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John Pittsley
• 11.06.17 02:38 pm

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I’m really disappointed in the American sports fan. Not because they will or won’t boycott the NFL for the whole Black Lives Matter shit but because they aren’t passionate enough.

I remember going to Yankee Stadium, as a young Red Sox fan, with my father and being scared shitless. I thought I was going to see him get beaten up and I was positive beer bottles would be thrown at us. Instead, we were greeted with smiles and waves.

Even the most dangerous stadium in the country, Oakland Coliseum is a joke. Just a few years ago my buddy and I were chugging a bunch of unattended beers outside the smoking section while wearing rival sports gear. Eventually, the true owners claimed them but we left without a scrape. We have to do better than this as sports fans and a good way would be to copy the Brits. I wrote about it for Public House, an English publication, here.


  1. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Not gonna happen, in the 21st century, stadiums and arenas aren’t for the working class fanbase, who used to be the bulk of people who went to sporting events. It’s now a corporate space with company block and higher income individual season ticket holders, who have priced out the regular fan, who used to be a hooligan. Hooligan fans watch at home or at the local bar now. Live sporting events are part of business dinners, written off as business expenses, to grease the wheels on deals, and for entertaining clients/associates.

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