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• 03.25.16 10:31 am


I can’t seem to care about Brussels. Ezra Levant and I went to Paris after the attacks and the Parisians treated the whole catastrophe like it was a train crash. It was an unavoidable catastrophe that had nothing to do with Islam. 

They knew the terrorists involved were trained in Brussels but no anger was directed there either. It was all about flowers and candles and singing songs. Brussels launched a tourism campaign about how safe their city is. Europe’s relentless apologies for Islam keep blowing up in their face and at this point, I give up on them. It’s like trying to get Rat laid. You can’t help people who aren’t asking for your help.

I find this Lexi story way more emotionally involving. We let the state tell us what to do with our lives. We empower them to the point where one stupid bureaucratic rule has them wrenching a six-year-old girl from her parents. That’s something we can help fix and charity begins at home.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. Proverbs says:

    These kind of cases have a Solomon like quality. If she’d been with them from 6 to 10 years of age, most likely no news story. Most orphans I’ve known and heard of go from foster home to foster home multiple times. This case is touching because at her age, for all intensive purposes, they are her real parents. And yet many children in her circumstance have been given back and placed into a new foster home by the foster family, because let’s not forget, they are not an adoptive family. They are in it for the money and even though many of them are loving care givers, they have no legal obligations like an adoptive family to keep the child. Would there have been news crews and vigils if they had, within the rules of the DCF, returned the child to the State? I agree this case is a travesty, but even if the ruling had been favorable, whose to say the child wouldn’t face this scenario down the road. After all, unless the foster family adopts the child, they’re leaving open the option of returning the child. The whole system needs review and reform.

  2. Otherkin says:

    I blame the Jews for this.

  3. No Worries Mate says:

    The tourism campaign by Brussels reminds me of the original “Jaws” movie when the mayor, chamber of commerce, and business community were more worried about losing their customers money than losing their customers lives. How Capitalist of the holier-than-thou EU Socialists.
    You can be sure they’ll be ready to crack down on any criticism of the unassimiliable Muslim community, as the real threat — Islamophobia.

  4. Omega Man says:

    @No Worries Mate, Woke up today and just as you said the crack down right on cue. When the indigenous natives complain about their dispossession and don’t appreciate being sold out by the traitorous Socialist Overlords, then it’s time to persecute and prosecute the patriots with Godwin’s Law.

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