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• 12.06.12 11:30 am

Sim Jae Duck, affectionately known by fellow South Koreans as “Mr. Toilet,” died a few years ago, but his shitty legacy lives on.

The former mayor of the crappy town of Suwon was apparently born in a toilet—no, we don’t mean South Korea itself, although, yes, technically, South Korea is a toilet (the “Anus of Asia”) and he was technically born in South Korea—but as legend has it, his mom popped him out of her kimchee-scented twat straight into a toilet way back in 1939.

Mr. Duck went on to form the World Toilet Association (which encourages defecators worldwide to “Let’s be a toilet angel!”). Mr. Duck also wrote a book called Happy to Be With You, Toilet.

Now, to honor his feces-smeared legacy, the city of Suwon has opened what is being called “the world’s first toilet-theme park.” A toilet-shaped museum, formerly the daffy Mr. Duck’s home, houses many of the park’s attractions:

There are also sculptures along walking trails whereby shit-obsessed slopeheads can indulge their perfectly understandable doo-doo obsessions.

The city of Suwon, perhaps best known for being the home base of Samsung Electronics, also plans to open a “toilet culture center” in 2014.

South Korea—leading the world in toilet culture since, like, forever!



  1. Gandhi would approve.

  2. We sank you for your tremenous sacwifice, Misser Toiwet.

  3. Raymond Burr says:

    At first I thought this was fucked, but then I thought about how we celebrate and honor seemingly important things, and I deem this legit.

    Everybody poops, as the book is titled.

    And while western culture (thankfully) isn’t down with the scat as a good thing, we can all silently agree that there are times where we have felt quite satisfied, if not more healthy after dropping a load off.

    The statues are odd yet I will not dismiss them, but maybe only because I’ve had a few times in my life where that whole area was a total cluster fuck of pain missed diagnoses, and surgery, so maybe I have a greater appreciation for the simple joy of normal body function.

  4. City Wok Guy says:

    Werrcome to my shitty museum

  5. Mi Pu says:

    My fatha name me after Mr. Duck. It is great honor to me.

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