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What they cut from this “discussion” was me yanking off my headphones and saying, “Fuck this shit. You people are all insane.” 



We’re at the point where even if you allow that there are plenty of exceptions, you can’t say men tend to be more masculine than women. Apparently, the only reason men dominate the workforce is sexism. I assume the same is true of Fire Departments, MMA, and Physics. It’s all “culture.” Testosterone’s only function is to make you go bald.

I’ve had enough. I’m never talking to these people ever again. They are all insane. When you say feminism has made women miserable, they call it a “Fantasy study.” I find that way more insulting that calling someone a “fucking idiot.” I gave up on professors a long time ago but as of now, I officially give up on the left.


  1. RED says:

    They have a whole fake language they use to drive honest, normal people insane. “What is he so afraid of” is big as in “homophobia.” They also like to imply you are trying to impose your values on others when they’re the affirmative action people who impose their idea of equality on the world. Their bizarre vocabulary changes daily and even that has a term. It’s called “Changing the narrative.” It’s a great way to hide the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Haven’t read the books? Invent a new series of words. If you want to learn how to do it, read “Rules for Radicals.” It basically exposes their entire blueprint.

  2. Gavin, I don’t know how you have the patience to deal with these media types in the USA without losing your s**t the second they open their mouths and ask questions based on the most ridiculous and flimsy assumptions.

    It’s only going to get worse, btw. The genie escaped a long, long time ago and the USA must continue its present course in which the triumph of individualism eventually destroys itself as the inherent contradictions of western liberalism come to the fore.

  3. runswithfarts says:

    Eric Garland needs to get punched in the face.

  4. Come on Eileen says:

    Testosterone just makes being a jerk more fun. But there is a Capitalist explanation for this, don’t tell people they can’t buy something however unsuitable it is for them, they will just want it more.

  5. josh says:

    Gavin, if you give up fighting these cunts I’m gonna have to get down to new york and fight you! Unfortunately, due to a childhood injury, my C2 and C4-6 are severely damaged so we’ll have to agree to only grapple and kick.
    Hearing those academics scoff and seeing them squirm was so refreshing that I put that video on repeat. When you told what’s-her-name she’ll end up barren and unhappy, I nearly Glasgow kissed the screen in revelry. My only regret is that they didn’t introduce you as a: male model, ex-fashion/magazine editor and women’s studies graduate.
    Remember, you’re more entertaining/informative in a Huff than when you’re basking in the Sun.

  6. Matt says:

    Why are so many people easily programmed by this language while others seem immune?

  7. Ecgtheow says:

    When you’ve clearly defeated them with facts, history, and sound logic, they’ll either resort to a joke or pull something out of his or her ass that’s completely irrelevant to the discussion and call you ignorant. Requires nothing but an IQ of 60.

  8. Pussywillow Jr. says:

    Ya see Lebowski? GEEZ. I guess the uber liberals won’t be happy until every man is a hippie-ass bitch-made vegan mega puss who is constantly self deprecating while simultaneously praising every facet of womanhood as superior, regardless of what science or common sense would normally dictate.

  9. Tarek says:

    What movie/TV Show was it where some kid said that university is purely a pyramid scheme? So true.

  10. jojo says:

    Favorite bit: female professor says there’s no such thing as specified gender roles, masculinity, femininity, then goes on to blame Gavin’s rants on his ‘scaredy-man’ masculinity over and over again.

  11. Curmudgeon says:

    Whenever I’ve encountered an aggressive, asshole “man’s man” who has given me grief, I can respond in kind to the dick and people generally allow me that.

    Whenever I’ve, like Gavin has here, encountered passive-aggressive (but much more vicious) judgmental sheltered and privileged(and thus ignorant) critical-theory rodents like these, I’m not allowed to disagree with them without being labelled (see the irony), ostracized and demonized.

    These are the sort of people that work to get 40 year old dads fired from their jobs for untactful remarks. Kind, loving society, eh?

