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• 02.26.16 09:21 am


I want to start seeing housewives on Fox News. I want them to be on a first-name basis and I want them to be wearing aprons. 

Feminists would see it as some kind of female sambo and the rest of us would see it as a super hero costume.

I hate that this paragraph from MSNBC is seen as a totally cool example of what a badass the Notorious RBG is…

Ginsburg’s own life has defied gender conventions. She admitted to not having cooked a meal since 1980. Her husband, the late Martin Ginsburg, a law professor and tax lawyer, was such a famously good cook – and the Justice such a poor one – that their daughter eventually “decided that Mommy should be phased out of the kitchen altogether,” Ginsburg recalled.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. Likes to Look says:

    “I want to start seeing housewives on Fox News. I want them to be on a first-name basis and I want them to be wearing aprons.”

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a few tits mixed in. If housewives are bored, then so am I.


  2. O💩O💩G💩A💩B💩O💩O💩G💩A💩 says:


  3. 🐵👱🏿🍉🍗KANGZ🍗🍉👱🏿🐵 says:

    Bitches be like, “I can has a careerz anna fambly,” and den dey don’t! 🇮🇱❤️💲🇮🇱❤️💲🇮🇱❤️💲💩💩💩

  4. Eric the Pink says:

    Most of the famous Chefs(cooks) are men and polls have indicated that bi-sexual men say men on average are better cock suckers. Frankly, as opposed to unfrankly, feminism is what happens when men stop being men. The champions of “freedom of choice” seem to have chosen what’s best for their sisters, and have just substituted the new Super Nanny, the Matriarchy, for the old Patriarchy. The radical civilization-destroyer feminist won’t be happy till the State enforces a Kibbutz-like living arrangement where all the children are conceived “In Vitro,” then sent to live in sexually segregated Spartan-like communal barracks where they’re taught their homosexual identity. The parents would be the Super Nanny State, and the bio-vessel identities the DNA was extracted from would be a State secret. Apple would be hired to create the In-Vitro data dump Level-5 Maximum Security Storage facility. A new-age secret society mystery religious Cult would come into existence and put a new twist on “Ancestor worship.” Illegal Mother & Father observance days would be held in the woods away from the all watching eye of Big Sister. The mournful reverence for their God-like creators would lead to a new “Trinity” of the Father the Mother and the Child.
    P.s…Sweden is leading the way. The Vikings are castrated.

  5. Eric the Pink says:

    ……the female incubators would have recurring nightmares of body snatchers snatching the baby at birth from their snatches. Everyone would walk around staring at each other wondering — did I just walk past my mommy?
    Think that’s crazy, think again.

  6. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I imagine the Judge Judy household is very similar to the Ginsberg’s.

  7. Broad brush says:

    Don’t really wanna hear from housewives on any real topic other than being a housewife.

  8. 🃏🕳🃏🕳🃏 says:

    @Ground Control….
    ✡🐭✡🐭✡+💰💰💰 = ⏰💣🔜⚰🇺🇸
    You fake 🐵 you O💩O💩G💩A💩🚽

  9. 🃏🕳🃏🕳🃏 says:

    @….Kangz….= fake🐵=O💩O💩G💩A💩🚽

  10. 🇮🇱💲🇮🇱KIKEZ🇮🇱💲🇮🇱 says:


  11. Aw... Nigs Gonna Nig says:

    Emoji plastic niglet went off his meds! He needs attention. Looks like his mommy locked him in the basement before the weekend. Bye🙋🏿

  12. duh says:

    The cats are out of the house and there’s no herding them back. I’d never marry a woman as it’s a racket. If I need a maid, cook, nurse, massage therapist, and a Whore, I hire the professionals. I got my vasectomy (reversible) at 25 and have peace of mind. My creed is thus, “Women are for recreation, and men are for conversation.” OogaBooga is in a free fall.

  13. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    @ Duh: who do you pay for emotional support, intimacy and companionship? That’s the main thing my wife and I give each other.

  14. duh says:

    @ Ryan. I have an extended family of relatives, close life-long friends and newer friendships, many good acquaintances, and last but not least girlfriend’s with benefits. Actual professional whores are for sexual holidays overseas in chica land and oriental getaways. Plenty of support. Only purpose of marriage is child rearing (don’t get excited dick lubin) and family can be had without it. Ideally marriage is the best foundation for a healthy society but in the time of the Wests twilights last gleaming, feminism has succeeded in deconstructing and undermining the institution, no thanks. No tampon strings attached is the way I roll.

  15. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Also, could some somewhat level-headed person explain the troll situation to me? I think I have a brilliant idea who it is but I’m not sure.
    1.) The original OogaBooga who has posted on SC for a few years never seemed to be so irrational and childish. I agreed with the original Ooga on certain issues and I disagreed with him on certain issues, and he was always polite and never ever seemed like the type to resort to emojis. To me the original Ooga seemed like your average high I.Q. Taki commenter who would come over to SC after analyzing an article that Gavin authored.
    2.) I very strongly suspect Dick Lubin is responsible for most, if not all of this mess. I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion Mr. Lubin was somebody from Gavin’s murky past. An ex-friend? An ex-colleague? An ex-partner? All? It ain’t Shane and it ain’t Suroosh because those guys have lives. Mr. Lubin is definitely unemployed or works a joke job, perhaps as a children’s party clown, that allows him an enormous amount of time to try and derail every single comment thread on SC and besmirch OogaBoogas reputation. Mr. Lubin has written things that make me think he might even be an acquaintance or relative of Gavin’s but he’s an acquaintance/relative that harbors a deep secret hatred and jealousy towards him. A person that Gavin comes into contact with regularly due to mutual friends and sketchy social circles. Ol’ Dick Lubin showed up on SC about 6-8 months ago (which I will research and confirm) and I’m wondering what triggered his desire, beyond children, to disrupt SC and its scholarly discussions. A perceived or real slight at a party, policy debate or rejected to an invite to Gavin’s bachelor party? A heated political/philosophical argument at a bar, restaurant, A twitter war? C’mon, Dick. Come out of the fake plastic shadows.
    3.) Everyone knows that when the really real not fake but original Gavin posts a comment his name appears in pink, not that I’m implying anything by stating that.
    4.) How do you have so much time on your hands, Dick? What’s the meaning of all these characters/emojis you create? Are they a creative release for the frustration of not fulfilling your pedophile dreams or are you just punking us all, and the jokers wild, and the jokes on you dear reader.

  16. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    ^^^^^ Not the real Ground Control. My real and original post is on the “Louder with Gavester” thread.

  17. Russ says:

    @ Ground Control To My Big Dong
    And that’s the truth, as OOGABOOGA is trying to destroy GROUND CONTROL….
    dick lubin leave..To My Big Dong alone. You’ve ruined too many a fine commenter, and have you no shame???
    Ground Control To My Big Dong analysis of the OogaBooga/dick-lubin connection is flawless and I defy anyone to refute it.

  18. Beelzebubba says:

    This place needs an Exorcism.

  19. OogaBooga says:

    No, it just needs Disquis. The fact that these scum are so energetically trying to sabotage this place is proof that the comments section here is important.

  20. Beelzebubba says:

    @10:18 TROLL
    The virus begging for a cure, very Hippocratic or hypocritical?

  21. OogaBooga says:

    Just a man speaking the truth, and a faggot (you) frantically running around in circles.

  22. Allah Snackbar says:

    Only person running in circles is you, you freak!!!

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