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Jim Goad
• 07.25.08 12:07 pm

Get in line, ye billion-plus Muslims of the world. Open your mouths. One by one, gently yet firmly, I’m going to poop in them.

Get in line, ye billion-plus Muslims of the world. Open your mouths. One by one, gently yet firmly, I’m going to poop in them. Chew on my poop, swallow it, and digest it. Then get the FUCK out of my face and quit talking all that nonsense. Your God doesn’t exist, and you’re starting to get on my last nerve.

What’s wrong with Muslims, you might ask? Well, they’re illogical, intolerant of free speech or thought, they have atrocious fashion sense, and they smell bad. What’s to like? I won’t even get INTO all the bald logical and scientific contradictions in the Koran nor the fact that Muhammad was routinely banging pre-teens into his fifties. I won’t even give black Americans a hard time for embracing a religion whose practitioners routinely enslaved and abused their African ancestors long before whitey came along. I don’t need to go there. The problem is deeper and more expansive. Islam is a stupid religion, and I’m here to explain why.

Islam’s problem is simple yet deadly: It doesn’t make any sense. The plain fact is that it can’t possibly be true. It’s a crude myth tailor-made for swarthy, stinky dum-dums.

Many people feel the way I do but are afraid to say it. There are others who would classify my words as hate speech. Typically, these sort of people gulp loudly and shit their diapers if you say anything against Judaism or Islam, but they also tend to be the biggest verbal abusers of Christianity. Why? Because they aren’t nearly as AFRAID of what might happen to them if they were to blaspheme the Christian god. They realize that making unflattering comments about the Jewish or Muslim gods can be much more dangerous than saying nasty things about Jesus. The danger, of course, doesn’t come from the imaginary gods, but from the fanatical nutjobs who believe in them.

Fear-filled Western journalists and pundits also struggle to make an imaginary distinction between radical Islam and the purportedly more peaceful mainstream Islam. Such distinctions are useless. I don’t respect ANY of the twigs or branches on the entire Islamic tree, because it’s all based on the same preposterous premise.

Islam proposes that God, Lord of all Creation, is a highly insecure jerkoff who apparently fashioned the universe strictly to piss himself off.

I’ve read huge chunks of the Koran, and it’s as repetitive as a Lil Jon song. Here’s the Koran in a tiny Islamic nutshell:

1. Praise be to Allah, the beneficent and merciful.

2. Worship him and repent and quickly rid yourself of anything remotely fun in your life, or he’ll torture you eternally.

Literally translated into the language of more sensible, clean-smelling people such as us, the word “Islam” means “submission.” This pole-stroker who calls himself “Allah” demands you bend over, spread your ass cheeks, and submit to his unreasonable temper, or else he’ll scorch that ass into the desert sand. Pardon me for breathing, but that simply doesn’t sound all that “beneficent and merciful” to me.

If God was perfect—which God would HAVE to be, or else he wouldn’t be God—he would not, under any circumstances, have his feelings hurt. Neither would he be so gallopingly insecure that he’d force anyone who doesn’t like him to roast forever in molten lava. That’s the way fat girls in high school think.

The idea of an angry God—whether it’s Allah, Jehovah, or some floppy-boobed, swamp-cunted Earth Mother Goddess—is an inherent contradiction. Insecurity would definitely not be among God’s character traits, much less his primary one. Nothing in creation would make God angry, because, after all, he or she created it.

Yet, for something like 1300 years now, Allah has persisted in being a tyrannical rageaholic. What a dillhole. All the other gods think he’s a dillhole, too. He wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every goddamned morning. Who put the bug up your ass anyway, Allah? Can we say, “anger issues”? Hey, Muslims—next time you lay down on your little prayer carpet and face Mecca, can you ask Allah what the hell his problem is? Can you ask him why his self-esteem is so fragile that he demands you fall on the floor and massage his ego FIVE TIMES A DAY? And while we’re at it, why does he forbid pictures of himself? Does he have acne? Bad teeth? Is he fat? If you’re willing to kill me over the mere idea of Allah’s existence, I at least wanna see a Polaroid of him before I convert.

Naturally—because it’s so stupid—the meme-virus called Islam is spreading like HIV among the world’s dumber peoples. Islam is reproducing at EXACTLY the same rate that stupid people are reproducing. Remember, these imbeciles are truly dumb enough to think that when they strap themselves with explosives and blast their innards to smithereens, there will be six dozen virgins waiting on the other side of the tollgate. It takes an appalling level of common-clay caveman cretinism to believe such a thing. If you’re poor and halfway retarded, you will in all likelihood over the next fifty years be wearing a burqa or a beard—maybe both.

I say we’ve been way too tolerant of stupidity to the point where it’s sucking us all down the drain. I’m all for launching a full-blown scorched-earth jihad on the 98% or so of the world’s inhabitants who are unintelligent.

I wish genital warts upon all the world’s Muslims. May your Islamic naughty bits sprout forth boldly with giant ugly grape clusters of the human papillomavirus, and may your idiot Muslim physicians fail to diagnose the problem correctly until long after it has had serious adverse effects on your dating life.

If there were a sudden worldwide shortage of hummus and Muslims began to drop like the flies that routinely infest their armpits, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.

And you know what? Allah ain’t gonna do a goddamned thing about what I’m saying, you superstitious sand nigras, ’coz there AIN’T no Allah. He only exists in your malformed raisin-brains. That’s why you feel compelled to seek vengeance on his behalf, because deep in your garlicky-smelling hearts, you realize there IS no Allah.

Go ahead, say it loud and proud:

“Hey, Allah—you can suck my dick!”
“Fuck YOU, Allah, ya dickhead!”
“Allah—you’re a punk bitch!”
“Yo, Allah—kick rocks, scrub!”

See? No thunder from the sky, no frogs falling from heaven. Allah’s no more real than the tooth fairy, you brain-damaged children.

There’s another problem, Islam, and it’s a big one. I simply don’t like your style. I see no use for a religion where you can’t even SEE the women and the men all look like unshaved asses. And the guys wear sandals, OK? If that alone isn’t reason to contemplate reviving the Crusades, I don’t know what is.

The only thing I fear from Muslims is their body odor. When so-called Arab “scholars” tout the presumed scientific and cultural accomplishments of Islamic civilization, you’ll notice that they consistently fail to mention deodorant. Did the Koran declare the word “soap” to be obscene? I declare a fatwa on the way you all smell. I condemn your body odor that’s so overwhelming, it borders on being visible.

OK, I guess Muslims aren’t all bad. They say some cool things about women and Jews, but that’s about it.

  1. officer says:

    You just broke many Canadian laws, Jim.

  2. tommy gun says:

    i think this girl probably doesn’t have flies in her armpits:

  3. Red says:

    Pakistan – 1997: 300 women in one province
    Gaza Strip / West Bank – 1999: 2 thirds of all murders
    Jordan – 23 every year
    Lebanon – 1996-1998: 36 HKs. Usually teenage siblings doing it and treated as heroes.
    Yemen – 1997: 400
    Egypt – 1997: 52

  4. Ku Klux Goad says:

    Have any problem with their belief system you want, that is a common denominator for the religion. But when you rail on an entire peoples’ odor and hair and whatever bullshit stereotype you can think of you come of as a bigoted small-minded prick, which you are, so I guess carry on! You sir, are a racist! Please, by the way, explain how claiming 1-2 billion people have the same odor based on their beliefs isn’t racist. Some of your best friends are Muslim? You live in the most muslim neighborhood in Muslimville? You’re a dick goad.