    Between the bully and the tattle-tale, give me the bully.

    Also, ever notice the professions of these Church Doctors–lot’s of lawyers, (non-empirical research) academics, activists and journalists. What do all of these professions have in common? A talent for verbal adroitness and no need to prove what they say, in the form of say profit, validated hypotheses or a fixed fucking toilet. They make up stories and believe them. And contribute fuck all to society. In fact, they ruin it.

  12. Yar says:

    Yo Gavin, my wife agrees with you totally. We cheered you all the way. Please, even if you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing the tears coming from these air-headed bigots are delicious when they gasp and moan when confronted with something that shoves their cognitive dissonance right in their smug faces.

    I beg you man, PLEASE do more. Reasonable people will recognize your logic and see how unreasonable these ivory tower types are.

  13. marco says:

    Speaking of testosterone, in Canada doctors will throw hormones at the 40-something wannabe-moms and gender confused teens like they’re on fire… but the chances of Joe Sixpack getting a doctor prescribed t-supplement outside of extremely narrow conditions are about the same as getting a cocaine prescription.

    Great show and I hope, if there is a next time, that Jim Goad joins as Gavin could’ve used a tank.

  14. Tyler says:

    I LOVE YOU FOREVER, GAVIN. That was pretty great.

  15. Alec Leamas says:

    Gavin just had a conversation with at least three people who wake up in houses, travel on roads, and work in buildings constructed with the backs and arms of strong, masculine men, who then in turn deny the existence and importance of masculinity. A lot of their fantasy thinking is bound up in their class. Although they would suppose that they’re champions of the common man, they really – perhaps even literally – don’t see those men who make all of those things work and that they really don’t understand. Those men might as well be trees or clouds in their world – they’re there, in the background somehow, but not factored into their thinking in any way. When they talk about men and women, their referents are to others in the academic class where differences between men and women can be papered over and there are not very many objective standards of success. If they were right in the first place, they’d agree that there isn’t much of a need for a propaganda campaign and government strongarming to get women into all of those walks of life that they covet for symbolic significance.

  16. Alec Leamas says:

    And even if the harridan in the video did have a kid, she’d subcontract the raising of it to some other woman, likely to be poor and from Central America, without skipping a beat in mouthing her empty feminist platitudes.

    If you haven’t seen this seven minute explanation of feminism by French intellectual Alain Soral, it is definitely worth a look:

  17. Alec Leamas says:

    Also, can one really divorce the capacity for violence from physical and moral courage, risk-taking, and endurance of pain and deprivation? I say this because although violence needs to be channeled into productive outlets in civil society (i.e., police and National defense) the latter are indispensable virtues in the service of creating and maintaining the world in which we live. Is it even possible to conceive of a successful business tycoon who never got into a schoolyard scrap and who habitually avoided conflict and backed down from every potentially physical or moral challenge?

  18. sybilll says:

    Gavin, I think they are grooming you to play in the wussified NFL. The feminatzis have won. At the wedding ceremony of liberals there should be a segment where the wussified men ceremoniously put their balls in their newly covenanted wife’s purse. You were awesome. I am so thankful I have never, and will never encounter such “deep” thinkers who in fact are the shallowest people I have ever heard.

  19. Stupendoe says:

    That was awesome. If you were nice about it, they would have condescended you. Those fucks wouldn’t even be sitting there wearing those clothes and speaking into microphones,if it wasn’t for men. I’d like to see one of those wimps drill an oil well. Hell, I’d like to see one of those wimps changing a goddamn tire.

  20. Anonymous says:

    the only one who made sense was Franks. lol, she totally shut him down.

  21. susan mccammon says:

    Gavin, you must never stop. Never grow tired of doing what’s right. This is masculine!

