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Jessica Delfino
• 01.03.13 01:00 am

A new spot for comedy and drinking opened up on W. 29th in between 6th and 7th Avenues last month.

Comedy Bar is The Pit’s latest entrepreneurial offering for the directionless set. It’s not just an old shaft mine that someone purchased as-is, opened the doors, and started slinging hash browns and glug to the general public, although that actually sounds kinda cool.

It is instead shiny and new, and the back is adorned with nice leather couches and a stage, somewhat resembling the community room of a ski lodge. The full bar also serves cappuccino, popcorn, and grilled-cheese sandwiches.

I received an email from them last month inviting me to do a regular Friday-night show there, and for some reason I said yes. Not that I’m not flattered to be asked to do something, but who has the time these days to put on a comedy show?

Screw it, I said, and I called Tom McCaffrey, Annie Lederman, and Ben Kronberg to come on out. It’s a free show from 6:30-8, which includes part of happy hour (6:30-7). So stop by and drink and laugh. Or you can sit totally emotionless and bore holes with your eyes into the ski lodge while thinking about how things could be different.

Maybe I can even cajole Gavin into dropping by and sharing his endless brain-pumping wisdom.

Friday, Jan 4, 2011
Comedy Bar
134 W. 29th Street between 6/7 Aves.
6:30 PM
with Tom McCaffrey, Annie Lederman, Ben Kronberg




  1. Ring Kodney says:

    I’ll pump your brain, Delgato.

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