  5. Red says:

    from NY Post
    Rashid: Alleged killer says daughter dishonored the family.
    Posted: 4:02 am
    July 23, 2008
    ON July 6, police say, a Pakistani named Chaudhry Rashid strangled his 25-year-old daughter San- deela Kanwal with a Bungee cord in her bedroom because she wanted to end her arranged marriage. This “honor killing” came not in Pakistan, but in Jonesboro, Ga. – a suburb 16 miles outside Atlanta.

    from National Post
    Girl, 16, dies after hijab dispute with father
    Posted: December 11, 2007, 6:48 PM by Rob Roberts
    City, Crime
    Amy Smithers and Katie Rook update the death of Aqsa Parvez:
    The 16-year-old Mississauga girl who was allegedly strangled by her father in a dispute over her refusal to wear the hijab has died.
    Aqsa Parvez, a Grade 11 student at Applewood Heights, succumbed to her injuries late last night, Peel Regional Police said today.
    The girl’s 57-year-old father, Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with muder. Aqsa’s 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, has been charged with obstructing police.

  6. teeth says:

    Muslims invented Zero. Fuck Zero. Someone else would have thought of that shit sooner or later.

    Also, their religion is just a hodge podge of other religions clumped together. Unoriginal fanatical fucking morons.

  7. Aesk47 says:

    Preach, brother, preach!!!

  8. trust funded says:

    Medieval Islam was surprisingly fruitful They made some real advances with their Hospitals , and they weren’t intimidated by the concept of zero, unlike Medieval Christians, so they made definite progress in mathematics. Unfortunately once the Europe got its shit together, Islam lost its appeal (to sum up a few hundred years in a phrase)

  9. Sick Mike says:

    Modern day Muslims = Medieval Christians. Come on guys, get with the program.

  10. FUCK THE FUCK says:

    i like this article only if the next article is FUCK THE JEWS and the one after it FUCK JIM GOAD

  11. Marilyn Madison says:

    The problem with saying it’s a “peaceful religion” and “the extremists are only a tiny minority of Muslims” is, that’s still a lot of people.

    About 13,000 American Muslims (mostly young men) think suicide bombers are “often or sometimes justified.” That’s just in America. There are i billion Muslims in the world. If only about 15% of all Muslims worldwide want to blow us up (as polls suggest), that’s still 150 million people. Not so tiny now is it?

  12. stephen says:

    I’m not one to demand political correctness but this is some ignorant, redneck shit.

    Oh, wow, an organized religion has flaws? Thanks Jim Goad… your brand of crude yet transgressive humor really taught me an important lesson by totally subverting all those false notions instilled in me by the faggy, agenda-laden ‘mainstream media’ that the billions of muslims might actually be people like me and you.

    Way to be brave and tell us how the world REALLY is…

    or maybe just spread a bunch white trash bigotry?

  13. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:


    Perhaps it is our Western culture that has tainted the historically amorous heart of the Muslim community. As long as we’re at fault for the ruthless corruption of the modern world we cannot place judgment. I’m puzzled as to how you’ve maintained a naïve outlook on the most elegant assembly of people to grace fair Allah’s planet. Personally, I’m a Christian Junior High School student living with my extraordinarily affluent parents in Southern Wisconsin, and I will convert to Islam on my 18th birthday. Upon completion I will castrate myself and form an ethnically diverse free jazz group. Anyway, Goad, don’t judge my people.

  14. tommy gun says:

    Re: Jim Goad accusing others of “anger issues”:

    Pat O’Brien at Entertainment Tonight is reporting that notorious enemies “the Pot and the Kettle” have issued a groundbreaking joint press release telling Goad to “stop bitin’ yo!”

    More tomorrow!!!

  15. Loomis says:

    There’s “anger issues” and there’s ANGER ISSUES. Threatening to behead an entire people because someone drew a guy in your bible is all caps ANGER. Strangling your daughter because she’s dressed too Bratz is ANGER!!! Writing a humorous rant with some anger in it is hardly comparable. I think that’s the point. We may do stupid shit too but these guys are off the motherfucking chain.

  16. Jaja! says:

    Ich bin total mit diesem erschrockenen kleinen Sonderling einverstanden. Er hat die Empfindlichkeit meiner Freunde und die Gleichen und er scheinen vorangegangen sehr waagerecht ausgerichtetes. Gut gemachter Jim!!

  17. Comments Shmoments says:

    Islam = 0 cats

  18. LOL says:

    Western Culture is perfect. Didn’t you know?

  19. Dr. Crusher says:

    Wow, most of us had this “the God-meme sucks” epiphany when we were, what, 14?? Isn’t Goad pushing 55 or something? What a retard. Or, more disturbingly, has it taken him those 40 extra long fucking years to actually extend the thought franchise to Islam? Indeed, Goad seem to be framing this as some sort of sophisticated or shocking argument. Too bad critiquing non-western constructs in this context (as a flailing grasp at transgressive thinking) only reveals someone who is pretty fucking insulated (and desperate to be seen as otherwise).

  20. bubble butt says:

    Jim, I’m glad they got the cancer out. this is the best thing you’ve written since.
    and what’s the deal with virgins? why do muslims wanna fuck virgins in the afterlife? have you ever fucked a virgin? it sucks. they usually start bleeding and then you look down and see blood all over your dick (fastest boner-killer ever) and then they start crying and you almost never cum. Virgins are lame, dirty sluts are where it’s at.

  21. body goader says:

    how do you know Jim Goad even wrote this? His name isn’t anywhere on it.

  22. Dr. Crusherrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    Hey big thinker, just one more thing. You can mindlessly beat the “God doesn’t exist” drum or you can try this high-concept that your low-IQ probably can’t process properly – “god”, indeed, exists. “god” is an emergent property (an incredibly unlikely product emerging from many socioeconomic systems emerging from millions of minds emerging from gazillions of individual neurons) with downward causality its constituents (“his” effects can be felt in very real way when your individual neurons collectively and righteously get separated from the rest of your body infidel-style). You’ll never win the war of ideas if you dismiss ideas as “real” tangible things in the first place. And that’s about realest real talk there is.

  23. Dr. Crusherrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    that should read “with downward causality ON its constituents”

  24. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    Dr. Crusherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

    Well aren’t you just adorable when you’re a bit frazzled! Why don’t you spackle our assholes with plastic explosives, Sandman. And to preserve your dignity, I would suggest leaving the discussion of intelligence to the sweet lady who buckles your helmet before you prance about the park.

  25. canoe says:

    he did it for the lulz.

  26. Beef says:

    Seriously. Fuck Muslims.

  27. cheese united says:

    Why does it feel like every single thing goad writes is a thinly veiled defense of being a white Christian? Woe is you, Mr. Goad. “Waaah, I’m a white Christian, everyone blames me for everything.” You sound just like the whiny PC minority police you mock. Get a new shtick.

  28. Gangstawannabemyass says:

    What a joke. Your logic is so flawed that you make your target, i.e.Muslims, look down right brilliant. Your intelligence is so limited you couldn’t possibly make a compelling argument against the “billions” of Muslims out there (idiot). Oh and one more thing, fuck you too ;).

  29. Todd says:

    this was a very foolish and poorly thought out article

  30. tunafish says:

    wow, what a great argument you pose: they smell! give those smelly bastards genital warts!
    sure why not, along with all black people too. they smell worse! they love fried chicken!
    and watermelon! etc, etc.
    you’re just the most intelligent person ever, why has no one else realized how stupidd islam is??
    thank you for enlightening me, jim fuckface. i think i’ll renounce my religion now that you’ve showed me how stupid i am.
    i better go take a shower!! i’ve just realized how smelly i am!