  22. shimizu says:


  23. Nehring says:

    What I see here is a bunch of animals comfy in captivity complaining that the animals living in the wild are too uncouth. Bottom line, this conversation had little to do with actual gender issues and 100% about class. They don’t like how the middle and lower classes behave and believe they should emulate their ‘betters’.

    Gavin, you should keep hammering on these delusional fools, but don’t expect to be fulfilled when you’re done.

    Final note, I found it odd that a conversation about masculinity only had one person on the panel who doesn’t squat to pee.

  24. baso says:


  25. peter says:

    Check what’s happening in Europe with the whole “gender” ideology. What they do to kids in kindergartens. It’s crazy. Those sickos are hurting little kids just to spread their strange ideology.

  26. ZimbaZumba says:

    The whole problem with type of the debate is right at the start in the framing of it, ie the very concept of masculinity. There are probably more differences in attitudes and life experiences amongst men in general than there are between the average man and woman. The present idea of “masculinity” has been introduced to generalise and thus attack men as a group. The further irony is that the very crowd who are using this idea are the gender role deconstruction warriors.

    Although there are traits that are more commonly found in males than females, and visa versa, they are only a small part of what makes up a person. The only way to address these type of discussion meaningfully is to question its base hidden premises. Remember he/she who frames the debate wins the debate.

  27. I see this website is a collection of idiots lamenting the days when minorities were subservient and women were in the kitchen. I’ll be here more often.

  28. Fred says:

    JESUS. Lets get down to the real problem: PEOPLE DO NOT FUCKING LISTEN. I do not understand how a ‘journalism’ source such as Huffington Post can have a seemingly-intelligent conversation completely derailed simply by panelists not knowing what the FUCK the topic even is. I’m with you Gav – Fuckin’ A right. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is ‘right’ or ‘better’ for men or women – obviously that COULD be discussed – its about not forcing ANYONE to be anything IN PARTICULAR. People grow up believing that others know what is best for them, rather than to trust their own instincts. If you’re a chick that never wants kids and wants to be part of the corporate machine (that will mentally destroy you) FUCKING DO IT. Nobody cares. Just don’t start prancing around claiming that ‘the way I do it is the way EVERYONE should do it.’


  29. August says:

    So, I watched the video…

    “There is no scientific evidence from either social science or biology that indicates that there’s a deep, primordial violent nature to men.”

    Holy. Christ. On. A. Cross.

    In what fictional world where the deconstructive decadence of 1968 was year zero do these people live?

    I’m certain Maryanne will be very happy explaining to the aggressive Muslim male whose insensitivity and willingness to procreate and discriminate will have allowed him to become a dominant population in say, 2035, that there are no innate characteristics– and that he needs to be “more creative, more fun and more sexy” as he crushes her skull with a fist blessed by Allah.

    Enjoy your face-lifts, your stream of human dildoes, and your desperation, Maryanne. You will no doubt eventually be overwhelmed by the male aggression your ideological position is unconsciously attempting to provoke.

    I wonder if the happy power-wife mentioned here who is a Professor Of Medicine would also agree that innate biological characteristics are a pernicious myth? I bet she takes Obama-care. Or would, If she were ever to actually practice medicine.

    And why do these people not understand that a social-constructionist argument is PRECISELY AN ARGUMENT FOR THE FACT THAT TRADITIONS AND SOCIAL ROLES HAVE EVOLVED FOR A FUCKING REASON.

    The idea that man is part creature and part culture, and that the two have been bound together since the birth of language and signification is the foundation of all rigorous thought about the human condition.

    The entire point of masculinity is a struggle for distinction based on confrontation with the world. That is what makes a person A MAN, rather than just a male creature. And those male creatures who have not “had your heart broken, broken someone’s heart, kicked the shit out of someone, and had the shit kicked out of you” are simply not MEN.

    This essentially means: you are a man when the convenience of all your illusions about life and self have been put to the test of the fist, of the real.

    Manhood is DELIBERATE ACTION, not abstract identification.

