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Seth Macy
• 03.25.16 10:29 am






  1. Dr. Dipshit says:

    What’s this, a Rorschach test?
    My interpretation: It feels like constipation.

  2. dun says:

    perfect. Been saying for a minute, the Jon Stewart school of comedy is just this, over and over and over. Awful.

  3. Dane Avery says:

    Great comic Seth! Plz make more!

  4. bifo berardi says:

    Comedians are some of the most opinionated people you can find.
    They always try to fall back on the whole “chill out bro, it’s just a joke!” when they very clearly mean most of what they say.
    The mic enables them to sheer away from the consequences of their preachings. How pitiful.

  5. amirite says:

    Ever notice white people be drivin a car like dis… Mwah wahhhh– and black peeps be drivin like dis: whoooo eeeeiooh

  6. Vampire says:

    Pretty accurate. Well done.

  7. OogaBooga says:

    What’s up with conservatives, anyway? They want the state to protect the lives of innocent unborn babies, but they have no problem with the government executing full grown mass murderers. Um… hypocrite much? Hello!

  8. definitelymaybe says:

    Jews make funny jokes!

  9. The Central Bus says:

    The title is an example of apophasis.

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