  31. hand grenade covered with aids says:

    Todd, your music was very foolish and poorly thought out
    put your nuttsack in it next in it

    and for the rest of all the above, your a bunch of gen Y fag holes

  32. Allah Ak-BOOM! says:

    I love it! Islam is a cancer.

  33. my two cents worth says:

    you’re a boon to the intrawebz, all of you!

  34. D. Bone=Rage says:

    Images of Allah are forbidden so that people can’t exploit that image through resembling him. For example, I once knew this hippie that looked just like the Anglo-Saxon Jesus AND he was about 7 ft. tall. He was a complete asshole, real abusive and manipulative, but he had all these brainwashed little followers who, because of his resemblance to the Messiah, actually thought that he was more closely related to Jesus than anyone else. All these idiots from Judeo-Christian countries, even if they never followed Christianity, always get completely enthralled by this guy when they first meet him, ascribing all kinds of intelligence and mystical powers to his pseudo-holy being. The only positive in the whole situation is that when people get to know him beneath the surface, they inevitably realize what a fucking loser he is and end up despising Christianity. But yes, this is living proof that images of prophets are highly powerful and can be exploited by guys who have the souls of used car salesmen. On this point, I applaud Islam, but still puke at the thought of all organized religion.

  35. Samanthas says:

    I’m just not a fan of Abramhic religions (the “Big 3” as it can be known, though Hinduism has [obviously] a huge following). Maybe we should break out of the annoying duality that is Western thought? (Oh crap I sound like a hippy/hippie)
    I can’t believe the believers in 1 god haven’t died out yet. Or just believers in god. God, really?
    I vote to bring back the Greek god pantheon. Togas+booze+exposed breast olympics+sacrifice+good food=fun(?)

  36. Dimmesdale says:

    yeah, dirty sluts, virgins are overrated, Muhammed was such a pussy, probably a fag…

  37. beef united says:


    Mother of all our joys, mother of all our sorrows
    Intercede with him tonight
    For all of our tomorrows

  38. Jim,
    The simple truth is: Islam is fascisim.

    That’s it in a nutshell. Why would Mein Kampf be selling so well in all these Muslim countries? Hitler wasn’t going to stop until the whole world became white. Islam wont stop until the whole world is converted. I don’t want be a Muslim. So be killed? Isn’t there a viable alternative? No? Then that’s fascism.

    Don’t let people change how you feel. Don’t become soft. Because that’s exactly what they want.

  39. Taeil says:

    I love how Jim’s automatically a racist when he talks shit about Islam. Okay, it’s somehow RACIST? Fine take whatever you can about his positions on “genetic IQ” but when it comes to a system of beliefs written down by a bunch of Goat fuckers 2,000 years ago it’s pretty considerable calling out a religion that’s taboo to call out as being labeled racist.

    We’ve got punk rock and heavy metal talking shit about Jesus for the past quarter century. It’s about time we turn our attention towards a religion followed by a good third of the world. That even guys from South Park were afraid to make fun of.

    It’s Muhammed’s turn as far as I’m concerned.

  40. Lemmy says:

    to whoever wrote this. wonder why Palestinians hate America and Israel so much and result to blowing themselves up?

    take your time go through them.

    just scratching the surface

    you faggot hipsters sound like bush with your neocon zionist rants. are you serious?
    maybe if your entire region was getting raped in the name of western corporations clinging to your religion would sound pretty good to.

    no im not muslim.

  41. Lemmy says:

    just to add

    all religions are bullshit singling out islam is dumb

  42. Kiss Kiss says:

    Life’s refreshingly simple when someone points out who the BAD GUYS are. BANG BANG BANG!

  43. Tots stups says:

    Stupidity as usual, fails to see itself as it is

  44. Good fish? Good bait says:

    I love provocative reactionary ex-punk gutter trash writers. Just none of those that write here, how fucking sad. Go on Goad, convince a few more dumb 14 years olds to see the world in black and white. Heavyweight.

  45. Lemmy says:

    jim if your trying to be ironic and make a point, your just dumb.
    if you seriously believe this. i pitty you.

    btw white christians would never be as crazy as muslims ever.

  46. my two cents worth says:

    geez, why do people have to hate on organized religion all the time… keeps people in line…..isn’t that what we want…..isn’t Islam perfect for vilifying Muslims……isn’t Buddhism great we can laugh at silly Asians……..isn’t Chistianity awesome, we can mock biblethumpers? I say, Organized Religion is just what the world needs, otherwise, who can we laugh at besides people who can’t dress themselves properly, hmmmm? But yeah we need to go back to the Greek pantheon of gods if only for Dionysius. Fuck, do we even need a reason.

  47. son says:

    the only part of this article that makes me kind of nervous is the hypothetical hummus-shortage. That would make me sad. Otherwise, fuck Muslims.

  48. Awww, couldn’t find a funny video or cute girl for today’s scheduled blog post so you let the douche write something? Next time, rerun an earlier street boner or just hold off until you find someone new to put make up on you. Blogs aren’t crack, we can wait for you to find something that isn’t shitting into our eyes.

  49. FURY says:

    I’m going to be disappointed if this is the direction that Street Carnage is taking. You don’t need to be politically radical or socially irresponsible to be a more subversive Vice.
    Can’t we just take the high road and go back to making fun of clothing and subculture?

  50. Rex Bottoms says:

    Okay, its pretty obvious that this shit isn’t hitting the mark with the kids here, for a variety of reasons. It’s probably high time the 55 year old Dad to stop trying to hang with a demographic he is completely disconnected from in every way.

  51. Rex Bottoms says:

    Why werent you around Financial District seven years ago?. Plus, Jews are far worse

  52. son says:

    I could never be friends with somebody that did not like this

  53. my two cents worth says:

    What really gets my goad, is, Muslims sincerely believe Islam is solidly based on Science. Science?! As if that could ever be a valid argument for the existence of a supreme being. the whole premise of Science is to disprove, not to prove, and especially not to prove the validity of some crackpot religion like Mohammedanism. Think about it, how can you prove or disprove what you can’t see, or feel? what kind of experiment could you possibly devise and what controls would you have? Science, indeed.

    However, you have thousands of scientists coming out of the closet saying they believe there is an actual ultimate reality. The only understanding that i hav as a scientist, is, the knowledge, that, we’ve all become a race of super idiots. present company excepted of course- You’re the brightest we’ve yet produced; and, god willing, let’s pray, that, we exceed all human expectations as to the Muslim question. Fuckers. They are, though. If we nuked them tomorrow, well, they brought that upon themselves, didn’t they. There’s no question they’re just asking for it.

    albert sweitzer

  54. Vane$$a says:

    Wow. This genius just convinced me to hate like 1.5 billion people or something.

  55. poop says:


  56. wut says:

    yea thats it! this is the way to stop islam. call em stinky! i really think those smelly fucks are going to see the light of day now.

    i dont really give a shit about what you say about religion, say whatever you want, but this article is fucking stupid obvious bullshit with the no purpose

  57. Fredo says:

    Whoo-diggity-doggie, was Taeil right! “Alternative culture” shits on Christianity 24/7 and none of you self-loathing white Westerners make the tiniest squeak about it.

    But since so many of you are terrified of being tagged with the Numero Uno Scarlet Letter of cultural intolerance, you scream foul when a religion that’s historically just as idiotic, violent, intolerant, and predatory is criticized.

