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  1. Milo Yaimfuckinkidsapoopalus says:

    Oi, Gavin me lad! When will you stop by me flat again? I need another proper, thorough shag! You know how me loves your spunk, laddie! xoxo Milo

  2. Non-OogaBooga says:

    Gavin just called you a Nazi OogaBooga, you Gaza kool-aid guzzling anti-Semite. WHY do you luv those inbred child-bomb abusers – OogaBooga? It’s one thing to criticize U.S. foreign policy in regards to Israel and the Middle East, but why do you defend these reincarnations of the child sacrificing Canannites?
    Please, don’t answer and spare us the LINKS. Every country that has ever existed took it by force hypocrite. You really picked a nasty bunch of sub humans to champion as the poor pathetic “oppressed.” Meanwhile your saying I’m not an anti-Semite because IKAGO is as flimsy as a Seymour Hersh hack job Mr. Richard Spencer defender.

  3. Duh says:

    Watch out Gavin! Incoming bottle rocket!

  4. Poor Richard says:

    Bad news OogaBooga. Your bud Richard Spencer’s organization has lost its tax exempt status under the NEW Trump IRS. Boo hoo, pls send contributions via bitcoin to Dick. Ha ha NO ONE wants the label Alt Right, it’s like a freaken scarlet letter. The real Neo-Nazi’s hate it cause it’s trendy wannabe while the trendy shit lords are scared shitless. Anothet Meme bites the dust, to forever be known as the 15 minutes of fame for 2 frauds named Milo and Richard.

  5. OogaBooga says:

    OMG, you’re like totally OBSESSED with me! I’m totally blushing right now. So, what is it you want? To get me to show you some attention because you missed me? To get me to deny that Richard Spencer is my pal? Ok, he’s not my pal, and I’m not a White Nationalist. But I AM a nationalist who is white. And… let’s see, you’re crowing because the IRS is trampling on the 1st Amendment. Ok, I am not shocked–not by the IRS or your glee. I am genuinely shocked, though, that you care so deeply about me. And that you have sat in your darkened little room seething and plotting comments-section revenge for years now. Jeez, this is entering “Luke, I am your father” territory, man. As far as everything else… look, fair play, I don’t have any kids. If I did, I’d probably do just about anything to keep them eating organic food and attending private school. Anyway, carry on with your perverse bloodlust. Here, I’ll even provide you with some primo PTSD-free fapping material:

  6. Manchurian Take Out says:

    Who you talking to OogaBooga? Or are you talking to yourself again, you know, one of the many “voices”
    that you comment with. I confess, I peek into Street Carnage as much for your one-man Sybil show as I do for Gavin. Don’t stop as you and your Doppleganges and your ‘enemies’ are quite entertaining.
    Gavin, do you really believe this Israeli propaganda? Americans have been hook, line, and suckered with that Leon Uris ‘Exodus’ narrative for so long. The only high ground they hold is the occupied Golan Heights, not the moral argument. You can’t be an ethno/quasi-religious state and be a democracy. The Jews are divided as much as our own American political divide. There are no good solutions for Israel and the Palestinians. I’d suggest they do like the Rhodesians, and increasingly the South Africans, and migrate and give up the “dteam.”
    If not their children face a future of increasing insecurity as terrorism goes hi-tech. They also lose their own humanity by resorting to immoral rationalizations to justify the counter-terrorism methods. Osama Bin Laden predicted that one of the outcomes of the West’s war on terror would be an undermining of the values we profess. Contain and Isolate is the best long-term strategy.

  7. OogaBooga says:

    As you know, there is only one of me. They broke the mold, etc. Anyone who would believe that “Sybil” ruse is retarded, you disingenuous fucking gasbag.

  8. Non-OogaBooga says:

    Yes there is only one no life pathetic loser who lives on Street Carnage – the one and only OogaBooga – and his troupe of supporting cock Muppets. The only OBSESSION is your constant 24/7/365 presence on this blog. As anyone can attest you are the one constant that year after year inhabits the comments. Like a piƱata you are an irresistible target begging to be mocked. I enjoy whacking you and watching others abuse you and for that we thank you if I may be so presumptuous as to speak for them – Luke.

  9. D-Train says:

    Who gives a fuck about sand niggers? When it comes to ancient history planet Earth should focus on Greek shit, Roman shit and the Renaissance. The Iliad is a way better story than the Bible, Torah and Koran. Between Christians, Jews and Muslims I am so sick of the entire world including the West being focused on this fucking sliver of the Middle East. The historicity of Jesus, Moses and Muhammad is flimsy at best. Fuck the Jews, fuck the Christians, fuck the Muslims and fuck you.

  10. Stick War says:

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