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• 12.01.17 06:51 pm


I don’t necessarily want to talk about politics. I like talking about Beyoncé’s stupid hair or how men shouldn’t be riding on the back of motorbikes but the left has gone full “crazy ex-girlfriend” and is willfully ignoring real bigotry in a vapid attempt to root it out where it isn’t. Illegal aliens murdering people is irrelevant but using a racial epithet is a capital offense. If a Muslim rapes a girl he needs education but if a man thinks a woman would be much happier at home, he’s a rapist. We’re forced to talk about these subjects and fight for the West because the left has lost it. They are willfully ignoring what is right in front of them out of some bizarre revenge quest. Ok, fine, we’ll bite. Let’s fight.

  1. I’m ready to throw my hands or lead to preserve western civilization n I’ve got ur back Gavin, Keep speaking up for the persecuted 🇺🇸Conservative White Christian male

  2. D says:

    I hope you get fired from CRTV. Then perhaps you can go back to Taki, Compound and the Rebel. You know….where you had ten times the visibility.

    Your columns on Taki were fantastic, when you started at Compound you had 50k twitter followers, when you left you had 250k, and your videos for Rebel got millions of views every week.

    I guess what I am trying to say is CRTV SUCKS DONKEY BALLS.

  3. ccoffer says:

    The left won’t be turned. Their utter defeat is our only hope and should be our only strategy.

  4. Emily's Dink says:

    You support Trump, who’s all but destroyed the right and the republican party, which will usher in a new wave of democrat rule in this country. Try to focus on reality and not your urge to be ironic and a contrarian. You have zero legitimacy- Go back to Canada.

  5. Emily's Dink says:

    No response because you’re a cunt. Pack your bags for Ontario.

  6. botbot says:

    The Roy Moore stuff is just creepy and weird on a “half your age plus seven” basis. He didn’t actually molest any girls, though. He went on dates.

  7. Tashanna says:

    Preach! Amen to that, brotha!

    Emily’s Dink is an angry little man with a tiny little winky. Obviously.

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