    Anyone care to address what the main point of this article seems to be, namely, that Islam is predicated on the idea of a Supreme Being that actually gets angry when people say bad things about him and seeks eternal vengeance against being slandered? With all this talk of stupidity and intellectualism, anyone want to step up to the microphone and defend Islam’s central premise of an emotionally insecure God?

  58. my two cents worth says:

    And, is he “emotionally insecure” because he created Desert People? Ah-ha!

  59. Shmoopy says:

    Yeah, two cents seems like a fair estimate.

    Sometimes I blame the Internet for rendering people entirely incapable of the slightest logic. For example:

    “And, is he “emotionally insecure” because he created Desert People? Ah-ha!”

    That’s not an inference you can draw from what I said or what Goad’s article said. This “Allah” guy is “emotionally insecure” because he gets angry at the deeds committed by people he created and ostensibly had absolute control over.

    Here are two verses from the Koran. There are many more where these came from:

    60:13:  “O you who believe! Do not make friends with a people with whom Allah is wroth (angry); indeed they despair of the hereafter as the unbelievers despair of those in tombs.”

    5:59:  “Say:  ‘People of the Book, is it not that you hate us only because we believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us and what was formerly revealed, and because most of you are evil-doers?  ‘Say:  ‘Shall I tell you who will receive a worse reward from Allah?  Those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He has been angry, transforming them into apes and swine, and those who serve the devil.”

    It has nothing to do with skin color or being “people of the desert” or whatever bugaboos your ex-hippie sociology professor told to hunt for under every rock. Quit carrying a torch and trying to sniff out racist demons everywhere.

    So I’ll ask again, because your reading-comprehension skills are apparently that weak: Why would a God who is supreme and above it all get so angry at what the creatures he created have done that he’d need to curse them and transform them into apes and swine and make them dread everlasting punishment?

    It seems like a simple question, but every one of you continues to avoid it.

  60. my two cents worth says:


  61. tommy gun says:

    wow quite a response here. ultimately, i just thought this was boring. + people like Michael Savage and Bob Grant do “angry white male” with more panache.

    i did love the article though JG wrote about fucking this wife after mowing the lawn or whatever – that one was hilarious.

  62. my two cents worth says:

    shmoopy, shut your cocksucker! haha!

  63. Loomis says:

    Why is it, when someone dares to say “fuck the muslims” in a culture where “I hate christians” is commonplace, the first thing people do is ignore the argument (which is: Allah is insecure and overreacts when anyone is mean to him) and says “the West is imperfect too you know.” We know the West is imperfect. We say it every day. Why can’t we make fun of the East? After all, it’s shittier.

    BTW your numbers on Muslims that want us dead seem a little low. 1 in 3 British Muslims want to kill us,-say-third-of-Muslim-students.html

  64. Cyaaaant says:

    The points you make can be applied to all organised religions, including the one which forms the basis of your own corrupt society, but your article is just about Islam. If you can’t see why that sucks especially hard just now, go back to chopping wood and doing simple mechanics shit-for-brains, at least one other human might enjoy it.

  65. Huh? says:

    “I hate christians” is commonplace in your culture??? Think a little further than your local S+M club man. To the outside world you all look like born again crusaders, slightly unhinged Pres there taking on the big bad hairy dark man who daddy didn’t like, all based on some bullshit pretense.
    Now I am no christian, but taking wild swings at Islam as a whole does not equate to balance. Fucktard.

  66. Taeil says:

    It might not “equate balance” to anything there fuckhead, but it sure got one post 65 comments on this site without Jim responding to a word of it. Make it 66.

  67. This site’s whole premise is supposed to be everything but “politically correct.” If you squares want politically correct then you might want to avoid this site.

    I mean……shit….Gavin posted a blog about how to properly maintain your blow in humid climates. You guys weren’t all bent out of shape over that. But as soon as he calls bullshit on Islam you guys flip the fuck out.

  68. Kid Character says:

    Ahh yeah chill guys… on top of his genuine hate for Islam, Jim and the rest of them do this just for the publicity and flame.

    I’m a Muslim myself and “Riverboat Gamblin’ Man” is right about the ‘Blow video’ we all do coke and yes I love the shit too… but when it comes to religion; we switch. Well of course we switch man. I don’t know about you guys but my generation is a generation who fucks off the mistakes of gen-Y i.e: racism/capitalism/pollution and only keep the good shit like: coke/weed/technology and above all tolerance. Yeah thats right we have tolerance… we don’t give a fuck about what you are, just as long as you’re not a: redkneck/extremist. We understand that the world is fucked thanks to you fuck-sticks of the gen-Y. So we strive to create our own Utopia.

    I am also stoked to see some dudes in here expressing their views, branding Jim the piece-of-shit gen-Y that he is…

    After all that’s been said and done – all I know is that jimmy here will most probably die before us seeing that he’s 80 or whatever – along with the rest of these fuckin’ uneducated cunts. So don’t pay too much attention, his views – they’ll perish quicker than this website.

    Before I go – people are quick to quote verses from the bible/Koran/Torah but they fail to highlight the context in which it pertains to. We don’t kill, we aren’t pedophiles we don’t beat women and we aren’t even allowed 4-7 wives that media makes it out to be… its because these dumb-fucks don’t understand the context. Like i said, I’m a Muslim, I do blow, I love fashion/music… I’m pretty much assimilated but I know my religion pretty well. Well enough to know it’s all Peace.

    I knew Jim and Gav’ were like this but this is just screwed. You’ve just lost a user… and I’m not just nobody – I also work in media so watch me spread my opinion like Zoo Yorks viral campaigns.

  69. my two cents worth says:

    We all work in media, numbnuts- i work for the chicago tribune but i prefer to read here what gets published than read my own rag, “I also work in media so watch me spread my opinion like zoo yorks viral campaigns.” WHATTA FUCKTARD.

  70. my two cents worth says:

    and oh yeah, FUCK THE MUSLIMS

  71. All Indians, no Chiefs says:

    hey “not just nobody” A.K.A. kid character
    Did you notice your comment started
    by telling people to chill out
    and then ended with a mild threat?
    YOU WENT 180 degrees, keep these things in mind when posting comments
    you started out with writings of tolerance
    and end the end threw it straight out the window
    you into marketing at your media job or something?

  72. Kid Character says:

    re: All Indians, no Chiefs

    Yeah you’re right. just ended up packin’ heat while writing it… and yeah close, PR.

  73. breadbasket says:

    but apart from that…

  74. Shmoopy says:

    One more time, intellectual sophisticates who tolerate anything but rednecks…

    Explain why a supreme being gets angry:

    From the undeniably Holy Koran:

    58:14…Do you see those that have befriended a people with whom Allah is angry? They belong neither to you nor to them. They knowingly swear to falsehoods….Allah has prepared for them a grievous scourge. Evil indeed is that which they have done.

    8.16…And whoever shall turn his back to them on that day– unless he turn aside for the sake of fighting or withdraws to a company– then he, indeed, becomes deserving of Allah’s wrath, and his abode is hell; and an evil destination shall it be.

    2:6…Don’t bother to warn the disbelievers. Allah has blinded them. Theirs will be an awful doom.

    2:61…Allah stamped wretchedness upon the Jews because they killed the prophets and disbelieved Allah’s revelations.

    2:96…Jews are the greediest of all humankind. They’d like to live 1000 years. But they are going to hell.

