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• 12.13.12 11:00 pm

Joe Piscopo was a muscleheaded comic from the 1980s who was funny maybe ten percent of the time, almost always when he was imitating Frank Sinatra.

In the late 80s after his star had started to fall, the roided-out Jersey comic performed a heartfelt, rousing, touching, hemorrhoid-popping love song to his fiancee, Kimberly Driscoll:

Kimberly filed for divorce in 2006.



  1. 123 says:

    O&A fan?

  2. Frankly, I was expecting a LOT worse…

  3. Lester says:

    wasn’t Kimberly his babysitter or something?

  4. Zippy says:

    Is he the guy with the big cock or was that Huey Lewis?

  5. Devin says:

    123 beat me to it.

  6. Lester says:

    In the last 24 hours Kathy Shaidle has done like 20 blog entries. Make what you will of that.

  7. Frenchy says:

    “Piscopo’s second wife, Kimberly Driscoll, filed for divorce on July 10, 2006.”

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