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• 12.26.15 10:59 am


One I left out was, “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.” It was said after I mentioned Trump and I was disappointed to hear people are still using that colloquialism. 

Not even the clowns at Gawker still puke up that corny quote. I guess the Midwest didn’t get the memo.

The other five are HERE

  1. bro says:

    You’re reaching here man. Like a PC boogeyman looking for invisible wrongs.

  2. Jane Goodall's cat says cleanliness is next to Godliness says:

    Social grooming at dinner parties was best satirized by vintage Woody Allen. Just like Janes chimps, the status seeking stroke each other with pre-approved, packaged, and certified virtue, signaling their place in the pack. Oxytocin is released liberally among those of like mind, when mutually grooming each other, forming a social bond. This high works on the neural reward and social memory systems. It’s involuntary for the most part, especially among the needy. It’s fun to count and even better to guess the responses as you approach your mark in a game of Nostradamus with a fellow cynic in tow. Keep score and winners next pub tab is covered.

  3. dick lubin says:

    “why cant everyone believe the same exact things i do about everything?!?!? wah! wah! life sucks! and why do women have to have opinions?”

  4. Blah says:

    Why did you say holidays?!!! What do you have against Christmas?!!! PC bullshit!

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