    Explain, you extremely peace-loving, anti-fascist, tolerant people who are only trying to erase the intolerance of the previous generation, how any of that that is “taken out of context.” Over and over and over in the Koran, Allah is getting angry. He’s always busy cursing people and turning them into swine and apes and preparing “grievous scourges” for them. Sounds just a li’l bit immature and flawed to me.

    I know…you can’t explain it. There’s no explanation, because it doesn’t withstand the tiniest bit of logical scrutiny. That’s why you resort to personal attacks on those who call bullshit on your stupid religion.

    You can toss words such as “stupid” and “uneducated” as much as you want, but until you address the fundamental question of why a supreme deity would get angry, you’re the ones losing the argument. You slalom around that question just like a downhill skier.

    Good luck with that “Utopia” of yours, too, pal. People who comfort themselves with the false assurance that they’re safely on the moral high ground are the most dangerous (and historically, the most murderous and destructive) people in the world.

  75. Shmoopy says:

    re: “It’s all Peace.”

    Wrong. This just in:

    AHMADABAD, India – An obscure Islamic group claimed responsibility for a series of synchronized explosions that killed at least 45 people in western India, warning of “the terror of Death” in an e-mail sent to several television stations minutes before the blasts.

  76. Fredo says:

    Yeah, fuck these white males and their old, old ideas.

    The Koran is a much more contemporary-minded, forward-thinking text designed to appeal specifically to this generation of kids because it was completed somewhere around the year 632.

  77. All Indians, no Chiefs says:

    whelp kid character
    PR guys are suppose to keep a level head
    are you gonna steal, look at this website
    or are you done?
    did they really lose a user?
    if they did
    than maybe they just
    used a loser

    you tell me
    you… ..tell. .!

  78. shadowy figure says:

    I wonder which smoothie to get at Jamba Juice today.

  79. my two cents says:

    why does allah hav to be a pre-menstrual god? This proves allah is a woman. or feminine. just saying.

  80. Massive Threat Minor Attack says:

    COME on mane. Everyone knows there are no gods and no God either. Even the stupid people. When people say that they “believe” or that they “have faith” they are sending you a secret coded message: they know the shit’s not real but please have some decency and leave them and their families alone about it. The word “religion” is a word used to describe mostly groups of people who deify their moral codes in various imaginary ways. Oh, and they know that, too. You’re not pwning a believer by screaming in their faces about how their beliefs aren’t based in fact.

    Religion (specifically American Christianity) can actually be pretty awesome. For narrow-minded adults, they serve generally to protect clung-to traditions and provide, in the church, a social network of like-minded people. You don’t need to provide facts like an asshole to back up things in society you like or things you hate; they all hate and like ’em too and men with strong backs will mutter “Amen” while you talk about that shit. You don’t have to be charismatic or attractive or interesting to have friends in the church; they are all obligated to behave like your brothers and sisters anyway. And THAT leads to all kinds of backbiting and gossip and scandal that makes the whole thing twice as fun.

    As far as the kids – you go to all kinds of fucking waterparks and conferences where you stay at hotels and shit. What do you think those green cloth offering nunchuk sacks are for? They are to provide the congregation with fun times. And when you’re at Six Flags or whatever or cruising the halls of some dope-ass glass elevator hotel the dudes’ junks are bulging and the girls are curious and everyone’s hormones are so overdriven by all the restriction and forbidding that the secret experimentation that eventually always goes on anyway is 500x as kinky and satisfying.

    But how’s this tie in? Christianity is just the western Islam — just like every other religion is the equivalent for whichever type of people generally practices it. They’re coping mechanisms. Islam is sweatier, more violent and less fun because its region of origin is sweatier, more violent and less fun. Should you HATE people who buy in? Hell no, they’re just trying to make themselves so confused that they forget that life is basically hopeless and uncool, and that’s what EVERYBODY DOES. Also shut the fuck up [dumbasses who made The Mist and other] people who demonize religion or smirk and gloat about the religious being stupid – it’s not RELIGIOUS people you retards, it’s ALL PEOPLE, or more specifically YOU. So get on board.

  81. Massive Threat Minor Attack says:

    But I did like the article – specifically the bitterness. I like when well-spoken smart people get hateful and carried away. It shows that they’ve had bad times like us and are still hating/loving the frustrating struggle to propagate good music and comedy and conversation and forcing their inferior friends to borrow their superior things and becoming angry when it backfires and keeping at it

  82. Cheese United says:

    I have no problem with people mocking Islam. Who cares? All I’m saying is Goad’s shtick is boring and that he’s trying too hard. You want to make fun of Islam? Cool, but don’t always bring it back to the “Well, everyone makes fun of Christianity with no problem, so that’s why I’m making fun of Islam.” That’s some whiny, cop out shit. waaaaahhhhhh! You sound exactly like the PC police you mock

  83. Fuck whoever wrote this says:

    This article’s irresponsible. Let’s not talk about Zionism, or really THINK but go on and on about Muslims. Leave it alone, grow up, think for yourself readers. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SITE!!

  84. my two cents worth says:

    MUSLIMS…buddhists….christians….jews…..atheists…agnostics….are all punkass bitchs
    MUSLIMS are #1

  85. Fredo says:

    Cheese United said:

    “You sound just like the whiny PC minority police you mock. Get a new shtick.”

    And then, several posts later, Cheese United said:

    “All I’m saying is Goad’s shtick is boring …You sound exactly like the PC police you mock.”

    You only needed to say it once.

    Cheese United also said:

    “Why does it feel like every single thing goad writes is a thinly veiled defense of being a white Christian? Woe is you, Mr. Goad. “Waaah, I’m a white Christian, everyone blames me for everything.”

    Point to one sentence in anything he’s ever written where he claims to be a Christian. There’s a whole chapter in “The Redneck Manifesto” devoted to tearing Christianity apart.

    From what’s said in the article, all he’s saying is that people scream less when you criticize Christianity than when you attack Judaism or Islam. Many of the respondents here, as well-intentioned and high-minded as they may consider themselves to be, have only proven him right.

  86. Awe Man says:

    Fuck whoever wrote this about made me die laughing
    good one, one of the best jokes I’ve heard in a while.

  87. anonymous says:

    why HATE a group of people on the basis that they’re (supposedly) hateful? why lump billions of individual people into the same category? why suggest that the most radical people in a religion are representative of that religion as a whole? why refer to a few lines of scripture as representative of an entire religion? why try to create the impression that those who disagree with your hate speech are all hypocrites? and that they have an agenda? why do you feel the need to hide behind all the humor attempts? what would you sound like if you took all the jokes out? why spend the time to disseminate this over the internet? why just islam? if this is about a religion, why are so many of your jokes racial? why so harshly criticize people for thinking differently than you ABOUT their supposed criticism of those that think differently?

  88. Awe Man, says:

    Let’s say it again: ZIONISM. that’s the problem, bitch.

  89. Sony Ericsson says:

    Save your breath people… if it matters that much to you just join the thousand other young-men who are in the army or a Jihad group and you’ll have your chance to tear each other apart on the battle field like humans have done for centuries.

    The warriors of the past are laughing at us right now.

    … either that or just watch the Jews, Caths and Muslims tear each other apart on the news… simple.

  90. Chinko de Mayo says:

    If Zionism is wrong, does Islam suddenly make sense? Explain the connection there, please. Ever consider that maybe they’re both grounded in primitive superstitions and fascistic group impulses, or is that way too much for your 9-volt brain to handle?

    For Allah’s fucking sake! This nation is so dumb and bereft of reasoning skills, it’s ripe for Islam. First came Jerry Springer and reality TV, next come the burqas and prayer mats.

