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• 07.24.17 03:58 pm

Did you guys see that bullshit list of “anti-Semites” the Anti-Defamation League put out? They were right about a few of the guys on there but then they threw in a bunch of other people under this “Who’s Who: The Alt Lite” list. If they’re going to be doing that, why stop there? Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Hank Himmler says:

    Eh, Anti-Semitism ain’t what it used to be…

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Stop groveling, Gavin. They don’t care. You are now the quarry. To everyone else, I recommend reading and watching the videos of every single person that made the ADL list. Read and watch Jim Goad, Steve Sailer, Paul Kersey (SBPDL) and Colin Flaherty too.

  3. Spaced Out says:

    What can we learn from the Bronx. They had gangs and one leader of a gang went to another gang to speak about peace. He was murdered and there was gangwar anticipated. All the gangs met and the media came expecting gang war. The leader of the gang from which one leader as killed instead went for peace. That’s what happened. The media left, cause the media want’s drama. And after this hip hop came (and cool clothes and the likes of Jamel Shabazz). Because now people could go to parties and have fun and not just fight each other.

    So instead of all this us against them, maybe one could focus on peace.

    And then we can get something done.

    Because all cultures have cool stuff. Just look at the Saudis, they chop the hands of thieves with sables in the streets (ok. it’s the third time they get caught and there has to be several witnesses), this is great and the kind of politics many conservatives like.

    And look at india, the invented meditation, which is cool and healthy, and they have super great food that makes you smart (apparently curru makes one smarter) and it’s a combination of many spices.

    And I think we can learn from all cultures. Look at hip hop which is part of western culture, and not based on cultural groups really, but it gives an insight into the lives of people in different parts of America, very tough parts. And this can certainly be inspiring in for example business. It’s also very American, the attitude. And there is a certain shine and coolness and yes bling thing to that culture whickh I think is healthy. Make business fast and go hard, then one has time for fun.

    That being said, I think it is wrong of organizations to wrongly accuse people for being nazis if they are not. Maybe you could write a letter to them explaining this and ask them to take away these artikles if the facts are wrong (or sue them).

    And yes there is some issues with arabs attacking traditional jews. And that is partially because of Israel, and that the Israelis feel more like westerners than part of the region, which may be because they actuall decend from another country, probably southern Russia (Indo Europeans or whatever they were called), which many people in Europe also decend from. And apparently American Indeginious people also decend from Europe and Asia and walked over some ice to America in several gos.

    But hey, we all come from Africa (although probably different parts).

    Anyways another great thing about arabs is that they don’t steal (atleast not that much) because it is very much against their religion.

  4. Spaced Out says:

    And we live on a small planet with huge problems like there won’t be enough food for everyone because lot’s of people in different parts on our planet have to many kids.

    The population on earth used to be 4 billions now its like 9. And because of higher temperatures in Ghana we might not have choloate in a few years (they produce 40 % of the world’s chocolate). It’s a disaster. We need chocolate it’s healthy and makes you smarter.

  5. Spaced Out says:

    With all the peace and that of course there are idiots and you mentioned some that had commited murders. And I think it is good when idiots are called out.

    Also our freedom of expression brings the world forward. Confrontation can be good. Then we see different wievs and all that.

    Jive on, carpe diem (like the Italians used to say). And like some Greek said, one can’t wait for great sailing weather to sail, then one never gets anywhere.

  6. Spaced Out says:

    Boogie out.

  7. Spaced Out says:

    Buggin. Do the freak.

  8. Alec Leamas says:

    “Eh, Anti-Semitism ain’t what it used to be…”

    And the portions! So small!

    As the late great Joe Sobran quipped, an Anti-Semite used to be someone who hated Jews, but now an Anti-Semite is someone whom the Jews hate.

  9. Spaced Out says:

    Hey Alec.

    I don’t thing the ADL is a democratic organization that all jews in the USA wote the leadership for. Also it is not run democratically by all jews.

    It’s like if you had an organization for wasps or something that certainly had as a goal to work for and protect wasps. That does not mean all wasps share all the views of the leadership of that organization.

    It’s like prime minister Louis Farrakhan or whoever, who speaks up for african american people alot. Not all afro americans support him, lot’s think that he’s wrong. A cultural group does not have like a set of ready opinions.

    Jews is like a cultural group within western culture. They don’t have a common opinion on everything. Lot’s of jews are conservative (including on immigration) and others are liberals.

    I do think that when Gavin made a comment regarding the Holocaust and crimes against humanity, even though that was according to him, not his own opinion (citing that nazi, holocaust liars/deniers, claim that gas was not used when for murders), that may have given some jews the impression that he is illogically racist towards jews as a “group”.

