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HJ Fountain
• 10.21.15 10:38 am


Currently, the black GOP guy is Ben Carson: Retired pediatric neurosurgeon and overall nice dude that seems asleep during debates. I’m not here to run down Carson, despite what the Left says about the man, splitting apart Siamese Twins is very impressive. While Obama splits votes by identity politicking—the smarter black dude splits brains and bodies by being way smarter than me or anyone else I know. Should that make him President? No. But it shouldn’t hurt.

Being black and Republican is very controversial. The Left will call you “Uncle Tom,” or a “House negro” or worse. Why? The Left is very afraid of black people thinking independently. For 50 years liberals have had a stranglehold on black peeps, expressed: “The D’s give you shit, and the R’s taketh away.” What exactly has the giving produced?

Well, the crime in Democratic strongholds like Baltimore, Chicago, and blah, blah, blah, everywhere there are Dem policies have given black Americans more problems than they started with. Black ghettos have been turned into science projects that no one wants to take credit for. Poverty rates remain stagnant after LBJ’s Great Society—some fifty years later. Social engineering moved the needle—barely an inch.

We all know that Thomas Sowell is rocking it, but there are other blacks that may surprise you. Karl Malone thinks, “Blacks need to stop looking for a handout.” Longtime Tyson promoter, Don King leans right. LL Cool J has supported George Pataki. 50 Cent, (Fiddy Cent for all you crackers) is a fan of Dubya Bush. Shit, Zora Neale Hurston is also throwing down. T.D. Jakes is Right? Jeez, Wilt Chamberlain was GOP? Sheryl Underwood is conservative. Lynn Swann is Right-wing. JJ from “Good Times” is conservative. Stacey Dash supported Mitt Romney, and she got blowback. Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillian is a Republican (and probably the greatest man of all time.)

Being black is tough, especially if you’re Right. The real White Privilege in America is that white people can pick any political candidate we want and black people have but one choice. You’re either a black Democrat or you’re a race-traitor. That seems fair…


  1. GOP yea you know me says:

    The problem with Carson is that he denies climate change end evolution openly claiming these proven scientific facts on the devil. Our next POTUS should not believe that Satan is active on this earth and trying to take us down by means of scientific method. Look that up, the scientific method. When a brain surgeon denies proven science it either shows total cynicism and a willingness to lie to excite the right wing fundamentalist christian faith or a complete disregard for the tools that have made amazing thins like neuroscience possible.

    I honestly don’t even know why I still visit this troll ass site.

  2. Hater Baiter says:

    All these black Republican celebs are just votin for their own money.

  3. OogaBooga says:

    Black “leadership” is an organized crime extortion racket that is protected from the RICO act. And most black feel–correctly–that Democrats in office means more free shit. Thy don’t give a fuck about their race–just keep that free shit coming!

  4. GhettoTarzan says:

    Ben Carson is pals with Al Sharpton. That’s all I need to know.

  5. Alec Leamas says:

    The problem with Carson is that he denies climate change end evolution openly claiming these proven scientific facts on the devil.

    Neither of these are scientific “facts” you fucking imbecile. Another mediocre English major status whoring his love of SCIENCE11!!!11 You can now return to anxiously worshiping approved Black Science Man TM.

  6. Tarentino's Chin says:

    Ever since the noble peace prize winner got into office everything has become about race or is now racist. I like Carson but I think we all need a break from that horseshit. Not looking forward to finding out that rain is now sexist and no longer wet if Bill’s cum dumpster is elected either.

  7. TWalsh2 says:

    The amount of white pussy a black republican could get at an RNC event/Republican convention is staggering. Ben fucking Carson probably gets hit on all the time and he’s, well Ben Carson. It seems odd that they haven’t figured this out yet. Say what you want about black dudes but they can get a lot of twat and love to tap white chicks. Once they figure this out the Democrat strangle hold on the black vote will cease to exist.

  8. Alec Leamas says:

    We just need to clone Stacy Dash. Foooiinnne.

  9. Dan of the Mole People says:

    I know he panders to the “vaccines cause autism” retards at times, but I’m all for those goofy ass parents having kids die of whooping cough and shit we contained in the 50s.

  10. OogaBoogaMomzMowf says:

    Where’s my free shit? All I get is sack after sack after sack! I dunno who told these black gentleman that I give the best brains, but they’re lining up around the block just to get their beanbag nibbled!

    PS: OogaBooga, I’m so proud of you, son. You’ve managed to make it in the big city as a xenophobic redneck transgender cuckhold shitstain!!

  11. James White says:

    @Alec Leamas

    Can we hang out?

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