  91. Textbook Fag says:

    Zionism… the Gaza strip… Palestine in general… for anyone who wants to know>>>

    The Jews came… but disappointed Moses > Jesus came but the Jews killed him > Mohamed came and declared he was the last but Muslims like blowing shit up…

    The Jews hold on to their state of Israel because they have no where else… they’ve been holding on to that ever since they camped there > Christians don’t have much of an issue seeing that they are widely accepted the world-over > Muslims lost their respect for science and mathematics and turned to violence.

    Jews and Muslims are of the same kind… they pray to the same Allah, they both don’t eat swine and only separated by centuries of events. There’s just not enough room on this earth for both the fuckers while Christians stay happy while they celebrate Xmas and all the fun shit they seem to do all the time.

    Now its gotten to the point where Jews are controlling the world with credit cards, interest rates and Comedy while the Muslims keep exploding themselves because thats all they know how to do.

    Its all fucked… not much you can do unless you roll with the men who know EXACTLY what’s been going on… we’re just docile-beings to these fuckers while they play their board game.

  92. Awe Man, says:

    I don’t care about religion. The difference is the Zionists are about to bring us into a another war. Americans do not need to fight their wars. Look up how many dual citizen Israelis work for our government. GET A PERSPECTIVE…

  93. Shmoopy says:

    For all those who shit out the word “racist” so freely it’s as if they’ve taken anti-racist diarrhea pills, why are you all silent about the part of the article that mentions it was Arab Muslims who started the African slave trade?

    Oh, yeah—why has no one explained why a supreme being would get angry? Is “it was taken out of context” the best you can do? Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame. Read the fucking Koran. He’s getting angry every other verse.

  94. Textbook Fag says:

    Black Slave Trade… wtf? do a little more research into Slavery in general… the first person to do the Azan (muslim call for prayer) was a fuckin’ black dude… and besides the african slave trade wasn’t “african” on purpose. Back in those days the African royals used their slaves to barter with exporting merchants.

    As for Allah a.k.a God, being angry, I don’t have a goats-fuck of a clue… nor do I care or attempting to answer for muslims but if I were The One and only God, I’d be fuckin’ pissed at the Jews too (evil-doers)… I mean, why wouldn’t one supreme being get pissed… I’d rather worship an angry all powerful and vengeful Lord then a Lord of Pussy and Fairy-bread. If we got the Gods into a ring, it’ll be interesting to see who wins.

    Lets turn in on the Jews for a fuckin change… look what they have done… after 2 prophets that have showed them the obvious way from Moses’ teachings, they still continue to do what they do… I don’t even know why they are still here… if anything it should just be the Christians and the Muslims battling it out. Fuck you Jew man… Fuck you and you’re intelligent money-making ways. haha.

    As for Zionism… dude its fucking MONEY… its MONEY and GLOBAL fucking takeover. don’t even get your panties in a not over it because it doesn’t even concern you. Yeah ok… we’ll lose more soldiers for the sake of Filthy Rich Israeli fags… well our Government has already been tarnished by the strings… there’s no fucking hope…

    Just fuck as many bitches as you can before you die…

  95. Textbook Fag says:

    Oh just saw that dual citizenship thing… yes its fucking true… and yes it goes without saying you turd for brains… America is controlled by Israel… we already know this, but we can’t do shit. So leave it. You think we live in a democracy… pfft.

  96. Shmoopy says:

    I’m going to speak very slowly this time so you understand the question, you anti-Zionist rascal, you.

    Anger is an emotion felt only by those who aren’t in control of a situation.

    A supreme being would be in complete control of any situation.

    So why would Allah ever get angry?

  97. Textbook Fag says:

    Look dude I ain’t even getting paid for this… I don’t even fucking care about finding an answer to the anger issue but I find flame-fests fun.

    Here’s my attempt at it but it seems to me you care… I suggest you go talk to a few stinky Arabs if you can stand the smell for some real answers.

    You’re right, anger is a human emotion… why would the translated word ‘anger’ (if in fact that is the exact translation adopting all rules of the Arabic language and their intricacies – which is another subject matter in itself) be used? Well the way I see it, WHAT OTHER FUCKING WORD DO YOU WANT TO USE? hell, lets pull a thesaurus out why don’t we? or do you want to use a less impacting word. For fuck sake dude there are more harder/debatable questions than this?!?! like the real rule of 4 wives and the real answer to martyrdom. But noooooo, you had to pull out “anger” “anger” “oh why does he get angry like a human if hes supposed to be a divine being”. Dude, we’re fucking humans man… what word can possibly be used to get the point across on how this so-called-powerful God feels? maybe this might suite ya better:

    58:14…Do you see those that have befriended a people with whom Allah is [UNHAPPY]? They belong neither to you nor to them. They knowingly swear to falsehoods….Allah has prepared for them a grievous scourge. Evil indeed is that which they have done.


    58:14…Do you see those that have befriended a people with whom Allah is [DISAPPOINTED]? They belong neither to you nor to them. They knowingly swear to falsehoods….Allah has prepared for them a grievous scourge. Evil indeed is that which they have done.

    And think about the punishments… fuckin hardcore shit aye? enough to make an emo/goth outta anyone… I ain’t Muslim – call me sadistic but it appeals to me how nothing is sugar-coated with the Koran… they say it how it is… like, “If you fuck around, Imma clench my ass cheeks and rip your dick off!”

    yes… Anger is an emotion that is associated with no control and inner-suffering… but that’s before God decided to even allow a human to first of all, create the word in the first place then give it a dictionary meaning to go with it… catch my drift?

    yeah yeah he’s angry… yeah yeah its a contradiction… at least it ain’t as obscure as the fucking TRINITY for fuck sake… I still don’t get that shit no matter how many times a fuckin priest tries explaining it to me.

  98. Textbook Fag says:

    If you’re still confused I’ll make it harder for you… Muslims say that Gos has no beginning or end and he is neither a he or she… so why do they refer to Allah a.k.a God with ‘him’ in the Koran? go get your dictionary out dude… gimmie the definition of ‘him’. hehe.

  99. A Chick says:

    What does Islam hold for me besides uncomfortable clothing and the constant threat of honor killings? Explain my motivation. I mean, it’s not like I get 72 big-bonered studs when I die or anything.

  100. Big Bonered Stud says:

    actually… you do.

  101. A Chick says:

    Then sign me up! Allahu akbar!

  102. Dr. Crusherrr rrr rr says:

    Shmoopy here’s why no one gives a whisper of a shit about your fucking point re : Why Allah so mad?

    You’re completely airballing the point. Most non-idiots nowadays, and certainly the demographic here, are atheists. No literal gods, no God, maybe, at best, God is real insofar as memes or ideas are “real”. No one here is up to the cognitive dissonance that comes part and parcel with defending a literal interpretation of Allah, Yahweh, Jupiter or any other historically in vogue god conception. Most rational, logical people could spend days poking holes in religious ideologies and dogmas. Congrats on poking ONE hole, and thinking you are some fucking genius with an ace up your sleeve because of it. Nobody here is going to argue with you because we are one your side.

    What we fellow atheists think sucks is this – Goad has demonstratable racist underpinnings and, in this case, has used the auspices of otherwise legitimate religious critique almost solely as a cover for painting other complex multi-faceted cultures with broad strokes and positioning them as a devalued “other”.

  103. Shmoopy says:

    Define “racist.”