    This is the prefect example of three people dismissively condescending to and bullying and marginalizing a fourth while insisting that HE IS A BULLY MAKING DEMANDS.

    That simply the existence of his defense of a traditional understanding of gender is deemed to be a de facto form of aggression.

    This is also an excellent example of how male violence is forced to erupt by the strong-arming vice-grip of feminine language control that makes THEIR aggression and domination into pure power by refusing the premise that their own position is capable of aggression or negativity.

    So all open aggression is bad, and yet the shadow usurpation of the power over what is capable of being said or thought– THE ULTIMATE AGGRESSION, an aggression which refuses to allow itself to be named and therefore confronted openly- is freely inflicted without a hint of self-awareness.

    In The War Between The Sexes, The Woman claims her identity is being hemmed in and constrained by the SHEER EXISTENCE of The Man’s point of view. She then tries to dominate him in a cowardly collective shaming way by redefining him linguistically until she has marginalized and dehumanized his right to exist. (If she were another MAN, the fight would admit itself to be a FIGHT and thus could be a FAIR FIGHT.)

    But Honor is not a feminine concept.

    So, alas, it’s the loving re-education camp for us all. We can concentrate in that camp about how we are there as dangers to the common good.

    The best man or the best principle can not win when it’s best not to be a man and best not to have any principles. And when winning itself is deemed an illegitimate form of violent discrimination. When ANY distinction is discrimination.

    God. I felt like I was watching Oleanna.

    Maryanne can feel free to accuse Gavin of bad faith motivations as she casually mentions he is “pretending to be concerned with people’s happiness.”

    But these condescending cunts– who really seem to think a smarmy tone is an argument– seem so far up their own asses, so deep into the narcissism of being prophets of empty cant that they can clearly never know the thrills and defeats of manhood or simply facing the world- real happiness is earned- fleeting and precious in the dynamic range of experience.

    In the world of the totalitarian left, there can be no confrontation between two premises or two visions of human nature.

    That would be admitting one’s ideological opponents genuinely believe something different about the fundamental nature of reality.

    One can never allow a conversation of that nature. During the ensuing discussion, the audience might realize the absurdity of the linguistic hoax that has been perpetrated at the expense of their personhood, and the blinders might fall off for just a moment if we don’t make sure to make all public events simple exercises in shaming the intense individual of principle.

    Someone just boo and hiss at Ann Coulter and tell her she is sounding intolerant again. Whew! I feel so righteous. So relieved. She’s so mean. So angry. I just hate her. Women get abortions because they want to be good mothers. Sure. That makes sense. The New York Times is so wise. I am going to go get a tattoo of the words “Kewl Kunt” on my back. So empowered. All my hook-ups can blow loads on it.

    I can’t wait until the quisling males on this panel are dumped by their hyphenated wives for real men. Or perhaps have the shit beaten out of them and their Volt’s stolen by a post-cherubic Trayvon.

    Then they can begin to climb the mountain of masculinity that Gavin mentioned in the beginning of the clip.

  30. Tim Lewis says:

    Everything is politics ..won’t you be to busy manning the glory hole in the men’s room .

  31. Anonymous says:

    if men are inherently stronger, more powerful and aggressive (kickin’ ass, breakin’ hearts etc) by nature…then please explain how women in this country are able to strong-arm men in a court of law, workplace, marriage and other long-term relationships? hmmm?

    which gender is ultimately the more powerful of the two sexes? the one that is born with more destruction and aggression coursing through their veins, or the one that possesses neither in dominance yet still holds men’s (especialy today’s married men!) balls in their hands, deciding what their husband, male coworker, etc will be allowed to do, when, and how often?

    how in the world did all them thar laws get changed, when it started with men being completely in charge of making laws? how did women manage to get things to this place? they literally had no power. none.

    let’s talk about that, shall we?

  32. barry bored says:

    this is a prank right? Like a week from now you’ll reveal that all the panelists were actors and you had a meltdown to punk the media.

