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Lasse Holmberg Josephsen
• 08.30.12 11:00 am

Before I start this article, I wanna give a shout-out to all my peeps in Oslo and all my homies keepin’ it real in Arendal. Reprazent!


Norwegians are sometimes accused of being whitebread and dull, but I’ve got news for you, buddy: We’re pretty darn cool!

This is a hip-hop nation. In fact, I’ll argue that Norway is the second hippety-hoppiest country in the world after you guys.

Would our royal family be dancing with Wyclef if they were whitebread and dull? I don’t think so!

Dancing to hip-hop clearly comes natural to them. Not a blip goes off on my Awkwardness Meter.

We suffer no shortage of talented MCs, either:

Myself, I’m very much into hip-hop and B-boy culture. This is a piece of graffiti I made yesterday:

Just this summer I attended a Snoop Dogg concert at the Hove festival outside my little hometown of Arendal, and it was the shiznit! It could’ve ended up in disaster, though; During the concert, I suddenly to my dismay realized that I was wearing a red sweater to a Crip concert. Awkward!

Fortunately, Mr. Dogg didn’t notice my embarassing faux pas, and me and my friends enjoyed the rest of the concert while pulling cool hip-hop poses:

This is my friend Morten and me at the Snoop Dogg show being anything but whitebread and dull. Morten is doing a so-called “gang sign” with his fingers. This one supposedly means “Westside,” whatever that is. We’re pretty tough.

Only minutes after the picture was taken, Morten had to be carried off to the medic tent due to a severe asthma attack. He recovered nicely, but had to stay indoors for the rest of the summer. Just another day in the life of a gangsta.

I pour one out for you, homie.

Speaking of Crips: We have them in Norway, too. They’re a bunch of friends from Singsaker outside of Trondheim who like to hang out together after school. They be frontin’.

All this is well and good, you say. But do Norwegians even have soul? According to Janice Harrington, we do:

Word up.




  1. Wyclef Jeans says:

    The royal family clearly has more swag than the RNC. I’ll give you that much.

  2. jissom jigaboo says:

    Homie Holmberg

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, the days when we were clean and dope like heroin soap. Or you were at least. I don’t think i showered that whole week and pretty much smelled like Rosie O’Donnells penis scented jock strap. Good times. Just so you know, I now live at my mothers. Im rarely allowed on the internet as she conciders Facebook to be the spawn of Beelzebub, suckling on Myspace Toms wrinkled old tit. I will visit soon old friend, and we shall reminisce about our adventures over a bottle of my mothers infuckincredible moonshine.

    Give Herre my regards.

  4. Joseph Allen says:

    Despite the Norwegians’ widely known natural affinity for rhythm, I’m still surprised at their ability to do the “President Obama Two Step.” I’ve been trying for hours now, but I keep tumbling down the stairs.

  5. 213 says:

    The whole world should adopt America’s nigg, er–African-Americanized jock culture. I’ve heard the Man doesn’t want it to happen, tho. Yo, fuck dat cracka!

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