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TV Carnage
• 01.31.08 06:39 am


  1. Mookie says:

    I always knew Pinky was a chubby chaser.

  2. eat it says:

    how much more beautiful would this video be if she was naked?
    and you can’t say that about everything…

  3. jerk says:

    The best part is that the fat bitch is poorly nourished…. Her disgusting body is probably starving from no nutrients…. just milky ways and pork rinds

  4. Kookies says:

    omg it’s like she is fum napolean dynamic!

  5. dm says:

    haha classic

  6. ponce says:

    im bummed out about her and everything, but why does she buy keeewwwkkkiiieeess anyway and who the hell buys a bag and arranges them on a plate in the kitchen. its not like theyre freshed baked kewkies cooling off or some shit.

  7. Succubus Hunter says:

    never mind the kewkies… i’d be right on her sitting over there!

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  9. Badonk Adonk says:

    This made me laugh and cry at the same time…kind of like what “Life Is Beautiful” was meant to do to audiences…though this video actually had an effect on me whereas Robert Benigni should stick to murdering English in acceptance speeches.

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