  33. August says:

    Manhood is a kind of glorious defeat- the admission of mortality and living in defiance of it (but not denial of it.)

    When enough masculine civilization-building has occurred and the society grows decadent from no longer having to live in confrontation with survival and the natural world, feminine values always eclipse masculine values.

    Women have perennially controlled the cradle, the kitchen, and the hearth. And thus the shaping all beings that will ever be called man, womyn, or whatever else.

    That IN NO WAY can be construed as HAVING NO POWER.

    Only if you define power as masculine hierarchy can you claim women have no power. So the women who demand access to it then artificially collapse that hierarchy and give everyone a prize (a feminine value of misguided egalitarianism/equivocation) thus rendering the prize itself meaningless.

    Personally, I believe radical feminism and the eruption of anti-male countercultural over the last few decades is paradoxically a response to the absence of the masculine.

    Men became soft and indolent FIRST, then women started endlessly complaining.

    Women always provoke until they can get a vigorous and violent response. The inconsistency of the phallus they are trying to witheringly cut down to size is exactly why they are hacking away at the root.

    The endless shrill complaining of feminism is a collective call to get hate-fucked.

    We’ll probably see some brownshirts rise out of this mess as an over-correcting response within the next decade or so.

    Cause, you know, “Every woman adores a Fascist”

    Some fantastic points here:

  34. YeahRightYouTheMan says:

    ‘You will never go on HuffPost Live – ‘cuz you got slammed, bro. Men with your views are a dieing breed – that’s why you live in fear.

  35. cdestroy says:

    That male psychology professor speaking at HuffpostLive was a joke. He can’t possibly be a professor in an empirical science field like psychology. Sounded more like a gender professor and gender studies are pseudoscience. Everybody knows that, even them.

  36. Johnny Israel says:

    ‘actually i’m not done, you can go back to being aggressive in a minute’

    then as soon as Gavin’s speaking again the hole decides to interrupt.

    Also Eric Garland is one shifty-eyed motherfucker. I’m sure he has problems satisfying his wife and somehow rationalizes this as her being empowered.

  37. Bobby says:

    @Gavin McInnes: Sir, I tip my hat to you for saying what the silent majority is thinking. Keep up the good work.

    @August: You are absolutely correct.

  38. larry188 says:

    In the end, you took your ball and went home and whined about it.

  39. Mark says:

    Feminism doesn’t make women unhappy, you stupid cunt.

  40. Newport Native says:

    I pity bombastic Gavin’s limited intellectual capacity & misogyny. He clearly needs overly simplified explanations & definitions to navigate through the subtleties & complexities of life. More importantly, why is anyone giving their attention to someone clearly troubled & agitated by his issues with masculinity in society ? Let alone an inflamed male with shaped eyebrows befitting a female impersonator.

  41. Bobby says:

    @”Mark”: Well, ma’am, you definitely seem pleased as punch.

    Now on to some evidence, which proves Gavin’s point:

    Get the idea? Come back when you can argue like a man (i.e., with facts rather than emotions).

  42. Lou Magoo says:

    With you Gavin. All you pussies supporting the other position should be pissed at your mommies for castrating you. Beta males are walking vaginas.

  43. JosephBlough says:

    Man, there is some serious male panic going on around here. Don’t worry guys, they don’t actually cut your balls off. It’s a metaphor.

  44. “I’m not insisting anything you fucking idiot!” Too funny!!!

  45. tim says:

    Oh my god, I live in a rural area where the main jobs are construction, farming, fishing and other manual labor based professions. The young women around me are constantly complaining about the lack of opportunity for them to make a decent living, that the only jobs they can get are waiting tables, cooking, or being a nanny. When I point out there are several women in the community who work at construction and do quite well at it, they explain that that’s fine for those women, good for them, but that that job isn’t for them. They’re right. The women who want these traditionally male jobs get them, and enjoy themselves. We’ve created a horrible culture that makes women feel like it’s superior to get a traditionally male job, and that they’re victims being kept out of them. I’m slowly ruining my body so my family can eat and we can save a bit so we’re not living paycheck to paycheck. If I could make just as much money watching the neighbors kids, I’d do it.

