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• 01.27.16 04:45 pm

I’ve spent the past couple days putting this together because every time I was finished ANOTHER example popped up. 

I thought this was the most conclusive list possible but then #TGMS guest Josh Smith points out she stole a Mad TV sketch note for note.


  1. dun says:

    Jokes are tricky. Once a thought is out in the ether, it’s kind of open to re-interpretation and re-imagining. You can’t go on witch hunts for joke thieves, it’ll never end. It’d be like calling out a musician for using the same 3 chords as the Beatles.

    Schumer, on the other hand, steals. Lazily, brazenly, and never improves on the original.

    Was no one really on to this by now? She’s been hack since day one when she was climbing Jeselnik’s cock up the ladder. You shouldn’t feel stabbed in the back, you should feel embarrassed for ever standing beside her.

  2. Kool-Aid Acid Test says:

    The acid test in comedy, all jokes and deliverys being equal, is if it “feels” authentic.
    This cunt, and most cunts and PC comics sound like frauds even when they are technically good.
    I like an authentic nigga who sounds like he’s really ghost fucked.
    Women comics who talk like guys in their routines are male-impersonators, but no where as funny as gay female-impersonators.
    Why are they not called out for that when men fully acknowledge the shape-shifting and dress up for the role.
    For the same reason cunts don’t like being called cunts, boo hoo.
    Feminism tells them it’s all nurture, so they can’t be impersonating an artificial construct, whereas faggots know a fish when they smell them.
    PC is killing comedy and free speech.

  3. dingbat says:

    Led Zep “stole” the blues. Who cares?

  4. OogaBooga says:

    dun, dingbat, I watched a 12 minute side-by-side comparison on Youtube, and many of the jokes she did were from comics she opened up for. She deserves this spanking. Especially since she’s a fucking mealy mouthed cunt.

  5. Bogs says:

    some women from England are quite funny.

  6. LARRY DAVID says:


  7. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    She’s peaked and she knows it. A slut gimmick can only hold charm if the chick is desirable. Weight and age have been chipping away at that. That’s why her attitude changed. Easier to get applause for being pc than to get laughter for jokes. It’s a retirement strategy.
    And it’s the joke “repeating” from acts she’d opened for that’s especially shameless and shitty. Hard to defend that.

  8. Bogs says:

    The Patrcie Oneal clip was from a show with one of those weird Just For Laughs audiences so I figure he was thinking fuck em I’ll just do some of those mythical sex act gags.

  9. Stanley Kubrick's 2001 says:

    Schumer is the comedy equivalent of Nsync or Matchbox 20, a performer that’s popular with people who aren’t comedy/music fans. She’s nearly as god-awful as that bitch Jamaican kid from last month, wassisname, who sang the creepy “Ah dun got muh’self a cheerleader, hee haw, ye dawgies”

  10. OmegaMan says:

    Someone please amuse me me me me me me me
    Narcissism meme
    Existential boredom
    Stimulus package

  11. Rebellious Wilson says:

    Amy is a little thick.

  12. Untzz says:

    That’s how I like ’em Rebel, HMU.

  13. whorefinder says:

    I don’t think taking another person’s verbal joke and turning it into a full-sketch isn’t “stealing” as the sketch requires a lot of work to make it funny visually. But it wouldn’t have been much for her to say, “We were inspired by so-and-so’s joke” and thus give credit for the idea to another.

    For a while there were as a couple of “VCR repairmen” memes that became jokes on various shows, the joke being that VCR repairmen are really hurting for work these days and/or are basically con men these days (in fact, Red Letter Media’s “Half in the Bag” is based on this joke to this day). Hard to say they were ripped off, however, as they each gave it their own spin.

    That said: The Tran-Magician stealing was blatant. Absolutely shameful. As are the verbal jokes from Patrice et al. Schumer got nervous about not coming up with material and OK’d ripping people off. Dane Cook-esque.

    Also, Amy, polygraph’s aren’t admissible in court because they are unreliable. And, as George Costanza put it, it’s not a lie if someone believes it to be true; as you are now admitting you are a sociopath (“I’m not a racist Republican, I just pretended to be one for years to everyone, in order to get famous!”), you would likely pass any polygraph no matter what (sociopaths are expert liars, as they convince even themselves that everything they ever say is true).

    In conclusion, never trust an Eskimo broad.

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