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• 11.22.15 06:49 pm


A friend in Paris asked me what I thought of my visit there after the attacks. I told her I found it frustrating because there didn’t seem to be any real rage. 

She barked, “I’m sorry your day trip was frustrating. I can assure you people are mad and grieving.” This was the most passionate I’d seen her about the whole thing. It was the same with everyone I spoke to. When it came to America and burgers and Mickey Mouse, their anger exploded. When it came to a religion dedicated to murdering them, it was nothing but ennui.

My column on the subject is HERE


  1. GeorgeZ says:

    The thing that everyone is lacking when talking about ISIS is that it’s not “radical” Islam, it’s FUNDAMENTAL Islam. The Old Testament has some violent stuff but you don’t see orthodox Jews blowing up buildings, they reformed and realized that there was a time and a place for all that old stuff and that you can’t do that anymore. Same with Christianity, it reformed several times, and made sure that charity is the most important virtue to strive for, not killing heretics. The Quran is full of dark age acts like murder and polygamy but you never hear Moslims talk about it like Christians talk about the Old Testament, like that the Old Testament is more symbolic than literal, and that Leviticus is full of weird shit that you don’t do anymore.

    If ISIS want’s a Crusade, I saw we give them one.

  2. dick lubin says:

    so youre upset that theyre not upset enough? you sound like a woman gavin

  3. raymi says:

    The world just feels way less safe now than it did before paris attacks occurred. It’s escalating. Sure go eat another fucking baguette then.

  4. definitelymaybe says:

    Things are only getting worse. The West is beset by enemies both without and within.

  5. Car boned out says:

    How ironic to think that after the West had finally worn out the Soviet empires expansionism, enabling its internal collapse, we come to discover that all along we were being simultaneously subverted from within by the Frankfurt schools progressive march through our institutions. When the body’s immune system is fooled into thinking that friend is foe and vice versa the results are deadly and now Europes existential confusion has allowed into its midst the very centuries old mortal enemy of the West, Islam. A body’s proper response is to attack invaders with white blood cells, among a host of other defensive forces, just as Islams last invasion into Europe was repelled at the gates of Vienna. We had the old mohammedan virus attenuated like a vaccine when we broke up the decrepit Ottoman Empire after WW1. The hubris of the traitorous Marxist elites, however, always looking for ways to subvert their domestic foes, has blinded them into rolling out the “Red” carpet for the age old crescent bug. Like Pandora’s box, the Trojan horse, Icaru you name it, these would be godless gods in their contempt of the unsophisticated are gambling with millions of lives. Once again on an epic scale the totalitarians think they’re steering history but once again they’ll be proved insane just as they were in their 20th century “Golden age” because this group of inbred crazies will not be tamed by reeducation into submissive proles. The West is cucked and the choices we face seem to be either dhimmitude or Obama land unless we grow a pair. George your so right,it’s fundamental not radical.

  6. Dave says:

    Europe is a continent of cuckolds, as exposed by their inaction towards the rape and human trafficking epidemic perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. Their soft-minded, limp-wristed politicians must be getting their jollies off, or they’d put a stop to it.

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