  46. […] concludes the HuffPost Live interview by yanking off his headphones in a […]

  47. Amused says:

    Gavin, at some point in the interview you referred to a verbal interaction in the workplace as a “fistfight with words” (which the rest of us call an argument, by the way). If that Huffpost discussion were a barroom brawl, you were the first one to hit the floor; and then begin crying. I’m pretty sure you literally had your face in your hands at some point. How did it feel to be the biggest pussy and loser in a virtual bar full of “wimps” (and even a vagina!)? You LOST, Gavin, and now it seems like you’re trying to take solace in the fact that you TRIED to be a big baby, take your ball, and exit in a tantrum, only they wouldn’t let anyone hear exactly how frustrated and defeated the discussion made you feel. Poor baby. You should be thanking them for muting that, it just would have made you look even sadder, which is no small feat after trying to play the bully role in a discussion and getting promptly and casually manhandled.

    The problem (or at least one of them) is that the discussion was way too nuanced for you. You’re obviously someone who likes to try to understand and express his environment in neat and simple terms. A topic like societal perception and expectations of masculinity may be too much for you to consume, and is definitely too much for you to discuss the finer points of with people who actually study the topic, as opposed to people who aggressively argue theories they came up with on the bowl, or while trying to sleep. Or while trying to figure out where your potency lies as a human (God, you are so sad).

    You have figured out that creatures of the Earth have primal urges that facilitate the continuation of the species. Congratulations. What you don’t understand though, is that these concepts that you lump in with those urges, such as domesticity, are societal constructs, not to be confused with the traits of our species that led to them. In a discussion of how these norms are changing, the only thing you can contribute is that you think they should not change, as they’ve kept us alive this long. You’re viewing this in a bubble though, and ignoring the fact that society has been moving towards quelling many of our older customs, as they are no longer relevant. Actually, you did briefly acknowledge it when you derailed yourself (totally unprovoked) into a gun control rant, and wanted to support your stance on that. Aside from that though, you would have everyone watching that segment believe that Western society is and should continue to act purely on primal instinct. As evidenced by the existence of what we call civilization, we do not have the same relationship with our instincts that other creatures do. As our ambitions grew and grow (both in scope and complexity) beyond those of survival and reproduction, so do our social conventions. You’re a fucking writer for Christ’s sake, you don’t hunt your food and fend of predators. You can construct all the lame metaphors you want to try to liken your struggles to those of what you childishly perceive as manly ones, and you can shroud yourself in as much facial hair as you want, but the bottom line is that any woman can do what you do. Perhaps that’s what it is that bothers you so much.

    You also can’t try to argue on behalf of what women want when the dynamic you’re raging against is one that women fought to achieve. You don’t get to sit there and say “No, but THIS is your natural urge, it will make you happier!”, when that is the exact sort of mentality that led to women having to earn the freedoms and opportunities they enjoy today. That discussion is over. I get that you feel like it’s your responsibility to try to make that look like a mistake, but you should know that you’re fighting for a time that is long gone, and that isn’t coming back, no matter how many public fits you throw. I’ve never heard of you before this discussion, and while if I had to bet, I’d bet I never hear anything about you again, I’d also bet that if I DO hear about you again, it will be because you’re making an ass of yourself elsewhere. Enjoy your blog full of ass-kissers, Gavin. And your rage.

  48. Dick Smith says:

    I just wanted to stop by to point out that you are an insufferable asshole.

  49. philth says:

    But Gavin, not too long ago you were bemoaning the ‘fact’ that all those lazy single mothers weren’t out there getting jobs:
    Now you think that the vast majority of women don’t belong in the workforce and should just stick to raising children?