  104. Shmoopy says:

    And, truly, I mean, really—it’s not as if the entire Islamic world doesn’t define the entire non-Islamic world as a devalued “other.”

    Why so mum about that?

  105. Cybercop says:

    According to our IP records, “Crusherrr” is a self-loathing submissive male, most probably white and Canadian, who chirps about sniffing women’s feet and burgling Asian boys’ turds when his weaselly little nose isn’t buried in his carefully footnoted Derrida and Foucault tomes. Small wonder that his nose is constantly—let’s make that obsessively—put out of joint by an impenitent alpha male who makes no apologies for his gender or ethnicity.

  106. shnitzel says:

    Re: the white christianity thing…goad may denounce christianity, but a lot of his stuff does seem to have the “I’m making fun of minorities/other religions because everyone always tolerates people abusing white/christianity but not the others” bent in it, which, in agreement with cheese united, is boring and whiny.

  107. Cybercop says:

    “shnitzel,” why is your IP address exactly the same as that of “Cheese United”?

  108. Big Bonered Stud says:

    72 large cocks for everyone!

  109. All Indians, No Chiefs says:

    Cybercop, your starting to sound like a Chief here
    and I for one second the motion
    only during this instance

  110. For Real in Philly says:

    This guy wins Gino’s employee of the month. I hope you you choke to death on your next cheesesteak.

  111. Loomis says:

    So Kenny Hotz just flew a plane over Toronto with the message “Jesus Sucks.” Everyone thought it was hilarious (which I guess it was). If he did that with Mohammed Sucks he would literally be charged with a hate crime. That’s really what this article is about.

  112. G Gordon bin Liddy says:

    i’m gonna fly a plane over mecca with a banner that says mohamed is a poo poo face. fun stuff.

  113. breaking news! says:

    this just in: Geoffrey Giraffe just flew a plane into FAO Schwartz!

  114. Jordan says:

    I think all of you guys are reading too much into this. Maybe Jim does dislike muslims (i mean really….who doesn’t?) But the whole point of the article was to provoke you and piss you off. His intentions were not to be so overtly racist, as some of his recurring arguments were how much they “smell”, but to break a taboo. Speaking as a Canadian, it’s true how quick everyone is to say how phony and disgusting christianity is, but no one would dare say anything about islam or any other religion, so as to not be viewed as a bigot. People forego critical thought and free speech in order to be “tolerant” of shit that is completely retarded. Everyone is afraid to do what Jim did in this article, which is precisely why he wrote it.

  115. Anonymous says:

    somebody should work on fixing their childhood abuse and personality disorders before they start writing “shocking” shit just to get attention

  116. Anonymous says:

    maybe this stupid writing seems cool in your assbackwards group of immediate friends , who constantly kiss your ass, but outside in the real world , you’re nobody.. this is an example of the “gift” of gab gone wrong… but you’ve become a success because of hipster losers, congratulations

  117. Jimmer says:

    Been to Hadji lands, Middle East, Balkans, SW Asia, Got to know how they truly are. Fuck ’em and the camel their pedophile mohamed rode in on.

    Fuck the Bosnians. Should have let the Serbs finish the job on ’em.

    Go ahead & call me a rassis… I keep a jar of Ethnic Cleanser with the cleaning supplies.

  118. Deron Durham says:

    good luck

  119. ZLUR says:

    Whoa big topic…

  120. bioshock says:

    you’ve said all truth about them…..fuck muslims

  121. The Only intellegent person on this board says:

    firstly what gives this douche bag the right to think he’s any better than anyone. I don’t know if you know this but EVERYONE”S GOD IS FAKE. religion is a myth built to explain the workings of the natural world as well as a imaginary safety net for people who fear the unknown. Truth be told the only reasonable way to live is without god so open your mouths cuz i’m gonna shit in them

  122. moz says:

    Fuck ya’ll give thanks an praise to Allah !fuck u and your muthafuckas revenge is the best served as a col dish fakkas suckas will get served!

  123. Bonehead1 says:

    Mohammed was a dirty filthy paedophile and murderer!
    Allah is not a god but a black rock.
    Muslims are filthy druggie homosexuals.

  124. He IS important!!! says:

    The Fredos. Example:::
    Ann’s so smart. If only she’d just be good and do the right thing. I’m afraid the God’s compelled her to fall on her own sword becaust of her willingness to be evil. Again.
    Ann allegedly buys Mike a Charger’s jersey. She gets me a plain t-shirt, like an undershit.
    How clever. The joke here is she may have just costed the Chargers a SuperBowl.
    I had the Chargers as my home page for a long time. I’m not saying that could have won it for them, for they do have big troubles getting over this hump they so regularly stumble on, but Mike receiving that jersey WAS enough to cost them their chance at sucess.
    When this ocurrs and they lose against the Jets or in the Championship game it is safe to examine whether Mike costed the 1979 Chargers, for they were his favorite team.
    Guess what tought guy?? You ARE important!!! Congrats.
    Neither of you are welcome in San Diego any longer.
    That guy’s a bona-fide jinx.
    Your season’s over San Diego.

  125. fuck bedouins says:

    The Muslims are lazy fucking bastards of the highest order. These stupid Muslims fucktards thought by embracing Islam, they are superior than the non-Muslims.

    The stupid fucking Muslim fucktards thought Muslims are the masters and the non-Muslims are the slaves. Can you believe this fucking bastard Mohammad’s principle works for the fucking Muslim fucktards?

    These fucking Muslims fucktards are just earth’s most useless shit heads!

  126. atomic particle says:

    To solve this Muslim problem is fairly simple.

    Just one for Mecca and one for Medina

    Adios Mohammad’s birth place

  127. camel fucks muslim says:

    The fucking stupid Muslims are meant literally for the deserts.

    Kick all the stupid fucking Muslims back to Sahara Deserts while the camels are awaiting for them to fuck the shits out from all these useless no camel-sense Bedouins!

  128. Didldo says:

    Cram your pitiful manhood, in prison i will take your arab ass

  129. xmslm says:

    i think world would be such a nice clean peaceful place without this ugly/evil religion and its dumbbass followers. xmuslim

  130. Anti-Muslim says:

    Islams cut their Penis after marriage

  131. Ali says:

    lol what a fruitcake this guy is. You can curse, ooh, badass. And your blog has the word “boner” in it, ooh that’s so daaarrring, teehee. Oh, oh, and you have two dudes peeing as icons, teeheehee badath!

    The funny thing is curse as you wish, you’re still another internet pimpleface geeky bitch and every line you write shows it,… but don’t worry you may notch a cool moment: one day you’re going to get wasted and choke on your own puke and that will be the greatest adventure of your otherwise insignificant life.

    In the meantime, chew on my crusty hot shit you whiny Jesus-freak bitchass.

    – Your Muslim overlord.

  132. Godless One says:

    Fuck ALL religions……….why? Because all of the knowledge you can attain in ANY religion comes from some book, written by men, to achieve total “CONTROL” over the populace. If you are too fucking stupid to understand this, then let’s face it, you are just plain FUCKING STUPID! I can prove this……….when I die I will email all of you and tell you what’s real. I’ll even send a photo of me and GOD riding a roller coaster at Six Flags, another of us going fishing, and another of us hitting on chicks at the local pub while we toast down a couple cold beers. This will be the ULTIMATE sign that GOD is real. Please, don’t kill anyone else over religion (or your stupid beliefs in religion) until you hear back from me. Wait patiently and preferably………hold your breath.

