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• 09.25.15 01:12 pm

It used to be like minded people minding their own business. Today, 51% of immigrants are on welfare. 

Modern immigration is about preying on the host country. Not improving it.

  1. dick lubin says:

    dont bother reminding everyone that 40% of people on welfare are also white

  2. Alec Leamas says:

    “dont bother reminding everyone that 40% of people on welfare are also white”

    Good point. Everybody take note: Whites utilize welfare at rates significantly below their proportion of the population. Good catch, Lubin.

  3. dick lubin says:

    im just sayin, why cant these white folks pull themselves up from their bootstraps and find work? lets discuss the flaws in their culture that wont allow them to take personal responsibility

  4. Alec Leamas says:

    lick dubin says:
    09.25.15 at 02:28 pm

    Hey! That’s a great argument in favor of importing more welfare recipients. Are you a lawyer or something?

  5. raymi says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm, controversial. *steps away*.

  6. frank says:

    Wages and per-capita economic growth have flat-lined since the mid-70s. All previous immigration waves happened in the context of a rapidly expanding pie and rising living standards for everyone. This is the most important distinction that very few people seem to grasp. We’ve been shoving more and more people into an economic and ecological system that was probably full by the mid 70s.

    You have to pose the question to the immigration enthusiasts: At what number is the USA overpopulated? Nobody seems to properly grasp that just in terms of raw head count current trends have us on a course to hit half a billion. Does this not strike anyone as obviously a horrible idea, cultural issues aside?

  7. James White says:


    Exactly. I’ve often asked this of immigration enthusiasts and I get one of two answers: “Well, have you seen how much open space there is out there” Yeah, right. Because modern immigrants tend to take a wagon after they land by steam ship at the nearest port to the wild frontier. I’m not sure of the actual numbers but I’d guess that 70-90 percent of modern immigration to the West aggregates around major urban areas. The second answer is usually just “no, there’s no limit that we could take, we have the agricultural capacity for 1 billion people in this country”. Like Jared Taylor is fond of saying: when was the last time you were in the modern West and actually thought to yourself I wish there were more cars on this road.

    These people want to live in Blade Runner or something.

  8. James White says:

    @dick lubin

    “dont bother reminding everyone that 40% of people on welfare are also white’

    Gotta proportionality occasionally. That means 1/10 Whites. We have a slightly untalented bottom tenth.

    For Blacks it’s 1/3. They barely have a talented tenth.

  9. Kram says:

    What about Lebron James and OJ Simpson?

  10. MoistAngst says:

    It’s always amazing to see just how many people out there willfully refuse to apply aggregate data to their arguments. Oh wait, if they did that, their arguments would implode. Now I get it!! Duh!

  11. P-chops says:

    re: James White “Well, have you seen how much open space there is out there”

    exactamundo. In the non-west there is so much importance placed on having your important shit (education, business, etc) from/in the capital/largest city because everywhere else in their countries are shit/corrupt/small time/not taken seriously/poor infrastructure. It’s a given/obvious in most places from Azerbaijan to Vietnam but the thinking continues in supposedly developed nations like Korea. Ask a Korean about not having a degree from a Seoul based university, etc.

    So what might that mean for migrants? Well they may not get that you can have one of the best computer science degrees in the world in a Canadian city with the population of 135, 000 (Waterloo) and even work for a world class company in that same city post-graduation. So what? Okay, but maybe that is why Torontonians are 49.9% FOREIGN BORN. And Canada loves rich immigrants so guess what effects that has on housing there.

  12. frank says:

    @James White

    The open space argument is so retarded and it is the knee jerk response from most people. All the good land was taken and settled way over 100 years ago. That open space is open because it’s not economically viable to build a town on. Not enough water, on a flood plain, topography means sewage and aqueducts and rail lines don’t work, etc. You could set up solar powered homesteads at really low population densities of like one person per 10 acres, mail comes once a week and no broadband, but absolutely nobody would sign up for that.

    All the good spots for human cities/towns are more than filled up! Long run sustainable population of the USA is probably down towards 175 million.

    In my grandfathers’ generation it was common for a regular joe to rent a small single family house right on the beach for a month every summer. The going rate for that sort of thing is more like $5K per week now. People don’t even realize how much their standard of living has been degraded by overpopulation, which is mysterious to me because I find it so obvious.

  13. frank says:

    The one area of the country that could probably sustain a higher population than it has right now is the great lakes region, and it’s depopulating!

  14. James White says:


    I think the last person I heard make that ‘open spaces’ argument was the Swedish Prime Minister. :)

  15. Real McRealnameson says:

    Fucking frostback go back to your shitty socialist country!

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