    I can see why you’re so full of angst and petulance; I would be too if I had all that cognitive dissonance bouncing around my brain as a result of a compulsion to spew out whatever hoary old bullshit I felt in my “gut” even when it directly contradicts the hoary old bullshit I spewed out of my gut just two weeks earlier.

    Or maybe you’re just being all post-ironic or something, who knows. Perhaps more to the point, who cares.

  50. Chess says:

    Noam Chomsky

    Giving it a go.

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  52. Mao says:

    That idiotic conversation is rooted in the assumption that we live in what Huffington Post was calling a “post-feminist world” (a phrase which remained unquestioned by the every member on that absurd panel). As a feminist, I found myself much more irritated by the person asking the question than the predictable responses from all of the one-dimensional panel members regurgitation their own programming. Go back to parroting cue-cards and leave the big words to people who read books, you fucking dimwitted, short-sighted, talking haircut. Are you to suggest that feminism is in some way “done” or “ineffectual” or just “no longer popular” and thus somehow “without merit” or it has succeeded and women are now equals among us?

    Next up: what does it mean to be Caucasian in a post-racist world?

    Which feminism are we now “post” of? Are they really asking how we define masculinity now that we’re out of the 1870’s and married women can now actually own property, and keep a portion of their own income, and hope to someday be able to legally engage in business? Or is the question “how can I be manly anymore, now that 1920 is behind us and women finally have the right to vote”? Or is the producer behind that mindless talking head asking “what the hell do I do with all this extra testosterone I’ve had lying around since 1973 when women were finally allowed to terminate their own pregnancy instead of paying some barber to poke their uterus with a sharpened coat hanger until she could still birth, hoping against all odds that she might actually survive the procedure?” Or does he need someone to tell him what he should have been doing with his dick for the past 40 years since the ERA was passed?

    The answer Gavin provided is about what I would expect from a co-founder of Vice. He was set up to play the ignorant asshole in this forum, and he plays the role sufficiently enough. Opinionated while doggedly uninformed (a classic combo). Stupidly proud of his role in an abusive workplace (which as a founder, he’s likely largely responsible for its invention). Just generally a loud-mouthed, entitled, self-absorbed man-child with an absurdly inflated sense of self-worth having a purely emotion-driven hissy fit on camera about his mommy (ala: feminism) taking away his toy (ala: the right to “Piss In Public”).

    Certainly he can be comforted by the fact that the world we live in is likely centuries away from being “post-feminist” in any sense of the phrase. He should be able to sleep knowing that his testicles will remain intact for another night, realizing that tomorrow morning women will still be our second-class citizens. She’ll still be grossly underrepresented in every power structure our culture has, still in a ridiculously exaggerated minority of the professional-managerial class, stifled by a glass ceiling that has only been growing thicker over the past 40 years, and getting paid less and less than men for the same job with the same level of education and the same performance with a gender pay gap continuing to expand to what a 30% average now?

    And all this ignorant shit has to offer to that conversation is “you’d all be a lot happier if you just stopped trying to get paid fairly for your work and went back into the kitchen to make my kid’s sandwiches like the cave women did back in the good old days.”

    “Being a man” in the context of this (and most) conversations, is really just moron-code for “being an adult”. Gavin believes that it starts after you’ve won and lost fights, and you’ve banged enough chicks that you’ve racked up and caused some emotional baggage. I had that under my belt by the time I was 15, and I assure you I was no more of a man than when I was 9.

    You know the only people who actually believe violence and sex makes you an adult? Little boys. Sheltered, scared, crybaby little boys who know nothing of the world believe that bullshit.

    In fact THAT might be as good of a definition that this conversation can yield about what it means to be a man: when you no longer think like a little fucking boy, you absurd, hipster, douchebag, child caricature.