  133. Tom Tancredo says:

    this whole fucking website is a joke you fucking cock sucker. come suck my dick anytime

  134. patriot says:

    I love this little rant and the man is right. Say what you want about Jesus and make all the sick artsy crap about mother Mary in the nude without consequence. Say something about these goat fucking pedophiles and they threaten to assassinate you! I’m sick of these muslim extremist pieces of shit. This is my country! Stay in your dirt bowl and starve!

  135. CatholicLawyerPatriot says:

    Islam sucks camel cock, no exceptions. Nuke the sorry pollutants of the human race all the way to Mars. Catholicism is the only religion founded by God himself, not some camel-cocksucking miscreant sand n^igger like Mohammed Al Sodomy. Fuck Islam, fuck the liberal candy-asses who support it and vote for liberal Demo-commies like bam-ape, who’s illegally the President because he wasn’t born on US soil (and he’s a Muslim Marxist idiot).

  136. roguecaver says:

    next to democrats and liberals, muslams are the dumbist mother-fuckers on the planet. they actually think its ok to kill,and their treatment of women is udderly fucked up to say the least. we should all come together and defend ourselfs and take up arms against those who would do harm to us….remember people its called SELF-DEFENSE!!!

    FUCK THE MUSLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. I SWEAR!! says:


  138. SuperiorCatholicInMI says:

    All of Islam sucks camel cock, why respect any religion whose most revered “sacrament” is a mullah sticking his 1-inch micro-boner up a male camel’s rectum on Friday in the mosque?

  139. SuperiorCatholicInMI says:

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a homosexual nut case, he buggers Mahmoud Abbas daily. Fuck Islam, the only proper way to deal with the infidels is to nuke them into sub-atomic particles.

  140. Anonymous says:

    fuck you mussi bastards

  141. surfer guy says:


  142. joe says:

    I agree with all of you that are against this political party ( muslims ) . They are out to get us via the invasions of our nations and slowly taking over.

  143. travis says:

    Fuck ALL MUSLIMS YES!!! being muslim is completely hopeless, meaningless, and pointless.

  144. Robert says:

    Radical muslim the world can do without all they want to do is bring death and distruction to the west, where all they have back in there country is stinking filthy camels and goats to fuck and sand to wipe there asses when they have a shit. So no wonder the radical muslim thinks when he or she blows up others with bomb packs think they go to heaven and get 50 virgins. Assholes think again when you kill you get many boxed and a garbage pale for the peices that can’t be picked up your bodys are blowen all over the place, you get fuck all the blood gets wash down the sewer.
    Fucken dumb ass radical muslim about as bright as a 3 watt bulb. If you want to see how stupid they are just go on you tube it a gas to see how stupid they really are.

  145. Robert says:

    Well dod anybody look at that Youtube short pix of the stupid piece Tanibal dickhead blow his own head off, his dumbass friend or brother was taking the movie where this Radical muslim gets on table or something loses his balance falls backards and blows his own head off, I think from the backflash, when losing balance and pulling the trigger at the same time. Funny how shit happens in times of war bumbfuckinRadical muslim lol

  146. Robert says:

    Radical muslim wants to come to our free country where we all are free, but they bring there crap they want there brainwashed women to ware tents all the time, well they look like tents to me. lately I’ve been hearing that some are pushing for there stupid shiers law I say FUCK YOU you don’t like it here get the fuck out go back where you came from you sand niggar radical muslim KMAMF. Go blow something yourself Oh yha Youtube.

  147. Allah says:

    I am Allah & I approve this message, so stop worshiping me you filthy vermin

  148. Mohamad says:

    The Quran was written 1400 years ago by a guy who was in the sun too long and couldn`t read or write and told his dream to others who couldn`t read or write either. Thats a Fact!
    Stop drinking and riding camels!

  149. Mohamad says:

    I got a message direct from God and i want to tell you how to get one too!
    I was burning Qurans one day and after i lit my seventh one, as i put the gas down and turned towards the blaze and noticed the smoke was forming words. The words spelled out “use more gasoline”
    A very spiritual moment!

  150. Mohamad says:

    Now i burn them every day

  151. Mohamad says:

    A recycler wants them for the finest quality toilet paper ever made…sounds good!

  152. soultana says:

    Ismael against Isaak.
    The Devil to divide the world and to be against each other, he fund Mohamed in a cave and he damended for Mohamed to read. Mohamed could not read or write. the devil squized him so much , Mohamed could not breath. That act from the devil was repeated three times.
    The devil went to Mohamed because Mohamed is a decedent of Ismael, the first son of Abraam who went to lay with Hagar his maid, she was an Egyptian woman, from Arab decend. Hagar born Ismael and Abraam said: you will be against all man and all man will be against you. the reason Abraam said that is of the way and position Ismael was born.

    But Abraam had a wife who she was his sister also, her mane was Sarra. Saarra could not have children for she told Abraam to sleep with Hagar to have children. God told Abraam, later on, Sarra will have a child and his name will be called Isaak.
    When Isaak was born later on, he also born with a position of wood will. Ismael as he got older he was beating on Isaak. Sarra told Abraham to kick Hahar and her son out of the house because of Isamel was too violent!
    That is why the devil found a crack to enter into the world to devide it, between Isamel and Isaak.
    Isaak was the one who God told Abraam to kill, not Ismael. The reason for that was, God wanted to test Abraam if he indeed love GOD.
    When Abraam lifted his knife to kill his belovit son Isaak, and Angel appeared and show him an animal to kill instead of Isaak.
    For this reason Isaak is pure Jewish blood and not Ismael!
    That is why through out the Bible God is talking about his people the Jewish!
    The devil created his own religion by mixing the truth with lies to divide the world.
    he created the coran to make GOD look like a lier! The devil came to earth to correct the Bible. can any one imagin that? Correct the Bible?
    can you all see what is going on? The coran is not from God. The devil to confuce us, he is mixing the truth with lies. Now you see why Abraam said to Isamel, you will be against all man and all man will be against you? because the coran the decendends of Ismael, is against Isaak the decendend of the Jewish, the people of God and the Lord Jesus and Christianity. Read the Bible and you will see the truth of how all connecting. Ismael against Isaak and Mohamed against Jesus Christ. Muslims against Christians.
    Though God did not condemn Ismael. he told his mother your son will create great nations, not till the devil show up to Mohamed and all Arabs live in the cave, while other countries prosper.

  153. soultana says:


  154. Tony says:

    Good article Jimmy

  155. john says:

    Muslims are all dirty cunts who should be exterminated a la Hitlers final solution. Fuck em all, just look at those mother fuckers involved with isis, what an arrogant bunch of camel tuckers. The camels have my deepest sympathy, although the camels probably wouldn’t feel anything from those pencil dicks anyway. Mohamed is count.

  156. john says:

    Just like decent Christians, many Muslims die every year from natural or other causes. It is only proper that each dead Muslim (this site keeps auto correcting my inappropriate repulsive language into words that mean shit, so please read between the lines. (Are we that scared of what these pricks think? I mean really?) Anyway, when these worse than abortion remains do actually die, rub their carcases with pig fat, wrap their bodies in pig skin and then piss on them. This may sound a tad harsh, but is nothing compared to what their Pedo god accomplished! Fuck Mohammed, preferably with a very large std infested dido. Ha ha!!

  157. john says:

    I meant dildo, bugger this auto correct. Also, bugger Mohammed and his obliging camels who unfortunately wouldn’t feel the sides.

  158. BIL GRAHAM says:


  159. allah gayboy says:

    Bill, fuck Allah ( in low letters) and may the real god kill your hairy women and retarded Childs xxx

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