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Street Carnage
• 05.19.17 07:00 pm

Thaddeus Russell recently started his own podcast and Gavin was his guest on this week’s episode.

  1. Rejean says:

    What about Jim Goad’s podcast? I’ve been waiting for that guy to up his game for a long time.

  2. The Real OogaBooga says:

    Oh shits! Another f’ing basement podcast ? Y’all is a reach around society pulling each other’s puds.

  3. The Last Comedian of Scotland says:

    From a Gavin Tweet:
    Poor Pepe the Pugs Seig Heil Dog Whisperer, and poor Orwellian Scotland. The curse of Rudolph Hess lives!!

  4. Dave says:

    Was this the fag that got into an argument with Rogan about gender? Pass.

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