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• 02.29.16 04:55 pm

Outside of murderers and pedophiles, is there anyone WORSE than Ezra Klein? Can you imagine being seated next to him at some fancy fundraiser where you had to talk to him all night? 

He’s basically the opposite of Donald Trump, which is why he’s so scared.


  1. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Actually yes, in a word, Touré….

  2. raymi says:

    who will win tho

  3. Regular Guy says:

    Nice job of deconstructing a Outhouse of an argument.
    Even though you criticize Ezra’s format of analyzing news stories, which in effect you did to him here, you actually showed the value of that programming despite your distaste for it. Fox has a program on the weekend which examines Media bias and facts checks those stories. I want more of those kind of programs which make the Media the story. My problem with Cucky Fox is their too pussy to really destroy the Left. I’d love a Right-wing program with the production values of a “Frontline,” and a (Breitbart/original 60-minutes) take-no-prisoners attitude. One program could be devoted to examining the lives of the people in Media.
    Ezra’s purple lips look like a slightly above room temperature cadaver, that was just molested, one last time, by his sugar daddy.

  4. frank says:

    I got bored and turned this off. These weirdos like Ezra don’t invite verbose and detailed refutation. “The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.” –Alberto Brandolini

    The one liner insult, the photoshop, and the cartoon are the weapons of choice with these folks. When you talk a lot you fall into their trap. You wind up in a black hole of bullshit refutation.

    At least on a subconscious level it’s obvious to almost everyone what kind of garbage these people like Ezra are. You don’t need to talk about them and their arguments a lot. You just need to find the tools to highlight their weakness. Images and cartoons are so much more powerful for this stuff.

    You blathered on for two minutes about fertility. A picture of a smiling happy family with a masculine father and feminine mother next to a droopy, graying late middle aged hermaphrodite couple all alone with a dog hits like dynamite. The talking is worthless in comparison.

  5. Huffpostchick87 says:

    These liberal elites suffer from narcissism and are far removed from the goings on of the world. Their elitism is so cliche they are literal walking ironic liberal tee shirts from Urban outfitters.

    The real story is all these billionaires on both sides of the aisle that are shitting their pants because their business model will be outed as destructive to the US economy.

  6. The Central Bus says:

    Ezra Klein is pajama boy.

  7. Regular Guy says:

    “A picture of a smiling happy family with a masculine father and feminine mother next to a droopy, graying late middle aged hermaphrodite couple all alone with a dog hits like dynamite.” — And the political cartoon drawn in the style of Gary Larson.

    You’re right, too much effort for a unworthy nobody. It started in fits and starts, but I trooped on when I too was going to bail, and it actually picked up 2/3rds in, making my effort worthwhile. That same effort “deconstructing” a George Stephanopoulus, for example, would be sweet, especially in the Media of T.V. When they start threatening defamation of character lawsuits, their being Public figures will be one firewall, thank you Larry Flynt, and the deep throat sources of anonymity will be another.

  8. TWalsh2 says:

    Started good. Lost track after about 3 minutes. You think Ezra could help explain it?

  9. cook says:

    what happens now that shapiro is against trump

  10. Alec Leamas says:

    Arguments? Ezra literally can’t even right now.

  11. bifo berardi says:

    The harsh truth of reality is that “natural human rights” don’t actually exist naturally. They are a gift we grant to one another.
    Law and order exist not because of our inherent morality, but because of our lack of it. You can’t take the savagery out of us. Progressives want to change human nature, but we know that it’s not possible.

  12. The Bus Driver says:

    Ezra Klein is a pajama boy.

  13. Troll Patrol says:

    All clear.

  14. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    They all have that half-a-fag lisp, don’t they? Klein’s support for the “yes means yes” kangaroo courts was the first I heard about the guy. He obviously didn’t get laid at all in college and now he wants to ensure that other young men don’t get laid either. “Men should feel a cold spike of fear before a sexual encounter.” Who the fuck says that? Catholic school nuns don’t even say shit like that. The sheets are very cold in the Klein household on the Upper West Side.

  15. ngfgn says:

    Gavin, how about taking on Johnathan Chait. Oh right, you agree with everything he says even though he’s liberal.

  16. Lunchin' says:

    Trump is scary because he’s an arch-personification of ‘the society of the spectacle” but then again, so was every other president/candidate of the mass media tv era.

  17. Troll Patrol says:

    Troll alert!! Houston he’s landed.

  18. Tin Foil Hat to my Enormous Schlong says:

    Fascinating. The effected Oscar Wilde accent of the new Castratie is so truly telling. Ezra’s limp wristed advocacy of the new-age Salem Witch trials of campus date-rape put him on the SJW map. Malicious Homo resentment of a Hetero-norm society drives the self-hating beta-Klein’s of the campus scene to join the Man hating Valykeries on their rapey man hunt. Lesbians want to plant doubt in every male encounter with a female in their quest of revenge against nature. It’s a modern day inquisition that victims of that period would recognize for its illogical damned if you do, damned if you don’t nature. Takes a cold hearted attention seeker to play that game……P.S. I smells an unmistakable odor in the air.

  19. raymi says:

    I read this site. I comment on this site. Who gives a bloody fuck?

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