stream this as you burn away the stress of all that doesn’t matter. Because it always works out in the end. Right?

1. Rick James “Mary Jane”
2. Chi-Lites “Stoned Outta My Mind”
3. Outer Limits Recordings “Burnin’ Through the Nite”
4. The Birdwatchers “Mary Mary”
5. The Smoke “High in a Room”
6. Harlem Underground Band “Cheeba Cheeba”
7. Linval Thompson “I Love Marijuana”
8. Barry Brown “We Nuh Run”
9. The Pharcyde “Splattatorium”
10. Devin the Dude”Doobie Ashtray”
11. Cypress Hill “Spark Another Owl”
12. Wu-Tang Clan “As High As Wu-Tang Gets”
13. Shel Silverstein “I Got Stoned and I Missed It”
14. Major Lazor “Mary Jane”
15. The Beatnuts “Finger Smoke”
16. Timmy’s Organism “Building the Friend-Ship
17. Butthole Surfers “Bong Song”
18. John Wesley Coleman III – “Get High Babe”
19. Psychedelic Horseshit “Are You On Glass”
20. Turbo Fruits “Volcano”
21. Redman “Whateva’ Man”
22. Muddy Waters “Champagne & Reefer”
23. Nodzzz “I Don’t Wanna Smoke Marijuana”
24. Neil Young “Homegrown”


  1. Honky tonk says:


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  3. Anonymous says:

    ocool. a stoner making another playlist about pot….
    do we really need a holiday for that? it’s called smoking weed everyday you tossers.

  4. fachoto says:

    4/20 is hitler’s birthday…nazi scum.

  5. iwontslowdown says:

    rip nate dogg

    of course you weren’t included on this list, but @ least you knew this shit is for amateurs

  6. BIG_AL says:

    can we get a new mirror for the download? THAT WOULD ROCK

  7. FUCK KING says:

    USE MEDIAFIRE.COM Rapidshare sucks horsecunt.

  8. L. Kill-B says:

    You fucking potheads forgot the good one.
    Your welcome.

    — L

  9. Frank DeFalco says:

    Based on your song selection, I’m gonna guess you’re in your mid-to-late 30s. Right?

  10. Swami Vision says:

    You’d make a decent carnie. I’m actually double nickels on the dime.

  11. P says:


  12. Name says:

    the turbo fruits are good-lookin


    Download link is broken. Can you fix? THX

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