    The nazis murdered million of Europeans in order to steal. Hitler was inbred through incest and pedohilia (his mom most likely had kids with her own father, Hitlers grandfather and father, she had 8 misscarriages), and was a major drug addict. He was also very lazy and did anything not to have to have a job. Actually jews were forbidden to leave areas controlled by nazis even before the war unless they paid a large ransom sum. They were held hostage.

    The polish resistance movement had a member who sat in a house at the train station close to where the nazis murdered and counted how many people they murdered. Stangl, who was a low level police officer before the war, and became a “leader” of the murders was interviewed in prison in Austria and talked in detail about the Holocaust. He escaped to Brazil through Syria (the syrian alawite leaders were close to the nazis during the war and their religious leader, mufti went to germany to meet Hitler), where he was caught. He tore down the site where they murdered and built a farm in order to conceal what they had done. Like all thieves and criminals the nazis wanted to hide their crimes, and they certainly want political power. The nazi leader of Poland who was nazi-general from germany or something said during the Nurnberg trial that Germany should ashamed for 2000 years because of the Holocaust. The other nazis there were furious when he said this, because the plan was to deny and run away with the money they had stolen. Gitta Sereny interviewed Franz Stangl and wrote a book: “Into That Darkness: from Mercy Killing to Mass Murder, a study of Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka”, which covers this in some detail. The gas used to murder was developed and manufactured by a chemical company in Germany that is still a large company. The nazis tested it to commit murder on people with brain damages first and Stangl was involved here also. Most other guards and murderers were from eastern Europe and not from the german speaking countries.

    There was a horrible smell from the murders that people in the large cities nearby smelled clearly during these years.

    So denying the Holocaust was probably a nazi plan in the first place.

    Some people talk about it without a knowledge on the subject. But again, actually the facts are clear and if someone does say wrong facts, then others can point out what actually happened and the facts and then that actually brings us forward and then actually works against the nazi plan to deny their crimes against humanity.

  10. Spaced Out says:

    And I saw that the leader of ADL is like a democratic politician or guy working for them initially.

    So Gavin’s idea that he might have a democratic liberal political agenda might not be that out there. He might be thinking about a career connected to politics in some way atleast he must be very interested in politics.

    Thus he might be against Gavin, because he is a younger dude which is hip that is liberitarian and supportive of the republicans today.

    I assume that the democrats has had an upper hand that they and leftists and liberals has ben seen as more cool with younger people or something. So Gavin is someone that they probably dislike due to him having new angles.

  11. frank says:

    God, still at it with the perpetual islam bashing, year after year. Nobody gives a shit. Islam is not the issue. We don’t want african animists or tibetan Buddhists, either. The real issue is a political culture denying first place to right proper americans. Which only by extension leads to letting in foreigners, islamic and otherwise, and pretending they’re citizens. Most of organized jewry will always fight tooth and nail against anything that promotes the primacy of Real Americans, because so many of them feel outside of that.

    Gavin, you are in an untenable position and even you should understand that now. These people are first and foremost opposed to an assertive political culture that consciously identifies as white. You thought you could play it safe by talking about “western values” and bashing Islam, but everybody knows that’s just a lame dog whistle. The ADL types see right through to where it leads and fight against it — correctly given their motivations.

  12. Spaced Out says:

    What are you on. Bach and Mozart were largely jewish (Mozart probably around 1/2, although over several generations and he was also part Swedish, Greek and Italian), Bach was probably more than half jewish (although he was christian and also over generations).

    Levi’s jeans made by a jew. Bob Dylan, Jewish, Google and facebook (atleast partly jewish). Woody Allen, Ralph Lauren, Einstein (okay he was European but anyways).

    Some jews are part arab and some are even part gypsy. I don’t mind them, but they are like a minority within a cultural group, which may cause weird behavior, especially given that in Christianity and in the Jewish religion, jews are God’s chosen people and all that. So some of them are more pro immigration than many other jews.

    There is no “they” for jews.

    And since when are Afro Americans or people of Spanish and Indian decendant not American. Is it only “whites” to you? What about the fact that one of the major Russian authors was part black, and actually Bach may ave been partly black although to a small extent most likely.

    I mean Elvis was part jewish and part gypsy and gypsies come from India. Was he not American?

    Get of the crack mofo.

  13. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Spaced Out LMFAO!!!

  14. Spaced Out says:

    And I don’t even do drugs, I only tried weed twice and the first time i smoked so little it had no effect .

    I hardly drink alkohol.

    Just being spaced is a lifestyle. It’s avant garde and futuristic and space.

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