  53. AC says:

    This was totally hilarious. You should be sainted for even trying, Gavin. Could anybody besides a progressive academic actually believe there is no innate human nature specifically unique in men and women? Betty Friedan and her successors successfully brainwashed all of western civ and made us incredibly STUPID.

  54. […] with normal” and everyone goes crazy. I was on Huffington Post Live on Monday to discuss “How Masculinity Has Changed Over The Years.” I’ve done this before and it usually goes well. I did a segment for Father’s Day where I […]

  55. sammy says:

    What a fucking cunt that woman was. And the rest of them too. Fuck these pussies.

  56. MinxComix says:

    Not a big fan with how you present it, but your points are on the right path if not out and out hitting the nail on the head.
    What are the two biggest pharmaceuticals? Contraception and anti-depressants.
    Logic will easily tell us how this is connected with your position.

    And along the same lines when one takes your position a bit further, food for thought which the majority of society is completely ignorant on (because no $ can be made from it from a whole line of $ grabbers)
    Couples that use NFP Billings, Creighton, for example) which not only delays pregnancy (equally if not better then any artificial means including the Pill) but also is the most effective way to achieve pregnancy, have a 4% divorce rate compared to the well known 48% rate which non-NFP couples seem to experience.

    This states that couples who appreciate and fully understand the difference and compatibility of their bodies as male and female have a 96% chance of a lifetime of marital success and happiness. Not to mention they all claim an out of this world sex life.
    One cannot have this, if one does not pay any mind (at best) to our design as male and female -physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    You’re on the right path McInnes. But dammit, you already know that don’t you – as if anyone could tell you different. 😉

    My personal pov, take it or leave it for what is worth, is that now that you made your big stink mark on the world, shocking them with the truth they need to hear but have no interest in hearing, you may want to consider whether a more toned-down approach would now reach a further audience. It’s so easy to blow off someone who uses foul language as being (insert whatever you’ve been called here), and thus it gives the hard-hearted, closed-minded more ‘justification’ to say you don’t know shit. And it also feeds into some pretty misogynistic personalities, (of which I do not hold you to be, just for the record, so I would hope you would not want to toss them any fodder and misunderstand your position. Read through some of your comments to see what I mean.)

    As I stated, take it or leave it for what it’s worth.

  57. MinxComix says:

    O.K., for the record, I posted my above statement while I was waiting for my deathly slow pc to download the video of this full interaction. I have seen bits, which I knew were biased, previously. But I had not seen the full video.
    Now that I have seen it.
    Can I just say that I love you, MAN?
    I’m at the tailend of the Baby Boomer generation. I have seen life, I have experienced life. I am very happily married to a real man, who is of course not perfect, but is a real MAN. I previously had relationships with “men” who would think you were an a**hole. Those relationships really really sucked. But that’s because I respected my dignity as a woman, and my value. And it is also because I needed them to be real men, but they were emasculated beyond help apparently.
    Gavin, keep up your speaking the truth. The last comments of Franks shows how much she lives in a fantasy world.
    We are NOT healthier or happier. Good God in Heaven! If we were, anti-depressants would not be one of the #1 prescribed medicines. There wouldn’t be so many psychologists earning a good living. There would not be so much addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn, work, sex, etc which is the result of people vainly trying to find happiness.
    And there are those who think she “won” this interaction?!
    Geez, how blind can our society be?

  58. WorkInRegress says:

    Gavin, your definition of manliness is succinct and sincere. Romanticist, even. What hideous, dull, and clinical views of the world these other people have.

  59. WorkInRegress says:

    You’re no fool, Gavin. If anything, you’re Friedrich Nietzsche.

  60. […] Gavin McInnes (Vice) kicks the hell out of feminists. Law professor Mary Anne Franks has a good cry: […]

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  64. […] chat ended, McInnes took to his own incisive blog over at Street Carnage to explain that HuffPo cut his mike before he got a chance to rip off his headphones and say “Fuck this shit. You people are all […]

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